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  • Manage Program with Affiliate Groups

    Merchants often like to have different types of affiliates in their programs. For setting this up, they need to set up different commission rates and settings for each type of affiliate. It can get challenging if this has to be done separately for affiliates in the program, especially if there are a lot of affiliates […]

  • Using Affiliate Groups for Managing Affiliates

    When an affiliate program grows, many merchants tend to have different types of affiliates in their program. Managing different kinds of affiliates in a program can be challenging. GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups function assists merchants in managing various types of affiliates in their programs. It gives merchants a variety of options, including the ability to set […]

  • GoAffPro’s Groups Option for Affiliate Management

    Managing affiliates in a program can become a complicated task. It is especially true for programs that have a lot of affiliates or have different types of affiliates. In such cases, merchants can use the affiliate groups function to manage the affiliates in their program. GoAffPro offers merchants the option to create affiliate groups, to […]

  • Key Features of GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups Option

    Managing affiliates in a program can be quite a task for merchants. To make this job easier, merchants usually like to separate affiliates into different groups. This makes it easier for setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates in the program. It also makes affiliate management simpler. Through the Affiliate Groups option, […]

  • Commissions of an Affiliate Program

    The Commissions are a vital part of the affiliate network. When someone makes a purchase in a store using a referral from an affiliate, the affiliate receives a commission on the purchase. Affiliates work to create promotions and to bring sales to a store, to receive commissions in exchange. Setting up commission rates can often […]

  • Affiliate Commission Groups in GoAffPro

    Managing affiliates can become more laborious as a program grows in size. Tasks such as setting up commission rates or payments can become very time-consuming. In GoAffPro, the affiliate groups feature provides merchants with the option to create commission groups for affiliates. It makes it easier for merchants to manage affiliates in their programs. Here […]