Affiliate Commission Groups in GoAffPro

Managing affiliates can become more laborious as a program grows in size. Tasks such as setting up commission rates or payments can become very time-consuming.

In GoAffPro, the affiliate groups feature provides merchants with the option to create commission groups for affiliates. It makes it easier for merchants to manage affiliates in their programs.

Here we take a look at the options present in the affiliate groups feature:

Create commission groups

Using the affiliate groups feature, merchants can create multiple commission groups for affiliates. Each commission group can have its own custom set of commissions. Affiliates can also be added or excluded from the commission group by the merchant at any moment.

Setting up commissions

Merchant can set up different types of commissions in a group. These include product commission, collection commission, and multi-level commission. It allows for setting up of different commission rates for products or collection/category of products.

Multi-level network in groups

Commission groups can also have their own multi-level network structure. Merchants can set the number of levels and the network commission for each level in the group. There is also an option to choose the commission calculation method for the multi-level network in the commission group.

Modifying commissions

Merchants also have the option to set up commission modifiers for groups. Unique rules can be set to modify the commission of affiliates for different situations, such as adjusting the affiliate’s commission when the order amount exceeds or is below a set limit, or when a particular coupon code is applied in the order.

Commission boost

In addition to adjusting the commission of the group using commission modifiers, the affiliate commission can also be boosted using a commission booster. Merchants can set up commission boosters with different parameters like the number of orders or sale commission and the minimum value required to achieve the boost.

The affiliate groups feature offers numerous options to merchants for creating commission groups and setting up different commission rates for the groups. It allows advanced customization, wherein the commission of affiliates in the group can be adjusted or boosted. Merchants can use this to make the managing of affiliates easier and quicker.

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to create commission groups for affiliates in the program, which makes it easier to set up commissions for affiliates in the group. It also allows the setting up of commission modifiers and boosters. All of this makes it easier for the merchant to manage affiliates in their program. Check out the app: GoAffPro






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