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  • Finding Affiliates for your Program

    To set up an affiliate program for their store, merchants can easily use an affiliate marketing service. After setting up their affiliate program, merchants can struggle with getting affiliates. It is especially true for newer stores, as they won’t have many existing customers to reach out to regarding their affiliate program. Merchants can take various […]

  • Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Merchants can have different requirements while setting up commissions in their affiliate programs. It is, therefore, necessary for merchants to have the option to modify the commission based on various conditions or requirements. GoAffPro offers merchants the commission modifier option. It allows them to modify the existing commission of affiliates with different rules, such as […]

  • Tips for Merchants Starting New Affiliate Programs

    While setting up an affiliate program for a store is simple, doing so successfully requires careful thought and planning. Merchants must customize every part of their affiliate program to meet their needs and objectives. Factors such as commission rates, discount codes, portal customization are the key aspects of an affiliate program. Special focus should be given […]

  • Commission Payments with Store Credits

    Store credits are a great way of paying affiliates their commission. By paying affiliates their commission through store credits, they end up using it to make purchases on your store. GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to pay their affiliates using store credits. These include paying them by issuing gift cards, store discount codes, or […]

  • Tips for People Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate passive income. It requires no money or investment to get started and has few to no entry barriers. While getting started in affiliate marketing is simple, becoming a successful affiliate demands hard work. Affiliate marketing necessitates not only hard work but also patience since results can take […]

  • Key Features of GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups Option

    Managing affiliates in a program can be quite a task for merchants. To make this job easier, merchants usually like to separate affiliates into different groups. This makes it easier for setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates in the program. It also makes affiliate management simpler. Through the Affiliate Groups option, […]

  • Top 4 GoAffPro Customization Features for the Affiliate Portal

    Affiliate Portal is integral to a merchant’s affiliate program. It is where affiliates register for the affiliate program and log in to access their account dashboard. The affiliate portal should be customized and tailored to look as per the merchant’s requirement. GoAffPro provides merchants with extensive customization options to merchants for customizing their affiliate portals. […]

  • Affiliate Portal Customization Options in GoAffPro

    A significant aspect of the affiliate program is the affiliate portal. It is where people register and access their account dashboard for the merchant’s program. It is, therefore, essential for merchants to give special attention to the look and feel of their affiliate portal. GoAffPro offers various customization options for the affiliate portal to merchants. […]

  • GoAffPro Marketplace for Merchants & Affiliates

    While starting an affiliate program is simple, recruiting affiliates into the program can, more often than not, prove to be a challenge. Getting affiliates to join the program, especially for newer stores, can become a real difficulty for merchants who are just starting out with affiliate marketing. GoAffPro has introduced the Marketplace option to help […]

  • 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Affiliate

    Getting started as an affiliate while being very simple, does take some preparation. It includes different aspects of what the affiliate plans to do such as, what products to promote, which affiliate program to join, and what kind of content to create. Here we look at some of the things that people should consider while […]