Choosing GoAffPro for Affiliate Marketing

Merchants are increasingly opting for affiliate marketing as their preferred way of marketing. In affiliate marketing, the merchant pays commissions to affiliates only when they refer sales to the store. It requires little to no cost to get started with and is ideal for merchants with new or small businesses.

These days merchants can install affiliate marketing apps that provide them with all the tools they need to set up and manage their affiliate programs. However, choosing the right affiliate marketing app is crucial, as it can dictate how the program gets set up and performs.

Here we take a look at what options or functionality merchants should be looking at while choosing an affiliate marketing app to build their program:

Number of Affiliates or Sales

The first thing the merchants should look at while choosing an affiliate marketing app is the number of affiliates or sales per month that it offers. Many apps restrict the number of affiliates or sales per month (based on different pricing plans).

In this regard, GoAffPro has no restrictions on the number of affiliates or sales. It even offers this in its free tier. Merchants can have as many affiliates as they want in their program, and there are no limits to the number of sales they can have in a month.

Affiliate Portal Customization

The affiliate portal is a critical part of an affiliate program. It is where people register as affiliates in the merchant’s program and log into their account dashboard. It is, therefore, necessary to provide merchants with the options to customize the affiliate portal as per their requirements.

GoAffPro does offer various customization options for the landing page, signup page, and affiliate dashboard. These include customizing the landing page to match the store’s branding, adding or creating a new field for the signup page, and adding widgets to the affiliate dashboard.

Advanced Marketing Options

Many merchants are looking for specific features while setting up their affiliate programs. These include setting up a multi-level affiliate network, tiered commission structure for affiliates, affiliate groups or segmentation, etc. These options are necessary for building planned commission structures for the affiliate program.

GoAffPro offers all the required options that a merchant will need to build such commission structures. It provides merchants with the multi-level affiliate network option, affiliate groups option for setting up independent commission structures, commission boosters for setting up tiered commission structures, email marketing campaigns for affiliates, and more.

With GoAffPro, merchants have the option to create and set up an affiliate program for their store. It has no restrictions on the number of affiliates or sales, even in its free plan. Also, it offers various affiliate portal customization features and advanced marketing options like MLM, tiered commissions, affiliate groups, email marketing, etc. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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