Managing Affiliate Coupons with GoAffPro

Coupon codes have increasingly become an essential tool that affiliates use in their promotions. They work well with almost every kind of promotional content that affiliates make, like videos, social media posts, blog posts, etc.

When a customer purchases using an affiliate’s coupon code in the store, that sale gets attributed to the affiliate. Affiliates, therefore, earn a commission on the sales made using their coupon codes.

GoAffPro makes it easy for merchants to set up coupon codes for affiliates in their programs. Additionally, it offers various options to customize them and manage their usage.

Here we take a look at some of these coupon code options provided by the GoAffPro app:

Automatic Coupon Codes

GoAffPro offers the option to create coupons for affiliates automatically in the program. Merchants can set the discount value and type of coupon codes. They can be set with discount types such as percentage discount, flat-rate discount, or free shipping.

These coupons will be generated automatically in the merchant’s store, so the merchant will not be required to create them separately in their store.

Usage Limits for Customers

Additionally, GoAffPro also provides options for managing coupon code usage by customers. Merchants can set usage limits such as one use per customer and give discounts only to new customers.

There is also the option for setting the total number of times the discount gets used. These options do help in preventing the overuse of coupon codes.

Limiting Usage of Coupons

GoAffPro also provides the option to limit coupon usage based on order value and products. Merchants can set up a minimum order value for the codes to be applied.

Furthermore, there are also options for selecting the products or collections on whom the coupons will work. These are done using the limit discount to products and limit discount to collections options.

Custom Style of Coupons

There is also an option for setting up custom styles for coupon codes. The affiliate coupons will get generated as per the style set by the merchant.

The merchant can choose between various style options, such as the affiliate’s name, the affiliate’s Instagram handle, random letters, or random dictionary words. There is also an option for merchants to set their own custom style.

GoAffPro provides merchants the option to set up referral coupon codes for affiliates. It also offers various options to merchants for customizing and managing the affiliate coupon codes. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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