How to Integrate Influencer with Email Marketing for Excellent ROI

Businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to enhance their marketing efforts and maximize return on investment (ROI). Influencer marketing and email marketing are two prominent marketing channels that have proven their worth. On average, brands earn $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. Email marketing, meanwhile, yields an average of $44 for every $1 spent.

How to Integrate Influencer with Email Marketing for Excellent ROI

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you integrated these strategies? Judging by what we’ve seen above, you’d probably get an even higher ROI.

Don’t miss out on that opportunity. Here’s how you can integrate influencer with email marketing for the best results:

1. Give Micro-Influencers Opportunities for Affiliate Email Marketing 

Micro-influencers are invaluable to marketers due to their niche-specific reach and authentic connections with their followers. They may not have the high follower counts of macro or mega-influencers, but their targeted audience can lead to a higher engagement rate and, ultimately, conversions. Check out the table below:

Micro-Influencers Opportunities for Affiliate Email Marketing

You can leverage micro-influencers to increase your ROI. Just give them opportunities for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where influencers get rewarded with a commission for every sale or conversion they generate through their unique affiliate links. Affiliate marketing generates about 15% of the total revenue from digital media, making it a vital source of income for online businesses.

But where does email marketing come in here?

Integrate influencer with email marketing by providing your micro-influencers with personalized affiliate tracking links as part of your affiliate program. They can share their link within their email newsletters promoting your product. Check out this sample email of an affiliate and where their affiliate link goes:

Integrate influencer with email marketing

When their subscribers click on these links and make a purchase, the influencers earn a commission. This setup not only motivates influencers to promote your offerings. It also allows you to track the success of each influencer’s efforts accurately. You can easily set up your commissions with Goaffpro.

set up your commissions with Goaffpro

You can also track the revenues generated through your partners with the tool:

revenues generated through your partners with the tool

However, remind your affiliates that they need the right email marketing service for this. Not all email providers allow affiliate links in emails. It’s best for them to check their email platform’s terms of service before using it for their affiliate marketing.

2. Let Influencers Create their Own Marketing Email Content for You  

Influencers excel in creating engaging social media content. There’s no reason they can’t curate compelling marketing email campaigns for you as well.

So, to integrate influencer with email marketing, why not ask them to create an informative email newsletter for you? How about a behind-the-scenes video of them using your product? 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the email content they can create. Just give them your brand guidelines, then let them do what they do best. Don’t forget to ask them to include their best digital business card with their social media links in the email. This is an excellent way to promote their social media accounts. Subscribers won’t have to manually search on social media platforms to follow them.

When influencers create their own email content, the messages feel more authentic and less like a promotional pitch. For 86% of consumers, authenticity is important in making them decide which brand to support. In other words, with influencer and email marketing combined, you can boost your sales and your ROI.

As with any marketing strategy, measuring the impact of influencer-created email content is crucial. Leverage email marketing platforms to monitor and analyze the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns. Monitor key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This should help you identify what piece of content resonates the most with your email subscribers. It will help you determine which influencer collaborations work for you, too.

3. Incorporate Influencer Testimonials on Social Media into Your Marketing Emails

Customer testimonials hold significant weight in the eyes of potential buyers. They provide social proof and reassure prospects about the quality and reliability of your products or services. 

You can integrate influencer testimonials about your products by harnessing the power of social media PR into your emails. This is a great way to maximize your marketing budget since you’re already spending a dime on the influencers. However, you’ll need to convert these social media influencers into your fans first. 

Offer free samples, exclusive access, or other benefits related to your product. Then ask them for their honest opinion or feedback about your product. If your product is any good, you shouldn’t have to worry about what they have to say on their social accounts.

You can then show these testimonials in your newsletters as part of your email marketing campaigns. Check out this Fetching Fields marketing email. It features testimonials with accompanying pictures posted by micro-influencer Amanda (@amandahenry) on her Instagram account. Fetching Fields sells organic dog treats:

Incorporate Influencer Testimonials on Social Media into Your Marketing Emails

Of course there might also be influencers who are already fans of your products even before you send them your free samples. You can find these relevant influencers using social listening tools such as Sprout Social and Meltwater. Once you find their glowing posts about your product, reach out to them either on the social platform or via email. Ask whether they’d be open to using those posts in your emails. You might have to compensate them as part of the influencer collaboration.

Social proof is a powerful motivator. When your potential customers witness others enjoying your offerings, they’re more likely to convert.


Integrating influencers with email marketing can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to enhance their ROI. 

There are various ways to go about it, too. You can give micro-influencers affiliate email marketing opportunities, let influencers create their own email content for you, and leverage influencer testimonials on social media.

Remember that successful integration still requires alignment with your brand’s values and a deep understanding of your target audience. Bear that in mind and follow these tips. You’ll get the best ROI results from integrating influencer with email marketing. 


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