Managing Commissions and Coupon of Affiliates

Commissions are a significant part of an affiliate program. Affiliates are paid commissions on the sales that they refer to the store. Managing how affiliates earn commissions in a program is an important task.

The same goes for coupon codes, which are used to give discounts to customers and are also used to track referral sales. It’s critical to keep track of how coupons are distributed and used.

Managing Commissions and Coupon

GoAffPro gives merchants a straightforward solution to managing their affiliate program’s commissions and coupons. It provides merchants a variety of options to help them in the efficient management of commissions and coupons.

Here we take a look at how merchants can use GoAffPro to manage commissions and coupons for affiliates:

Commission management

Merchants often want to prevent their affiliates from earning commission on their self-purchases. For this, GoAffPro provides the “Disable Commission for Self Referral” option that merchants can enable. It prevents sales from being recorded in the app, where the customer and affiliate emails are the same.

“Disable commission if the customer is also an affiliate” is another option for this, which disables commissions on sales where the customer is already a registered affiliate in the program. Merchants can also choose to pay affiliates commissions exclusively for new customers by using the “Give commission only for new customers” option.

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Coupon code management

Coupon codes are a critical part of an affiliate program. Affiliates give out codes to customers, who can use them to make purchases in your store. GoAffPro provides merchants with simple options to manage the usage of coupons and prevent their misuse.

Merchants can set up usage limits for coupons codes, with options such as limiting the coupon usage to one use per customer or only giving discounts to new customers. There is also an option to set the total number of times a coupon code can be used. Also, merchants can set a minimum order value for the discounts to be applied and options to limit discounts to specific products or collections.

These options allow for effectively managing both commissions and coupons for an affiliate program. It also helps in preventing misuse by disabling commissions on self-referrals or setting up usage limits for coupon codes.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options for managing the commissions and coupons in their program. It includes features such as direct options to stop affiliates from earning commission on self-referrals and the ability to set coupon code usage limits. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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