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The GoAffPro Affiliate Dashboard: A Quick Guide

GoAffPro provides affiliates with various tools to help them in their promotions. Every affiliate gets their own account dashboard when they register for a store’s affiliate program.

Affiliates can view various statistics regarding their referrals, access their referral link or coupon code, and set up their payment method, all from within the account dashboard.

Here are some tips for affiliates who are part of programs powered by GoAffPro:

Referral Details

Affiliates can view their referral details straight from the Home tab of the dashboard. The referral details include both the referral link and the referral coupon code (if provided by the merchant).

There are also options for direct sharing of the referral link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in the Marketing Tools tab to generate trackable product links to share in their promotions.

Referral Information

In addition to the referral details, affiliates can also view the summary table. The summary table displays statistics such as number of referrals, number of orders, conversion percentage, sales, and earnings.

Affiliates can also view order details and various other widgets like the leaderboard widget or the traffic source widget. Merchants can enable these widgets from their end.

Profile Setup

Affiliates also get the option to enter their profile details from the Settings tab. It is also the tab where affiliates will be selecting their preferred mode of payment and setting up their payment details.

Affiliates can view their payment summary from the Payments tab. There, they can view the amount that has been paid, that is yet to be paid, and further details regarding previous payments.

Customization Options

If the merchant has enabled it, affiliates can also customize their referral link and referral coupon code. The referral code, which is the unique code present at the end of the referral link, can be edited from the referral code section in the Settings tab. The referral coupon code can be set from the Home tab.

Other than this, affiliates can also view media files such as promotional kits, banners or product images for promotions, etc. from the media assets section in the Marketing Tools tab. The merchant can upload these files from their end.

GoAffPro provides merchants with their own affiliate portal for their program. The portal also provides the option for affiliates to signup and log in to their accounts. Affiliates are provided with an easy-to-use dashboard, which is highly customizable, with widgets and new tabs. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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4 Tips for Affiliates to Get More Sales

Affiliate marketing gives people a perfect way to make a passive income. It does not need any money to get started and does not have any obstacles to getting started. Affiliates promote products through links or discounts in affiliate marketing and receive a commission on any sales made using their referral.

It’s easy to get started in affiliate marketing, but success takes hard work and time. Since affiliate marketing is one of the main ways that brands or stores use to sell their products, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. It is also necessary to have patience as it may take time to get actual results.

Here we take a look at some tips for affiliates to get more sales:

Promote Relevant Products

Affiliates must promote only relevant products. This means that the affiliates should focus on the products or types of products they know about. Furthermore, promoting a wide range of products can stretch an affiliate thin, resulting in poorer quality content.

This also does not mean that affiliates should not get into a new category of products. If they are ready to learn and get to know the space of that product, then they should go ahead with that.

Create Good Content

Affiliates can use various ways to reach out to their audience. This can range from publishing blog posts to writing product reviews, or making videos to advertise or review products. It must be of high quality, regardless of the type of content that the affiliate chooses to make.

Content that affiliates create should be oriented towards answering questions or addressing problems that people might have. This way, the content will gain more views and will be interesting to more people. Good quality content these days is a crucial factor in the success of an affiliate.

Use Data to Improve

A significant part of being an affiliate is to keep changing and developing. Affiliates need to use statistics and data to evaluate their content and promotions, see where they can develop, and make necessary changes.

Not only that, but affiliates often need to change in tune with the current trends. They need to use new tools and strategies, as well as to make adjustments to how their content is produced, and to reach audiences as a result of new trends on the Internet.

Building an Audience

Finally, one of the most critical aspects of an affiliate’s journey is to create an audience. This will take real work, since having an audience requires the affiliate and their content to be unique and special. It needs to be relatable to people so that they can share it further.

Affiliates can use tools such as email marketing or social media marketing to reach wider audiences. While targeting a wider audience is fantastic, affiliates should also ensure that they reach out and get more people to purchase products using their referrals as well.

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GoAffPro’s Advanced Commission Options

GoAffPro provides merchants a range of customization options. These provide several commission calculation options that allow the merchant to measure the referral commissions according to their preference.

These options help in the commission calculation by taking into account, the discount applied, the shipping fees, and even taxes. These also include the option to add limits on commissions for affiliates on self-referrals or for bringing in new customers.

Here we take a look at these options, and they can help merchants:

Commission calculation options

Merchants can choose from various options to set how the commission on a referral sale gets calculated. Merchants can start by choosing to include discounts from coupon codes (or store discounts) in the commission calculation process, where the total discount gets deducted from the order.

Further options are offered to adjust this option by adjusting the commission, either with the discount percentage, the discount amount or by a custom percentage. Similar options are given, for shipping and taxes where, after deducting those values from the total order, the commission will be calculated.

Disabling or adding limitations on commissions

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option to disable the commission on self-referrals. This disables the commission on sales that an affiliate makes using their own referral link or coupon code. An additional option is also offered, which disables the commission when the customer is another affiliate in the merchant’s program. By disabling the commission, the order, in this case, will not get recorded within the app.

Furthermore, merchants can also choose to give commissions to affiliates only on the orders made by new customers. It is meant to encourage affiliates to bring in more new customers to your store. For this option, exceptions can be made for particular affiliates in the program.

Automatically approval and rejection of sales

The “Verify Automatically” option is a powerful tool that merchants can use to automate the order approval and rejection process. With this option enabled, GoAffPro will automatically approve or reject sales based upon the current status of the order from the store. It will approve sales that have been processed or paid and will reject sales that have been refunded or canceled.

In the case, where the order gets rejected after the commission has been paid to the affiliate, GoAffPro will automatically credit a negative balance (equal to the commission paid) to the affiliate’s account.

GoAffPro provides advanced options to merchants to choose how commissions will get calculated in their program. These include options to include the discount, shipping or taxes while calculating the commission. There are also options to disable commission on self referrals and automatic approval or rejection of referral orders. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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3 Mistakes that Affiliates Need to Avoid

While becoming an affiliate is an easy process, it requires commitment and hard work to be successful. While affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income, it does require affiliates to produce quality content and create promotions that bring in sales.

Here we take a look at some mistakes that affiliates should avoid making:

Avoid promoting a lot of products

Many affiliates are making the mistake of promoting too many products. It can hinder the quality of the content, and it also consumes more time. Promoting too many products or products in various categories can also contribute to issues of credibility for affiliates.

Affiliates should pick a niche that they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about and focus on it. Also, instead of marketing a whole host of products, they should focus on a handful of decent products.

Producing poor-quality content affects sales

Affiliates often make the mistake of trying to sell through the content they produce. Rather than focusing on selling a product, affiliates should create content that helps or guides customers. Affiliates can use the tried and tested formats for content such as best-of or top 5 guides to products. While they are age-old formats, they still bring in customers.

Good and quality content is essential to become a successful affiliate. Ideally, the content published by the affiliate should illustrate a solution to the issue. It should also respond to frequently asked questions about the product and highlight its benefits.

Avoid relying on a single source of income

Affiliates sometimes make the mistake of relying on a single affiliate network or program for their profits. It may contribute to various problems, such as in the case of affiliates that are part of Amazon’s affiliate network, which could have their income impacted by Amazon’s commission rate when they choose to change it.

It has become a widely debated issue in the past, when Amazon has slashed its commission rates, resulting in a drop in affiliate incomes. It is, therefore, advised that affiliates diversify into multiple affiliate programs.

In conclusion, success as an affiliate requires patience as well as the ability to learn and adapt to changes. They need to be creative with their marketing, and they need to keep trying out new stuff.

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Commissions of an Affiliate Program

The Commissions are a vital part of the affiliate network. When someone makes a purchase in a store using a referral from an affiliate, the affiliate receives a commission on the purchase.

Affiliates work to create promotions and to bring sales to a store, to receive commissions in exchange. Setting up commission rates can often become difficult particularly if the merchant wants to set different commission rates for different affiliates. This often includes setting various types of commission rates for affiliates in the program.

Here we take a look at some of the types of commissions that merchants can set up in their programs:

Default/Product Commission

The default commission is set as the default rate for all affiliates in the program. It applies to all the affiliates and products in the store. Product commission is used to set different commission rates for the products in the store.

Using the choice of product commission, each product can have its own commission rate set for it. This choice can also be used to disable a product commission or to set up a product commission for a particular affiliate of the program.

Standard Commission for affiliate

The standard commission option is used to set special commission rates for the affiliate. This can include setting up of a different default commission for that specific affiliate or setting up a special product or collection for the affiliate.

This option allows merchants to have greater flexibility in customization, as they can set different commissions for any affiliate in the program as per their requirement.

Fixed Commissions (Royalties)

Affiliates or influencers who partner up with a brand also have their own custom designs that they sell in the store. The fixed commission (royalties) option allows the affiliates to earn a commission on the selling of that product, irrespective of the affiliate that made the sale.

Merchants can also set the royalties to be credited to the affiliate, even though it’s not a referral sale. This makes it easier for merchants to cater to affiliates or influencers who want to sell products with their designs or brand.

Affiliate Commission Groups

Merchants may set up commission groups, which are groups of affiliates. Affiliates may be added or excluded from each group and various types of commissions can be set to apply to affiliates within the group.

This involves setting up a default/product commission for affiliates in the group, setting up a multi-level network with different commissions for each level of the network for affiliates in the group, and there is also an option to set up commission modifiers and commission boosters for affiliates present in the group.

Using the above options and various types of commissions, merchants can have a high degree of customization and can appeal to different affiliates and requirements. It also offers an easier way to handle the affiliate commissions in the program.

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to set different types of commissions for their affiliates. It allows merchants to set up different commissions for different affiliates. There are also options for setting up royalties and creating commission groups for affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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How to Grow Sales during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Affiliate marketing may be challenging during this period of the pandemic, but with stores opening up, it’s time to build an optimum plan for your company. 

With retail opening up, competition is going to be high, as companies will be doing their best to attract customers to their stores, therefore planning how to cope with strong competition and getting the most out of this situation will drive sales.

Here we take a look at some the things that merchants can do to grow back their sales in the time of the pandemic:

Target local audience with local affiliates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is high time to look at domestic affiliates to reach local audiences. With international logistics being impacted by lock-downs in countries globally, it is the ideal time to build strategies to appeal to your domestic market. 

To do this, you should connect with local influencers and affiliates who create content for the local audience. Catering to local markets also has long-term advantages, which means more revenue and simpler management.

Customer reviews are important

Although it can seem pretty simple, it is really important to have good customer feedback. Customer reviews help build brand awareness and can have a huge effect on consumer opinion. Getting good reviews for your store or goods is not a fast process, it takes time.

It is, therefore, recommended that you encourage your customers to provide reviews for your products. Reviews can help in providing useful feedback and can help in improving your products and services. It also aims to make it easier for potential consumers to seek to purchase the goods. 

Use promotions and discounts codes more aggressively

Merchants worldwide are suffering from a decline in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumer sentiment has become more concentrated on saving money and just spending money on necessities. It is, therefore, essential to start targeting these customers to bring sales as the pandemic subsides. 

That can be achieved by using discount codes and promotions or sales. By incentivizing customers to make their purchase, it can prove to be a great way to nudge customers into making a purchase. Affiliates can be provided with discount codes to share and promote with their followers. 

While you can provide promotional offers and start sales on your store to bring back customers, this is particularly useful to get new customers to make their first purchase, who might still be on the fence on buying for the first time from your store. Promotions and discounts are a perfect way for people to try your product at a discounted rate and bring it back to your store in the future if they like it.

Provide affiliates with incentives

While there are different steps that merchants can take to resolve their situation in this pandemic, the important thing to note for them is that affiliates are a vital part of the entire affiliate marketing cycle. Affiliates have taken a significant hit in these times, with sales dropping their incomes have fallen, severely affecting their livelihood. 

It is therefore essential for merchants to take care of their affiliates in their program. That can be achieved by incentivizing affiliates with bonuses for good performance. You can also choose to pay affiliates with store vouchers or credits that can then be used by them to make purchases in your shop, which would also indirectly earn you sales and revenue.

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4 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for an e-commerce business to increase its sales without spending too much money on marketing. It provides a win-win situation for both the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant benefits from an increase in sale and the affiliate earn commissions on the sales that are made using his/her referral.

Here we look at 4 ways that you can use to increase your affiliate sales.

Table of Contents

  1. Build Trust with Customers
  2. Use Discount Coupons
  3. Relationship with your Affiliates
  4. Reward Affiliates with Bonuses

1. Build Trust with Customers

Before a customer purchases from your store, they need to be able to trust you. Building credibility and trust with your customers is a vital part of increasing your sales. A problem commonly faced by smaller businesses and startups is the lack of customer confidence in their store and products.

Build Trust with Customers

By using affiliates, who already have a large number of followers to promote your store and products also helps in building up customer confidence in your brand. Customer support also plays a big role here, good customer service will build your brand identity as reliable and trustworthy.‌

2. Use Discount Coupons

Coupons work best in highly competitive markets, it lets customers buy products from you through a discount. Discount coupons are a great way of getting new customers. Using affiliates to share coupon codes is quite a common practice, nowadays a lot off social media influencers provide a coupon code when they promote a brand or product. Coupon codes provides potential customers with an incentive to try out products from your store at a discounted price.

Coupons use is increasing worldwide

It is a great way of bringing over new customers, who may be apprehensive to buy products on your store at a full price, so coupon codes provide them an incentive to buy products on your store at a discounted price. ‌

3. Relationship with your Affiliates

The relationship you have with your affiliates is very important to run a successful affiliate program. It is the affiliate’s work to promote the products on your store and in return they earn commissions on every sale that is made using their referral. It is vital to communicate with your affiliates.

Build a healthy relationship with your affiliates

Explaining your affiliates about the program you run and sending them media files, product descriptions will naturally help them with the promotion. It is also important to provide feedback to affiliates on their performance as an affiliate. In addition to this, you can do your part by setting the affiliate commission rates generously.‌

4. Reward Affiliates With Bonuses

Affiliates earn commissions when a customer makes a purchase using the referral link assigned to them. To increase your affiliate sales, you can set up targets for your affiliates. These targets can be set either for the number of sales or the sale value. When an affiliate achieves that target, you can reward him/her with a commission bonus.

Rewarding your affiliates can drive up sales

Rewarding your affiliates for their work is a useful strategy that can lead to an increase in affiliate sales. Your affiliates will naturally be more meticulous in their promotions of your products when they are provided with additional financial incentives. This also leads to a better merchant-affiliate relationship.‌


Affiliate marketing when done right is great for businesses. It can rapidly drive up your sales and increase customer confidence in your brand. Businesses can benefit greatly by maintaining a healthy relationship with their affiliates.