Using Affiliate Groups for Managing Affiliates

When an affiliate program grows, many merchants tend to have different types of affiliates in their program. Managing different kinds of affiliates in a program can be challenging.

GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups function assists merchants in managing various types of affiliates in their programs. It gives merchants a variety of options, including the ability to set up different commission structures, payment methods, and more.

Here we take a look at some of the options that the Affiliate Groups feature offers:

Group Commissions

With affiliate groups, merchants can set up different commission structures for groups. These include the default commission, product commission, and collection commission.

Additionally, they can also set up a multi-level network for the group. Merchants also get the option to select the number of levels and set the commission for each level in the MLM network.

There is also the option for modifying the existing commission using the commission modifier option. Merchants can set up different modifier rules such as product name rule, order value, or coupon code matches rule.

Targets and Boosters

Merchants can also set up commission boosters, which can be used to create a tiered commission structure for group affiliates. These can be configured with criteria like sales commission, revenue, number of orders, and so on.

There is also the option for setting up targets for affiliates in a group. Affiliates earn bonuses upon achieving the targets. These options allow merchants to set up different parameters for boosters and targets, depending upon the affiliate group.

Group Customizations

GoAffPro provides merchants with options for customizing affiliate groups, such as with group badges and so on. Furthermore, merchants can configure multiple payment methods for each group. Payment methods can also be used as a factor for categorizing affiliates into groups.

There is also the option for connecting the customers to the affiliates. It allows the affiliate to earn recurring commissions on all the future purchases of the customer. Also, merchants can specify the validity term for such a connection, after which it will expire.

Integrating with other options

Merchants can link affiliate groups with various other options of GoAffPro. These include creating new signup pages and connecting them with groups so that the affiliates who register through a signup page get automatically added to the linked group.

There is even an option to set up a custom welcome email for affiliates who get added to the group through the linked signup page. Other than this, groups can also be associated with membership plans, post checkout popups.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the affiliate groups feature, which is a powerful tool for managing affiliates in the program. It also provides options such as setting up different commission structures for the groups. There are also options for setting up targets and boosters and providing customization for groups. Checkout the app: GoAffPro


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