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  • Choosing GoAffPro for Affiliate Marketing

    Merchants are increasingly opting for affiliate marketing as their preferred way of marketing. In affiliate marketing, the merchant pays commissions to affiliates only when they refer sales to the store. It requires little to no cost to get started with and is ideal for merchants with new or small businesses. These days merchants can install […]

  • Try These 3 New GoAffPro Features

    Merchants should consistently be looking at ways to improve the performance of their affiliate programs. GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to use their programs. These also allow merchants to set up and try out new strategies for their affiliate programs. These new features include advanced customization options for creating new affiliate dashboard […]

  • Creative Media in Affiliate Promotions

    Promotions are the centerpiece of an affiliate marketing program. How an affiliate promotes their links or code will affect the performance of a store’s affiliate program. It is, therefore, important for merchants to provide their affiliates with the necessary support from their end to carry out promotions successfully. Merchants can provide their affiliates with media […]

  • Tips for Preparing your Affiliate Program

    Starting an affiliate program nowadays is simple. Merchants can use affiliate marketing apps such as GoAffPro to set up an affiliate program for their store. While launching an affiliate program is a straightforward task, setting it up properly takes careful consideration. When it comes to establishing an affiliate program, there are several factors to consider. […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try Out

    An affiliate program’s performance highly depends upon the settings and options set for it by the merchant. It is essential for merchants to look into new and different options for refining their programs. Tweaking an affiliate program’s settings can significantly affect its performance and results. GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to try […]

  • Using Commission Modifiers for your Affiliate Program

    Commissions are a crucial part of an affiliate program. While setting up a commission rate for products or affiliates is simple, modifying the commission rate for specific scenarios, such as an order value or old/new customers can become harder to set. GoAffPro provides merchants with the commission modifier option for modifying the commission rate based […]

  • Affiliate Dashboard Customization with GoAffPro

    The affiliate dashboard is a vital part of an affiliate program. It is where affiliates view their referral details and set up their account. The dashboard also shows affiliates the sales they have referred and the commission that they have earned. GoAffPro provides merchants the option to customize the affiliate dashboard. It allows them to […]

  • Motivating Affiliates in Your Program

    The performance of affiliates is a significant aspect of an affiliate program. Better performance leads to a higher number of visitors and sales for the store. Merchants can take several measures to improve the performance of affiliates. These can include motivating them by giving them incentives or bonuses. GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to […]

  • Tips on Managing an Affiliate Program

    To run an affiliate program successfully, merchants must focus on the fundamentals of the program. These primarily include managing affiliates and their payments in the program. Managing affiliates and their commission payments plays a crucial role in the growth of an affiliate program. It helps in building loyalty and also attracts newer affiliates into the […]

  • Using Affiliate Groups for Managing Affiliates

    When an affiliate program grows, many merchants tend to have different types of affiliates in their program. Managing different kinds of affiliates in a program can be challenging. GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups function assists merchants in managing various types of affiliates in their programs. It gives merchants a variety of options, including the ability to set […]