Affiliate Dashboard Customization with GoAffPro

The affiliate dashboard is a vital part of an affiliate program. It is where affiliates view their referral details and set up their account. The dashboard also shows affiliates the sales they have referred and the commission that they have earned.

GoAffPro provides merchants the option to customize the affiliate dashboard. It allows them to add widgets and display additional information in the dashboard to affiliates.

Here we take a look at some of the customization options for the affiliate dashboard offered by GoAffPro:

Widgets in dashboard

Merchants can add widgets in the affiliate dashboard to display different kinds of information to affiliates. These include the leaderboard, traffic source, or product sold widget.

Merchants can also choose to display affiliates’ more detailed information on the orders that they have referred. It includes sharing customer and product information with affiliates.

There is also the option to display the commission structure of the program to affiliates. Affiliates can then view the different types of product or collections commissions set in the program.

For more information on widgets: Widgets & Analytics

Dashboard tabs and profile settings

GoAffPro also provides merchants the option to display additional dashboard tabs in the affiliate dashboard. These include advanced analytics and transactions tabs. The advanced analytics tab shows detailed information to affiliates regarding their referrals. The transactions tab displays all the transactions that take place in the affiliate’s account balance. Guide for enabling additional dashboard tabs: Enable Additional Dashboard Tabs

There is also the option to create new dashboard pages or tabs. Merchants can use this to display additional information, such as information regarding their program or their store. Additionally, you can add sections like Facebook Pixel ID, Tax Information, or Mailing Address sections to the Settings tab in the affiliate dashboard. Guide for creating new dashboard tab: Create New Dashboard Tabs

Adding to this, merchants can change any text in the affiliate dashboard using the Edit Translations section. Guide for this: Edit Texts in the Affiliate Dashboard

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options for customizing the affiliate dashboard. Merchants can add widgets, create new affiliate dashboard pages and display additional information to affiliates in their accounts. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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    Hi. I have a affiliate site. Thank you so much for sharing us some information about affiliate topic.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Hi Goaffpro team,

    Nice to e-meet you. This is Jenny from Popilush. I’m using your App in Shopify.
    In order to push our Affiliate marketing, I want to know if there are some detailed guide for sellers to optimise the affiliate campaign? And please let me know how to find more affiliates on your website?

    If there are some suitable collaboration chances, please send me more details.

    Best regards,

    1. Rohan Paul Avatar
      Rohan Paul


      You can check out this post:

      And our documentation for help with setting up the program:

      Thank You

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