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4 Tips for Affiliates to Get More Sales

Affiliate marketing gives people a perfect way to make a passive income. It does not need any money to get started and does not have any obstacles to getting started. Affiliates promote products through links or discounts in affiliate marketing and receive a commission on any sales made using their referral.

It’s easy to get started in affiliate marketing, but success takes hard work and time. Since affiliate marketing is one of the main ways that brands or stores use to sell their products, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. It is also necessary to have patience as it may take time to get actual results.

Here we take a look at some tips for affiliates to get more sales:

Promote Relevant Products

Affiliates must promote only relevant products. This means that the affiliates should focus on the products or types of products they know about. Furthermore, promoting a wide range of products can stretch an affiliate thin, resulting in poorer quality content.

This also does not mean that affiliates should not get into a new category of products. If they are ready to learn and get to know the space of that product, then they should go ahead with that.

Create Good Content

Affiliates can use various ways to reach out to their audience. This can range from publishing blog posts to writing product reviews, or making videos to advertise or review products. It must be of high quality, regardless of the type of content that the affiliate chooses to make.

Content that affiliates create should be oriented towards answering questions or addressing problems that people might have. This way, the content will gain more views and will be interesting to more people. Good quality content these days is a crucial factor in the success of an affiliate.

Use Data to Improve

A significant part of being an affiliate is to keep changing and developing. Affiliates need to use statistics and data to evaluate their content and promotions, see where they can develop, and make necessary changes.

Not only that, but affiliates often need to change in tune with the current trends. They need to use new tools and strategies, as well as to make adjustments to how their content is produced, and to reach audiences as a result of new trends on the Internet.

Building an Audience

Finally, one of the most critical aspects of an affiliate’s journey is to create an audience. This will take real work, since having an audience requires the affiliate and their content to be unique and special. It needs to be relatable to people so that they can share it further.

Affiliates can use tools such as email marketing or social media marketing to reach wider audiences. While targeting a wider audience is fantastic, affiliates should also ensure that they reach out and get more people to purchase products using their referrals as well.


4 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Merchants

Managing an affiliate program can sometimes look like a tough job. Since it involves setting up commissions, managing and paying affiliates, it can often look like a lot. However, there are ways that merchants can use to make it easier for them to run and manage their affiliate programs.

Here we take a look at some affiliate marketing tips for merchants:

Actively seeking out affiliates

Getting affiliates to join your program can be a challenging job. Merchants should actively search out affiliates and send invites to influencers to join their affiliate network. For traders who have recently launched their affiliate program, they may reach out to their current customers to get them to join their program.

Merchants can also ask their existing affiliates to recruit newer affiliates by giving them a commission on sales referred by the affiliates they recruit.

Encourage affiliates to perform better

Having a higher number of affiliates in your program, but still not getting enough sales isn’t great. To encourage affiliates in the program to perform, merchants need to provide competitive commission rates. They should also look into giving out bonuses and commission boosts to affiliates when they achieve sale targets.

Criteria and information on these incentives must be clearly explained to the affiliates so that they can work harder to achieve the targets.

Communicate with affiliates

Keeping your program affiliates informed is essential. Merchants need to interact with their affiliates regularly. For this purpose, merchants can use email marketing to send out weekly newsletters to affiliates. These could provide information on upcoming promotions or tips to affiliates. Merchants may also use sites such as Discord or Facebook to build communities and reach out more easily.

They can also send messages to affiliates that are lacking in their performance by giving them tips and motivating them to improve.

Using discounts smartly

Discounts are the most powerful way a merchant can influence the affiliate program. Merchants can assign coupons to affiliates for them to share. In the age of social media, with videos seemingly being the preferred way of content consumption, coupons provide a great option for marketing. Merchants can also give out discounts to their affiliates, this will also bring in sales.

Merchants can create special codes for influencers to suit their brand and image, this will make it easier for sharing and promotions by them.

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3 Influencer Marketing Tips for Merchants

In recent times, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing have become harder to distinguish. Since social media has become available to more people, affiliate/influencer marketing has become one of the leading ways for people to earn an income by promoting a brand’s products.

Influencer marketing has evolved steadily in the past few years. Using social media, influencers have been able to reach out to a larger audience, far more organically than traditional advertising. This offered a perfect opportunity for brands to reach out to more people using influencers.

Here we take a look at some tips for merchants who are considering using influencers for marketing:

Choosing influencers

It is essential to know the people whom you want to cater to with your products. Accordingly, you will be approaching influencers who create content that suits your product’s marketing. Looking out for influencers does take time, and getting the right one can make a huge difference in how your product reaches the audience.

Merchants do need to be diligent in seeking out influencers that would suit their products and can be used to market their products.

Video content is key

Social media trend is nowadays clearly in favor of video content, and especially shorter-form of videos. In recent times, we have seen platforms like TikTok come up solely as a platform for short-form video content. Similarly, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also brought in features that cater to this form of video content.

It is therefore necessary for merchants to actively look for influencers who create such video content to reach out to a wider audience.

Partner/collaborate with influencers

In the past, brands would partner with celebrities and athletes to produce a special range of products. In particular, these unique ranges of products would sell well with the followers of that celebrity. This trend has also extended to social media influencers, where brands are tapping into them to create products that appeal to their fans.

Therefore, partnering or collaborating with an influencer to create a special range of products, can yield great returns.

In conclusion, it can easily be said that influencer marketing is only going to grow. It provides a cost-effective and fairly organic way of reaching out to audiences. This is especially true for brands that create products in more niche categories. Merchants should seriously be looking at and considering influencer marketing.

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Top 4 Ways to Customize Referral Links

Referral links are an essential part of affiliate marketing. Affiliates share their referrals link with their followers, either directly or through content like videos or blog posts. The affiliate earns a commission on any purchase that is made using their referral.

Referral link sharing is one of the fundamental ways affiliates use to share their referrals in affiliate marketing. While referral links are simply URLs that direct people to a merchant’s store, referral links also offer high customization options.

Here we take a look at some of the ways referral links can be customized:

Referral code customization

Referral code is the code that is present at end of a referral link. For example, in the referral link, the referral code here is “code.” It is unique to each affiliate in a program and helps in tracking referral sales.

Referral code customization allows affiliates to have codes that match their brand, like setting the referral code as the affiliate’s name, etc. Such customizations are highly sought after by influencers as well.

Referral link identifiers

Referral link identifier is present just before the referral code in a referral link. For example, in, the identifier is “ref.”

The referral link identifier, similar to the referral code, can be customized extensively. It can be set to represent the merchant’s brand, and options can be provided to use multiple identifiers with the links.

Shortened referral links

Merchants can also provide affiliates with shortened referral links. For example, a referral link like can be shortened to using Bitly.

With social media platforms becoming a dominant place to share referrals, affiliates tend to look for shorter links for sharing. Popular link shorteners, like Bitly, also provide extensive options to affiliates and merchants to track the performance of these links.

Referral product links

While not exactly a customization option, generating product links for referrals is a great feature to have. For example, the link directs people to the product page. Since it has the referral code of the affiliate, it is also trackable.

Many affiliates or influencers tend to focus on promoting particular products in a merchant’s store. For such a requirement, the product link creator, can be used by merchants or affiliates to generate product links for sharing.

GoAffPro provides various customization options for referral links, including referral code, referral link identifier customization, as well as the option for shortening the referral links of the affiliate. It also allows merchants and affiliates to generate product links for referrals. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out last year, everyone was affected. It also impacted the affiliate marketing industry, with many merchants and affiliates losing their revenue. Many merchants also had to shut their stores due to the impact that the pandemic caused on their businesses.

In 2021, it does look that things will go back to normal. However, both merchants and affiliates should look into strategies and trends while working to make their marketing campaigns more effective during these times.

Here we take a look at some affiliate marketing trends for 2021 that we believe are going to be impactful this year:

Create relevant and engaging content

While creating content, it is essential to be aware of the trends going viral on social media. These viral trends can be used to create and publish content on a short-term basis. Also, video content is still one of the most preferred ways of content consumption by customers. So, moving forward into 2021, affiliates should look into producing more video content for their followers.

Thoughtfully select products to promote

When creating content, it is essential to be aware of the viral trends in social media. These viral trends can be used to produce and publish content on a short-term basis. Also, video content is now one of the most preferred methods of consumer content. As a result, looking forward to 2021, affiliates should look into producing more video content for their followers.

Diversify into multiple programs

Owing to the pandemic many affiliate programs reduced their commission rates, which has adversely affected affiliate revenues. Most popularly, Amazon was in the news for slashing commission rates for its affiliate program. Affiliates can also look into affiliate programs hosted by smaller stores, as they tend to offer higher commission rates. It is essential for affiliates to diversify their source of income and look into multiple channels.

Future of affiliate marketing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many changes in the affiliate marketing space. Many of the changes brought in by the pandemic are most likely to stay for the long term. It is, therefore, vital that both merchants and affiliates consider this while working.

Affiliate marketing still offers a lot of value and has a bright future ahead. In such times, it is better for people who are in the affiliate marketing space to stick to it and keep working to get better at it.

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GoAffPro Marketplace for Merchants & Affiliates

While starting an affiliate program is simple, recruiting affiliates into the program can, more often than not, prove to be a challenge. Getting affiliates to join the program, especially for newer stores, can become a real difficulty for merchants who are just starting out with affiliate marketing.

GoAffPro has introduced the Marketplace option to help merchants tackle this issue. The marketplace is a curated directory of affiliate programs that are run by merchants using the GoAffPro platform.

Marketplace for merchants

Merchants who use GoAffPro can go to the marketplace tab within the app and set up their store’s marketplace listing. They can upload their store’s logo and icon, as well as set up their store’s category and description. There is also an option for geo-restriction, where merchants can choose to allow affiliates from certain countries to apply for their program.

After setting up their listing, they can then enable the marketplace listing, after which their store’s affiliate program will get displayed in the marketplace’s directory. This option allows merchants who are looking to recruit more affiliates into their program, or for merchants who are struggling to find any affiliates, an easy way to get discovered.

Marketplace for affiliates

The marketplace also offers a great opportunity for affiliates or for people who are looking to become affiliates. Affiliates can register on the GoAffPro website and get access to all the stores in the marketplace directory.

Affiliates, after signing up, are provided with an easy to use dashboard. In this dashboard, affiliates can browse the stores in the marketplace and view their details. Affiliates do have the option to join multiple affiliate programs. The dashboard also provides affiliates with information such as their referral sales, the traffic from their referral, and payouts.

While all of this information will be present in much more detail in the individual store portals, the marketplace dashboard gives affiliates a single location to view all essential details.

In conclusion, the marketplace option provides an easy and convenient way for merchants to get discovered by affiliates, making the task of recruiting affiliates easier. For affiliates, it gives a vast directory of stores that they can join. The marketplace option is free for both affiliates and merchants to use.

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3 Mistakes that Affiliates Need to Avoid

While becoming an affiliate is an easy process, it requires commitment and hard work to be successful. While affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income, it does require affiliates to produce quality content and create promotions that bring in sales.

Here we take a look at some mistakes that affiliates should avoid making:

Avoid promoting a lot of products

Many affiliates are making the mistake of promoting too many products. It can hinder the quality of the content, and it also consumes more time. Promoting too many products or products in various categories can also contribute to issues of credibility for affiliates.

Affiliates should pick a niche that they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about and focus on it. Also, instead of marketing a whole host of products, they should focus on a handful of decent products.

Producing poor-quality content affects sales

Affiliates often make the mistake of trying to sell through the content they produce. Rather than focusing on selling a product, affiliates should create content that helps or guides customers. Affiliates can use the tried and tested formats for content such as best-of or top 5 guides to products. While they are age-old formats, they still bring in customers.

Good and quality content is essential to become a successful affiliate. Ideally, the content published by the affiliate should illustrate a solution to the issue. It should also respond to frequently asked questions about the product and highlight its benefits.

Avoid relying on a single source of income

Affiliates sometimes make the mistake of relying on a single affiliate network or program for their profits. It may contribute to various problems, such as in the case of affiliates that are part of Amazon’s affiliate network, which could have their income impacted by Amazon’s commission rate when they choose to change it.

It has become a widely debated issue in the past, when Amazon has slashed its commission rates, resulting in a drop in affiliate incomes. It is, therefore, advised that affiliates diversify into multiple affiliate programs.

In conclusion, success as an affiliate requires patience as well as the ability to learn and adapt to changes. They need to be creative with their marketing, and they need to keep trying out new stuff.

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3 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Affiliate

Getting started as an affiliate while being very simple, does take some preparation. It includes different aspects of what the affiliate plans to do such as, what products to promote, which affiliate program to join, and what kind of content to create.

Here we look at some of the things that people should consider while planning to become affiliates:

Selecting a niche

It is crucial for those starting out as affiliates to find a niche to concentrate on. New affiliates need to look out for the category or product niche they want to promote, and then stick to it. Affiliates should have a genuine passion for the products and should be knowledgeable about them.

When deciding which products to promote, profitability and long-term interest should also be considered as factors. This step is important, as the content that the affiliates will produce will rely heavily on the products that they choose to promote.

Creating Content

Content is a vital aspect of being an affiliate, while you can share your referral on social media with your friends and family, to take it to the next level, you need to create content to reach out to more people. Creating content can include writing reviews, like blog posts, or creating videos, etc.

It is, therefore, important for affiliates to concentrate hard on the content they produce, as good content brings in more referral sales. The content that is created must be useful and easy to understand. It should provide specific details on the product, while also highlighting its functionality. To create content for products, affiliates can communicate with merchants asking them to send samples of products.

Joining a program

Affiliates can join affiliate programs, generate referrals, and then share them. There are various types of affiliate programs that affiliates can join, larger ones like Amazon or Walmart, affiliates can also search for smaller stores and retailers that offer more niche items and join their programs as well.

It is quite common for smaller merchants or retailers to have their own affiliate programs, and they typically offer higher commission rates, so it is useful to watch out for them. Several programs will also provide promotional materials as well as review or article templates that will further aid in the creation of content for their products.

In conclusion, people need to do some prior preparation before they become affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a passive income, and the opportunities are enormous, so it’s certainly something to try out.

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4 Easy Tips to Create an Influencer-Affiliate Marketing Program

Influencer marketing has become quite a common method of marketing that brands are now opting for. Brands or companies pay these influencers for sponsored posts or the production of sponsored material.

One can merge affiliate marketing with Influencer marketing and create a perfect combination of both. In the affiliate marketing model, influencers are paid more and longer-term than in the case of sponsored content. This higher financial incentive also means that more quality content is produced with more effort.

Here we take a look at some tips of building a successful affiliate-influencer marketing model:

Incentivizing Influencers

Offering influencers with good commission can be a big factor in them joining an affiliate program. This can also include other incentives such as a bonus for signing up for the program or for meeting a sales target.

Merchants can also look at providing promotional products, this is especially great for smaller influencers who can be compensated just by giving them a free product in return for their promotion.

Providing Customization Options

Influencers can also be offered with their landing pages on the store, this will allow them to curate the products that they want to promote and write about them. Personalization options can be extended for influencers, which include customizable referral links and coupon codes.

Small or micro-influencers are a great way to reach niche audiences, they usually have a more organic engagement with their audience and can do well, especially for promoting products in niche categories.

Giving Discounts Codes

Discount codes or Coupon codes are a great way to get a new customer to make purchases in the store. The discount provides a financial incentive to the customer, who might be on the fence, on deciding whether to make the purchase or not.

Providing discount codes to influencers is a great way to reach out to new customers. Discount codes are quite popular, especially in content-driven platforms. This will create more opportunities for promotions, for influencers by merging the promotions with the content they produce.

Supplying Content

A better way to have greater control over the promotions that influencers carry out is by supplying them with tools such as product user guides, promotional images, or posters that can be shared on various social media sites.

This also allows for the features that the merchant wants to highlight, to get highlighted. However, this needs to be done in partnership with the influencers to provide them with their room to build their content around the promotion.

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Affiliate Marketing in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Almost everyone in the world has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and businesses are finding ways to support themselves so that they can cope with this difficult time. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to standstill industries such as manufacturing, aviation, retail, etc. This could also lead to long-term changes in work and society, where social distancing will become more normal and work from home becomes a staple for many jobs.

Affiliate and Influencer marketing to be hit hard

One of the industries that are facing challenges is affiliate/influencer marketing. Affiliates and Influencers who create content based on traveling or retail have are facing additional stress since they are unable to set foot outside their homes. The sponsorships for these influencers have also been affected. While other influencers who create content about tech products are now unable to produce more content due to logistical issues due to lockdowns implemented by city governments, which has led to the inaccessibility of products.  

According to a recent report by Izea, prices for paid sponsorships may drop dramatically over the next few months. Even though the use of has increased, due to social distancing and a gloomy economic future, people will be spending less. The report also advised influencers to become more aggressive with pricing and to be open to mixed compensation models, thus suggesting increased flexibility. 

Amazon and Walmart cut down on their affiliate programs

Amazon, more recently removed third-party vendors from its affiliate program, affiliate networks like Skimlinks and Sovrn are no longer allowed to send traffic to Amazon and get a commission on any transactions. This move is to free up significant profit margins for Amazon by removing these third-party vendors. 

Walmart also suspended its affiliate program with some of the top influencer platforms, such as MagicLinks and Rakuten. Some digital media affiliate programs, such as Vox Media and BuzzFeed, have also been suspended. 

It is, therefore, important for affiliates and influencers to adapt to the changing affiliate marketing environment, where post-pandemic social and work life can become very different from before. It is also time for larger influencers to buckle up and become more aggressive in terms of content and pricing.