Commissions of an Affiliate Program

The Commissions are a vital part of the affiliate network. When someone makes a purchase in a store using a referral from an affiliate, the affiliate receives a commission on the purchase.

Affiliates work to create promotions and to bring sales to a store, to receive commissions in exchange. Setting up commission rates can often become difficult particularly if the merchant wants to set different commission rates for different affiliates. This often includes setting various types of commission rates for affiliates in the program.

Here we take a look at some of the types of commissions that merchants can set up in their programs:

Default/Product Commission

The default commission is set as the default rate for all affiliates in the program. It applies to all the affiliates and products in the store. Product commission is used to set different commission rates for the products in the store.

Using the choice of product commission, each product can have its own commission rate set for it. This choice can also be used to disable a product commission or to set up a product commission for a particular affiliate of the program.

Standard Commission for affiliate

The standard commission option is used to set special commission rates for the affiliate. This can include setting up of a different default commission for that specific affiliate or setting up a special product or collection for the affiliate.

This option allows merchants to have greater flexibility in customization, as they can set different commissions for any affiliate in the program as per their requirement.

Fixed Commissions (Royalties)

Affiliates or influencers who partner up with a brand also have their own custom designs that they sell in the store. The fixed commission (royalties) option allows the affiliates to earn a commission on the selling of that product, irrespective of the affiliate that made the sale.

Merchants can also set the royalties to be credited to the affiliate, even though it’s not a referral sale. This makes it easier for merchants to cater to affiliates or influencers who want to sell products with their designs or brand.

Affiliate Commission Groups

Merchants may set up commission groups, which are groups of affiliates. Affiliates may be added or excluded from each group and various types of commissions can be set to apply to affiliates within the group.

This involves setting up a default/product commission for affiliates in the group, setting up a multi-level network with different commissions for each level of the network for affiliates in the group, and there is also an option to set up commission modifiers and commission boosters for affiliates present in the group.

Using the above options and various types of commissions, merchants can have a high degree of customization and can appeal to different affiliates and requirements. It also offers an easier way to handle the affiliate commissions in the program.

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