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  • Managing Affiliate Coupons with GoAffPro

    Coupon codes have increasingly become an essential tool that affiliates use in their promotions. They work well with almost every kind of promotional content that affiliates make, like videos, social media posts, blog posts, etc. When a customer purchases using an affiliate’s coupon code in the store, that sale gets attributed to the affiliate. Affiliates, […]

  • Managing Commissions and Coupon of Affiliates

    Commissions are a significant part of an affiliate program. Affiliates are paid commissions on the sales that they refer to the store. Managing how affiliates earn commissions in a program is an important task. The same goes for coupon codes, which are used to give discounts to customers and are also used to track referral […]

  • Discount Codes in Affiliate Programs

    Discount codes have become an integral part of affiliate marketing. Many store merchants prefer to give out discount codes to affiliates to share in their promotions. Affiliates are increasingly using social media platforms for their promotions. Discount codes provide an easy way for affiliates to promote on these platforms. GoAffPro provides merchants with the option […]

  • Coupons in Affiliate Marketing Programs

    Coupon Codes are an integral part of an affiliate marketing program. Coupon codes are commonly used in the marketing and promotion of goods these days. Promotions, in particular on social media sites, are made by sharing coupon codes. Many social media sites restrict sharing of referral links or links to a store from being inserted […]