Tips for Merchants Starting New Affiliate Programs

While setting up an affiliate program for a store is simple, doing so successfully requires careful thought and planning. Merchants must customize every part of their affiliate program to meet their needs and objectives.

Factors such as commission rates, discount codes, portal customization are the key aspects of an affiliate program. Special focus should be given to these while setting up the program.

Here we take a look at some of the things merchants should set up while starting their affiliate program:

Setting up the commission rates

Commission rates are an essential part of an affiliate program. Affiliates earn commissions on the sales that they refer to the store. Commission rates must, therefore, be set up with careful consideration.

You can choose to set up a default commission that can apply to all the affiliates and products or set up different commission rates for different products. You can also set up affiliate-specific commission rates.

Setting up discount codes

Discount codes are an effective tool for affiliates. It also helps in attracting new clients by providing an incentive for them to sample your products at a discounted price.

You can set up automatic coupons for your affiliates so that coupons get generated automatically for them. In addition to this, you can also set up usage limits on the usage of discount codes and limit them on specific products or collections.

Customizing the affiliate portal

The affiliate portal is where your affiliates will be registering and logging into their account dashboards. It is, therefore, important for merchants to set up their affiliate portal accordingly.

The affiliate portal includes the signup page, where the affiliate will be registering for the program. You can customize the signup page by adding additional signup fields. Additionally, you can also customize the look of the landing page of the affiliate portal.

Promote your program

To grow an affiliate program it is necessary to promote it. There are various ways of promoting the program. On the store’s end, you can add the affiliate portal’s link in the menu or the footer.

Other than this, you can promote the program on your store’s social media handles, reach out to existing customers through email marketing or even connect with influencers to collaborate with them.

GoAffPro provides various options to merchants for setting up their affiliate programs. It gives the option to set up different types of commissions, such as product commissions or affiliate-specific commissions. It also provides the option for setting up automatic discount codes for affiliates. Also, it provides customization options for the affiliate portal, such as for the landing and signup pages. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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