Customize Affiliate Portal with GoAffPro

The affiliate portal plays a vital role in a store’s affiliate program. It is where people register to become affiliates in the merchant’s store program. Also, after registering as an affiliate, they can access their dashboard, which displays their referral details and information.

It also becomes essential for merchants to have options to customize and set up their affiliate portal as per their requirements. GoAffPro provides various options for customizing the affiliate portal, such as the landing page, signup page, and affiliate dashboard.

Here we take a look at how merchants can use GoAffPro to customize their affiliate portal:

The affiliate portal has three sections, the landing page, the signup page, and the affiliate dashboard.

Landing Page

The landing page is what people will visit first when they want to know about a merchant’s affiliate program. The landing page’s purpose is to provide basic information to people regarding the affiliate program. It is supposed to display the merchant’s objectives with the program and describes what they expect from their affiliates.

GoAffPro provides various options for customizing the landing page of the affiliate portal. These include options such as setting up a custom domain name for the affiliate portal and customizing the landing page sections like the banner, footer, etc. The merchant can use these options to customize the look of the landing page to match their branding.

Signup Page

The signup page is where people will enroll in the merchant’s store program. It consists of the signup form with different fields that someone can fill in and register as an affiliate in the program. With GoAffPro, merchants can add additional signup fields or create new ones for the signup page. It allows merchants to collect information from affiliates as per their requirements.

Furthermore, GoAffPro offers three signup page styles which are classic, slim, and modern. The Slim signup page is a bare-bones signup form on the page. In the Classic signup style, merchants can add a column of information besides the signup form on the page. Finally, in the Modern style page with a two-column layout, merchants can upload a background image for the left column and set the signup form in the right column.

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard is the section that affiliates will access when they log into their account in the portal. It is where they can access all of their referral details, payment information, etc. The dashboard also provides tools to affiliates like the product link generator or access to creative media files uploaded by the merchant.

GoAffPro offers various options to merchants for customizing the affiliate dashboard. Merchants can add additional tabs to the dashboard like advanced analytics or transactions and also create new dashboard tabs. Additionally, they can enable widgets in the dashboard to display order details, leader board, and commissions table to affiliates.

These customization options for the affiliate portal offered by the GoAffPro app greatly help the merchant to set up the affiliate portal as per their requirements.

GoAffPro offers various options for merchants to customize their affiliate portal. It allows merchants to set up the landing page, signup page, and the dashboard of the affiliate portal as per their requirements. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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