Checkout these 3 New GoAffPro Affiliate Program Features

Merchants should regularly try out new ways or options to improve the performance of their affiliate program. Tying out and implementing new techniques or options can help in refining the functioning of their program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with new options to improve and refine their affiliate programs. These include bulk updating discount codes, generating shortened links using Shopify shortener, and setting up rule-based tracking.

Here we take a look at some of the new options in the GoAffPro app that merchants can try out for their affiliate programs:

Bulk Updating Discounts Codes

It can become harder for merchants to update the discount codes of affiliates as the number of affiliates increases in the program. It is especially true if there are hundreds or even thousands of affiliates in the program. The bulk coupon editor gives merchants an easy way of updating the existing discount codes of affiliates.

Merchants can download a CSV file with the current discount codes and accordingly edit them. After this, the merchant can upload the edited file to update the affiliate codes. It also gives the option for assigning codes in bulk to affiliates who don’t have a code assigned to them.

Generate Shortened Links with Shopify Shortener

Shortened links are more convenient for affiliates to share on their social media or blogs. These links can be created as per the affiliate’s brand name and given to them. The Shopify shortener will convert a link such as to

Merchants can use the Generate Shortened Links option in GoAffPro to automatically generate shortened links for affiliates using the Shopify shortener. There is also the option to manually shorten an affiliate’s referral link using the Shopify shortener.

Rule-Based Tracking for Affiliates

With the rule-based tracking option, merchants can set up different parameters, for the order to get attributed to affiliates in their program. When the order fulfills the conditions of that parameter, it will get attributed to the set affiliate.

Merchants can set the rule-based tracking to apply on various parameters and conditions, such as location, order value, coupon codes, customers, etc. An example of this is that the merchant can set the rule-based tracking for an affiliate to get attributed with the sales that come from a specific location using the Customer Shipping Country or State rule.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options for improving their affiliate programs. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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