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The GoAffPro Affiliate Dashboard: A Quick Guide

GoAffPro provides affiliates with various tools to help them in their promotions. Every affiliate gets their own account dashboard when they register for a store’s affiliate program.

Affiliates can view various statistics regarding their referrals, access their referral link or coupon code, and set up their payment method, all from within the account dashboard.

Here are some tips for affiliates who are part of programs powered by GoAffPro:

Referral Details

Affiliates can view their referral details straight from the Home tab of the dashboard. The referral details include both the referral link and the referral coupon code (if provided by the merchant).

There are also options for direct sharing of the referral link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in the Marketing Tools tab to generate trackable product links to share in their promotions.

Referral Information

In addition to the referral details, affiliates can also view the summary table. The summary table displays statistics such as number of referrals, number of orders, conversion percentage, sales, and earnings.

Affiliates can also view order details and various other widgets like the leaderboard widget or the traffic source widget. Merchants can enable these widgets from their end.

Profile Setup

Affiliates also get the option to enter their profile details from the Settings tab. It is also the tab where affiliates will be selecting their preferred mode of payment and setting up their payment details.

Affiliates can view their payment summary from the Payments tab. There, they can view the amount that has been paid, that is yet to be paid, and further details regarding previous payments.

Customization Options

If the merchant has enabled it, affiliates can also customize their referral link and referral coupon code. The referral code, which is the unique code present at the end of the referral link, can be edited from the referral code section in the Settings tab. The referral coupon code can be set from the Home tab.

Other than this, affiliates can also view media files such as promotional kits, banners or product images for promotions, etc. from the media assets section in the Marketing Tools tab. The merchant can upload these files from their end.

GoAffPro provides merchants with their own affiliate portal for their program. The portal also provides the option for affiliates to signup and log in to their accounts. Affiliates are provided with an easy-to-use dashboard, which is highly customizable, with widgets and new tabs. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Top 4 GoAffPro Tools to Communicate with Affiliates

Communicating with affiliates is essential for running a successful affiliate program. Merchants should be open to questions or queries regarding the affiliate program by existing or prospective affiliates. Merchants themselves need to keep actively communicating with affiliates in their program. It improves the merchant-affiliate relationship and builds trust.

Communication between the merchant and the affiliate can include a variety of subjects, such as guidance to affiliates on how to boost their performance or update affiliates on any future sales or commission rate changes or policies of the affiliate program.

GoAffPro offers merchants with various options to communicate and inform their affiliates:

Bulk Mails

GoAffPro gives merchants the ability to send emails from within the app to their affiliates. This includes the option of sending an email to all affiliates of the program in one go. There is also the option to include variables in the email, offering more customization and ease of use. This can be used to send newsletters, information about upcoming sales, etc.

Personal Message

Merchants also have the option of sending personal messages to their affiliates. When the merchant sends these personal messages to the affiliate, they are displayed in the affiliate dashboard. This option allows merchants to link directly to particular affiliates via their account dashboard.

Extra Instructions

Merchants can use the Extra Instructions option to send a message to all affiliates in their program. It is a useful tool that can be used to send a message or alert to all the affiliates. The extra instructions that the merchant adds will be reflected in the affiliate account dashboard. This can also be used to inform affiliates regarding the targets or commission booster that have been set up for them.

Notification Emails

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options on sending notification emails to the affiliates in their program. These notifications include mails for when the affiliate account gets approved, or when a new referral sale is made, or when the affiliate’s payment is processed. There are notifications options for all of these, that the merchant can enable. These emails will get sent out automatically. There is also an option to customize the templates of these emails.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to send bulk emails, personal messages as well as broadcast information to all affiliates. There are also various options for email notifications that merchants can set up for their affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Affiliate Portal Customization Options in GoAffPro

A significant aspect of the affiliate program is the affiliate portal. It is where people register and access their account dashboard for the merchant’s program. It is, therefore, essential for merchants to give special attention to the look and feel of their affiliate portal.

GoAffPro offers various customization options for the affiliate portal to merchants. From customizing the landing page and the signup page of the affiliate portal to adding widgets or creating new tabs within the affiliate’s dashboard, GoAffPro offers it all.

Here we take a look at some of the customization options that merchant should take a look into while setting up their affiliate portal for their program:

Landing Page

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to completely customize the landing page of their affiliate portal. This includes adding a banner, editing texts, customizing the footer section, and also providing the option to add custom HTML elements. The landing page section is divided into different parts, this allows merchants to adjust the position of these sections and add/remove them from the page.

Signup Page

Merchants get the option to choose from three signup page styles, where they can set up the signup page to display information (in classic page style) or add an image (in modern page style). There is also the option to add additional signup fields and with the choice of creating new ones. There is also an option to add social media logins like Google or Facebook to the signup page as well.

Affiliate Dashboard

Merchants can choose what sections they want to display in the affiliate dashboard pages. There is also the option to add dashboard pages or create completely new ones, which can be used by merchants to build guides or FAQs for their affiliates. Furthermore, there is also an option to add widgets, such as order details, commissions table, leaderboard to the affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Profile

Additional profile fields for the profile picture or social media handles can be added to the dashboard of the affiliate. It allows merchants to gather more information about the affiliates they are employing. In addition to merchants can also allow affiliates to add their Facebook Pixel Id to track their referrals.

GoAffPro provides merchants with advanced customization options for their affiliate portal. With various options to customize the landing page, signup page, and affiliate dashboard, merchants can set up the affiliate portal as per their choice. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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4 Ways to Guide Affiliates

A common problem that merchants get while running their affiliate programs is how do they guide the affiliates in their program. In certain instances, the success or the performance of the affiliate program may be affected by affiliates who are not doing their job well.

Guiding affiliates in the program is an essential job for a merchant. Many people in your program are likely beginners or are just starting out as affiliates. They will need guidance in creating and carrying out promotions.

Here we take a look at four ways that merchant can use to guide and help affiliates:

Provide affiliates with instructions

The affiliate must be presented with a basic set of instructions when they join, which could include information such as what they should do and what the merchant expects from them.

The home/landing page of the affiliate portal can be used to provide such information. The welcome email, which is sent to an affiliate when they are approved, can also contain these sets of instructions.

Give affiliates access to resources and tools

Affiliates can be also be given resources for promotions such as banners, posters, or videos. Resources can also include guides or tools on how to create and carry out promotions on different platforms.

By offering creative media to affiliates, affiliates save a lot of time that they would otherwise spend on producing their own media. It also helps the merchant to have more control over promotions.

Keep affiliates informed

An essential part of promotions is, to be honest. Merchants should ensure that affiliates are well informed about the products so that the functionality or capabilities of the products are not overstated, which could otherwise mislead customers.

Merchants should also mention the features that should be highlighted in the promotions. Ideally, promotions should provide aspects of a product that are better than the competition. A perfect way to do this is to send sample items to affiliates for review and content development.

Regular communication with affiliates

Finally, merchants need to have an open line of communication with their affiliates. This means that the affiliates should be able to ask any question or doubt that they have about the program or any product. It also helps to strengthen the relationship between the affiliate and the merchant.

Weekly emails can be sent to affiliates to keep them up-to-date on any changes to the store. These newsletters can also provide information on future sales or new products that are being launched.

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4 Ways to Recruit Affiliates Quickly

Recruiting affiliates can be difficult, it is particularly hard when you are just beginning your affiliate program. It can become tough to generate interest among people to join your affiliate program. ‌

Here we discuss some of the ways you can use to quickly recruit affiliates into your system 

Build a Landing Page for your Affiliate Program

Having a landing page would make a huge difference for your affiliate portal. Not only does it make your affiliate program look more professional, but it also instills confidence in the mind of prospective affiliates. ‌

The landing page may include details that explain the affiliate program to potential affiliates. It can include information such as the work that the job required of the affiliate and the commission that the affiliate would receive on referral sales. ‌

Include the Affiliate Program Link in the Footer or Menu of the Store

Many merchants forget to include the link of their affiliate portal in either their store’s footer section or menu. Including the details of your affiliate portal in your store is critical when running an affiliate program.

This helps keep a connection between your store and your affiliate portal. It also makes getting to the Affiliate site simpler for prospective affiliates. This practice is followed even by large companies such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc, all of which have links to their affiliate program in their website’s footer section. 

Provide New Affiliates With Incentives

A great way to encourage people to join your affiliate program is by giving them a signup bonus upon registration. For example, if you set the minimum payout amount to be $50 and offer a signup bonus of $10 to your affiliates, your affiliates will be incentivized to start their promotions immediately.‌

Additionally, you can set targets for affiliates, which are rewarded with bonuses, when they achieve them. This combined with competitive commission rates will ensure that affiliates are performing well.

Give Guidance to Newly Registered Affiliates

While there might be many people who are already employed as affiliates for various brands, there are plenty of people who are just starting. It is, therefore, very important to guide them.‌

Newly registered affiliates can be provided with instructions on how to get started with the program, how commissions work, best practices that affiliates should practice and detailed information about the products in your store so that their promotions are done properly. They can also be provided with creative media files so that they can get quickly set up. ‌

GoAffPro provides merchants with a free landing page for their affiliate portal. Merchants also have the option to set up a signup bonus for newly registered affiliates and can even set targets for them. Additionally, GoAffPro also offers merchants the option of providing/creating affiliate guides and uploading creative media for affiliates to use.  

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5 Ways to Use Data to Improve your Affiliate Program

Data plays a significant role in running a successful affiliate program. Using data properly can make a big difference for an affiliate campaign, it can result in more sales and better overall performance for the affiliate. These days both social media platforms and affiliate marketing services can provide merchants with a decent set of data to use and develop their marketing strategies. 

Here we look at the 5 ways merchants can use data to improve their affiliate programs

Identifying customers is essential

Data can reveal a lot of information about customers. Merchants can learn about the location, language that is spoken, gender, age group, etc. of customers, which can then be used to create effective marketing strategies. Once the basic customer information is known and their interests established, marketing campaigns can be introduced to target customers. 

By identifying customers, merchants can make proper use of their resources at the right place. Instead of marketing products to a broader audience, data can help in identifying customers that are more likely to buy the merchant’s products. 

Managing affiliate program more effectively

Many services these days provide data that can be used to enhance the management of an affiliate program. Such data can help in making it easier for merchants to manage their affiliate programs and boost their affiliate efficiency. Data can reveal information about affiliates who are underperforming, and these affiliates can then be properly guided to improve their performance. This can also be used to give bonuses and rewards to affiliates who are performing well. 

Affiliate program services such as GoAffPro provide detailed data such as the unique visits by customers using referral links of affiliates, the device or browser they used to visit the store, the number of orders placed using affiliate referrals, affiliate revenue, etc. 

Focusing on a niche

Merchants need to focus on their niche. Through concentrating on a niche product line, merchants can target a narrow audience, that can produce greater results. Many larger companies have started using this approach to sell and promote their products using influencers that cater to a particular niche. 

Instead of selling a wide range of products, merchants should focus on producing a niche category of products, this will make it easier to maintain the quality of products and will allow merchants to implement quicker product changes where appropriate. Here, data can help identify the niche audience which is more likely to be interested in the product of the merchant. This information can be used to better understand the customer, help in the production of products that are made to suit customers and to target promotions towards this niche group of people.

Using data to improve promotions

The date and time at which customers are most likely to be active are very important data points. Merchants can make use of these data points to create marketing campaigns that specifically target customers precisely on the date and time that they are most likely to be active. This means that instead of displaying ads to customers at times when they might be working or sleeping, data can help in narrowing down the time of the day that customers are more likely to see and click on your ad.

Data such as location can help merchants produce content that can better cater to local tastes. This also helps in reaching out to a more broader audience. Additionally, the age group plays a major role while developing marketing strategies, and data can identify the age group that needs to be more actively targeted.

Providing discounts to customers

While many merchants can get customers to visit their store, it is harder for them to nudge customers to make a purchase. It is therefore important to give first-time customers with discounts so that they can try out products at a lower price. This strategy can also be used to target existing customers by sharing discount coupons with them via emails, text messages, etc.

Data can play an important role here, it can display merchants with information such as the items that are most viewed by customers, which can then be used to provide customers with coupons or lower the product’s price to drive up its sales. This can also help in making important decisions such as determining the price of products that customers are most likely to purchase.

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Top 3 Ways to Automate Affiliate Marketing

Running an affiliate program can be a big task, this includes recruiting new affiliates, setting up commissions and making payouts. All of this can get very complicated, to make the process of running an affiliate program easier, you can make use of various tools that not only save your time but also make your affiliate program more effective and efficient.

Here are the top 3 way that you can use to automate your affiliate program

Table of Contents

  • Email Automation Tools
  • Social Media Automation Tools
  • Affiliate Marketing Apps

Email Automation

Reaching out to customers is an important part of affiliate marketing. By emailing previous and present customers about your affiliate program, you can get more people to join in your program. Weekly newsletters and follow-up emails to customers can be used to spread the word about the affiliate program that you are running.‌

To make this process easy you can make use of various email automation tools such as Mailchimp, they give you the option to completely automate the process of sending weekly newsletters and other types of mail and provide you with customization options.‌

Social Media Automation

Social media plays a huge role in reaching out to customers and getting new ones. However posting on social media can become hard with there being multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. All of these social media platforms are distinct, so it can become cumbersome to deal with making posts and produce content for them. ‌

Even though nowadays platforms tools such as Facebook do provide basic automation tools such scheduling posts but for more advanced services you will need to look at services such as Hootsuite, are great for automating social media posting and doing marketing. ‌

Affiliate Marketing Apps

Affiliate marketing apps are an easy way of setting up an affiliate program for stores, they provide a complete and simple solution for running and managing an affiliate program.‌

Affiliate Marketing app such as GoAffPro is a great way of running and managing your affiliate program. GoAffPro makes it very easy to recruit new affiliates, set up commissions, check up on the performance of affiliates and manage payouts. GoAffPro provides an all-in-one solution for setting up an affiliate program for your web store. ‌

The best thing here is that GoAffPro is completely free. You can pay for a premium subscription that will unlock advanced features such as setting up a multi-level affiliate network, sending bulk emails to affiliates and various customization options for your affiliate portal.

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4 Ways to Customize your Affiliate Portal

The affiliate portal plays an important part in an affiliate marketing program. The portal is used by people to sign up for the affiliate program. It is also used to provide potential affiliates with information. Customizing the affiliate portal is a great way of getting more affiliates to enroll in your program.

An affiliate portal can have multiple pages such as a landing page or a signup page. These pages can be used to provide useful information about the affiliate program to potential affiliates. Information such as commission rates, payment cycles can be provided using these pages. ‌

Here we take a look at 4 ways that you can use to customize your affiliate portal.

Make a landing page for your affiliate portal

Having a landing for your affiliate portal can make a huge difference. The landing page provides your affiliate program with a separate identity from your store. It can also be used to provide useful information to potential affiliates about the program. The page can include information such as commission rates or payout cycles.‌

URL of the affiliate portal

When you make use of an affiliate marketing service to set up your program, the affiliate portal by default will be hosted on the domain of the third-party service. It is good practice to change the URL of your affiliate portal to a subdomain of your store. This gives your affiliate program a more professional look and also helps in building brand confidence.‌

Language of the affiliate portal

Setting the language of your affiliate portal plays an important part in affiliate recruitment. You can choose to set the language of your affiliate portal depending upon your location or region. Many affiliate marketing services also provide an option to set the language of the affiliate portal according to an affiliate’s location automatically. By providing different language options to affiliates, you can expand into newer markets and reach a wider audience.‌

Customizing the look of your affiliate portal

Your affiliate portal needs to look good to make an impression on people visiting it. You can customize your affiliate portal by changing the color scheme so that the portal looks more in line with your brand, you can add media files such as pictures or a video to the landing page. You can also change the font of the portal, add footer or header links to your portal. It is good practice to keep your affiliate portal’s look similar to your store so it looks like an extension of your brand.

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5 Ways GoAffPro Makes Affiliate Marketing Easy

GoAffPro can make it very easy for merchants and businesses to set up and manage their affiliate programs. It provides merchants with a lot of flexibility and customization options so that they can tune the affiliate program according to their choice.

Here are 5 Ways GoAffPro makes it easy for businesses to run and manage their affiliate programs.

Table of Contents

  1. Set Different Types Of Commissions
  2. Use Coupon Based Commissions
  3. Set Targets for Affiliates
  4. Customize the Affiliate Portal
  5. Use Multi-Level Affiliate Network

1. Set Different Types of Commissions

Commissions are an important part of affiliate marketing when a customer makes a purchase using an affiliate’s referral, the affiliate earns a commission on the sale. In the affiliate marketing model, you incentivize the affiliate in the form of commissions, in return for promotions of your product and store.


GoAffPro offers merchants with the option to set up 4 different types of commissions:

Default Commission

These are the commission rates that apply to all the products and affiliates. This is the commission rate that will be applied by default to all the products except for those products that have other commission types applied to them.‌

Product Commission

Here you can set custom commission rates for particular products or affiliates. This allows you to set different commission rates for different categories of products. You can use the product commission feature to set a different commission rate for products that are priced differently as well. This also allows you to set commission rates depending upon the affiliate. ‌

Collection Commission

This commission type can be used to apply commissions on an entire collection or category of products in one go. This is a handy feature that can be used to apply different commission rates for products that are new arrivals. You can use this feature to create a collection, where you can add products to the collection and then set a single commission rate for the whole collection.‌

Fixed Commission

The Fixed Commission is the commission where an affiliate can be assigned to the sale of a product. Whenever a sale of that product takes place, the set affiliate will get the commission regardless of who refers to the sale. This is useful in assigning fixed commissions to affiliates, who may be designers or creators of products, that are using your store as a platform to sell their products. ‌

2. Use Coupon-based Commissions

Coupons have become an important part of affiliate marketing. It is a very common sight to see social media influencers promoting products or brands and giving out discount code or coupons with them. When these coupons are used by customers to make a purchase, the affiliates to whom the coupon was assigned to will earn a commission on the sale.

Coupon-based Commissions

GoAffPro provides merchants to assign coupons to their affiliates. The merchant can either assign coupons individually to each affiliate or use the Automatic Coupons option where coupons get generated automatically for every affiliate that is registered with the program. Merchants also have the option to set change the codes of the coupons and the discount value that coupons will offer.

3. Set Targets for Affiliates

Setting up targets for affiliates is a great way to increase affiliate sales. Targets are useful for encouraging affiliates to improve their performance as well. Whenever an affiliate achieves a set target, they can be rewarded with a bonus in the form of extra commission. This additional financial incentive helps in encouraging affiliates to perform better.

Targets for Affiliates

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set targets for their affiliates. The merchant can set targets for different parameters such as revenue, sales commission or the number of orders. ‌

These targets can be set for a particular time period and the amount of commission boost that the affiliate will get can also be set. If an affiliate, achieves the targets under the conditions that have been set, then they will receive the commission boost. ‌

The target feature also lets merchants set up a signup bonus for affiliates, which can be used to give a bonus to affiliates when register for the affiliate program. ‌

4. Customize the Affiliate Portal

Affiliate portal is an important part of the affiliate marketing program. The affiliate portal is used for getting people to register to the affiliate program that a merchant is running. Once registered, it provides the affiliates with a dashboard that they can use to run and manage their activity and look at their statistics.

Affiliate Portal Customization

GoAffPro takes customization of the affiliate portal to the next level. Here both the landing and signup page of the affiliate portal can be customized by the merchant according to their choice. Merchants can choose between different layouts which offer them different levels of customization. ‌

The app also provides merchants with the option to change the URL of the affiliate portal to a subdomain of the store. Also, there are options such as setting up color schemes, uploading the brand logo, changing the affiliate portal language or editing the legal documentation.‌

There is also an option to make changes to the affiliate dashboard, such as changing the dashboard color scheme, adding or removing dashboard tabs and adding widgets to the affiliate dashboard. There is also an option to add toolbars for affiliates and customers.‌

5. Use Multi-Level Affiliate Network

A Multi-level affiliate network is a great way of expanding an affiliate program. The benefit of using a multi-level affiliate program is that existing affiliates are responsible for recruiting sub-affiliates. When a sale takes place using the referral of a sub-affiliate, both the sub-affiliate and the parent affiliate will receive a commission on the sale.

Multi-Level Network of Affiliates

GoAffPro provides an easy-to-use multi-level affiliate network. This can be used by merchants to allow the existing affiliates in their program to recruit sub-affiliates. Merchants also have the option to set the number of levels in the affiliate network and the commission rate for each level. ‌

The app also provides a playground for the multi-level network, which can be used by merchants to test out their multi-level network. This helps in informing the merchant, on how the multi-level affiliate network with different commission rates for each level work. ‌

There is also an option to choose between different types of calculation methods for commissions and see the geneology or the full network of affiliates and sub-affiliates in the program. This makes it easy for the merchant to manage the affiliate network.‌


GoAffPro offers many of the industry-best features for free. Merchants have the option to customize their affiliate program from the ground up. They can set commissions, coupons according to their choice and make changes to the affiliate portal. There is also an option to employ a multi-level affiliate network. The GoAffPro app provides all of these tools in an easy to use admin panel, which makes it very simple for merchants to run and manage their affiliate programs.

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4 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for an e-commerce business to increase its sales without spending too much money on marketing. It provides a win-win situation for both the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant benefits from an increase in sale and the affiliate earn commissions on the sales that are made using his/her referral.

Here we look at 4 ways that you can use to increase your affiliate sales.

Table of Contents

  1. Build Trust with Customers
  2. Use Discount Coupons
  3. Relationship with your Affiliates
  4. Reward Affiliates with Bonuses

1. Build Trust with Customers

Before a customer purchases from your store, they need to be able to trust you. Building credibility and trust with your customers is a vital part of increasing your sales. A problem commonly faced by smaller businesses and startups is the lack of customer confidence in their store and products.

Build Trust with Customers

By using affiliates, who already have a large number of followers to promote your store and products also helps in building up customer confidence in your brand. Customer support also plays a big role here, good customer service will build your brand identity as reliable and trustworthy.‌

2. Use Discount Coupons

Coupons work best in highly competitive markets, it lets customers buy products from you through a discount. Discount coupons are a great way of getting new customers. Using affiliates to share coupon codes is quite a common practice, nowadays a lot off social media influencers provide a coupon code when they promote a brand or product. Coupon codes provides potential customers with an incentive to try out products from your store at a discounted price.

Coupons use is increasing worldwide

It is a great way of bringing over new customers, who may be apprehensive to buy products on your store at a full price, so coupon codes provide them an incentive to buy products on your store at a discounted price. ‌

3. Relationship with your Affiliates

The relationship you have with your affiliates is very important to run a successful affiliate program. It is the affiliate’s work to promote the products on your store and in return they earn commissions on every sale that is made using their referral. It is vital to communicate with your affiliates.

Build a healthy relationship with your affiliates

Explaining your affiliates about the program you run and sending them media files, product descriptions will naturally help them with the promotion. It is also important to provide feedback to affiliates on their performance as an affiliate. In addition to this, you can do your part by setting the affiliate commission rates generously.‌

4. Reward Affiliates With Bonuses

Affiliates earn commissions when a customer makes a purchase using the referral link assigned to them. To increase your affiliate sales, you can set up targets for your affiliates. These targets can be set either for the number of sales or the sale value. When an affiliate achieves that target, you can reward him/her with a commission bonus.

Rewarding your affiliates can drive up sales

Rewarding your affiliates for their work is a useful strategy that can lead to an increase in affiliate sales. Your affiliates will naturally be more meticulous in their promotions of your products when they are provided with additional financial incentives. This also leads to a better merchant-affiliate relationship.‌


Affiliate marketing when done right is great for businesses. It can rapidly drive up your sales and increase customer confidence in your brand. Businesses can benefit greatly by maintaining a healthy relationship with their affiliates.