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  • Motivating Affiliates in your Program

    While starting an affiliate program has become simpler for store merchants in recent times. Many merchants still struggle with getting the affiliates in their program to perform well or refer sales. Merchants don’t see expected results, even after correctly setting up their affiliate program. Keeping affiliates motivated is a crucial task for the store merchant. […]

  • Customize Affiliate Portal with GoAffPro

    The affiliate portal plays a vital role in a store’s affiliate program. It is where people register to become affiliates in the merchant’s store program. Also, after registering as an affiliate, they can access their dashboard, which displays their referral details and information. It also becomes essential for merchants to have options to customize and […]

  • Top 4 Tools for Affiliates

    An affiliate has various tasks that they need to perform regularly. These involve creating quality content, like writing blog posts, producing videos, making social media posts, etc. Additionally, they need to make promotions through this content to earn commissions on the sales they refer. GoAffPro offers various options to store merchants, making promotions much easier […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try

    GoAffPro offers various options to merchants for building their affiliate programs. It regularly brings in new features that merchants can use to improve and update their programs. Recently, GoAffPro introduced features such as Party Plans, Email Marketing Campaign, and Quick Links for affiliates. Here, we take a look at how merchants can use these new […]

  • Recruiting Affiliates for Your Program

    Recruiting affiliates for a program can be a challenging task. It applies even more to the merchants who are just beginning with affiliate programs for their stores. While setting up an affiliate program is simple, getting affiliates to join it is the part that can take more time and effort. Affiliates play a central role […]

  • Using Royalties for your Affiliate Program

    Merchants often collaborate with influencers or artists to create custom products for their customers. These products are then heavily promoted by influencers or affiliates and bring more sales and interest to the merchant’s store. Merchants must set up a royalty or a fixed commission for influencers/affiliates to accommodate this. GoAffPro provides merchants with an easy […]

  • Checkout these 3 New GoAffPro Affiliate Program Features

    Merchants should regularly try out new ways or options to improve the performance of their affiliate program. Tying out and implementing new techniques or options can help in refining the functioning of their program. GoAffPro provides merchants with new options to improve and refine their affiliate programs. These include bulk updating discount codes, generating shortened […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try Out

    An affiliate program’s performance highly depends upon the settings and options set for it by the merchant. It is essential for merchants to look into new and different options for refining their programs. Tweaking an affiliate program’s settings can significantly affect its performance and results. GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to try […]

  • 4 Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate

    Affiliate marketing has become a popular way for people to earn a passive income. It is simple and requires little to no cost for getting started. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate earns a commission for successfully referring sales to a store. While conceptually, affiliate marketing might look easy, it does require work to become good […]

  • Commission Payments with GoAffPro

    Commission payments are a significant part of an affiliate program. Timely and regular payments to affiliates help in improving the merchant-affiliate partnership. While making payments to affiliates on time is good practice, how merchants carry out these payments should also be highlighted. GoAffPro provides merchants with simple ways of making and recording commission payments to […]