3 New GoAffPro Features to Try Out

An affiliate program’s performance highly depends upon the settings and options set for it by the merchant. It is essential for merchants to look into new and different options for refining their programs. Tweaking an affiliate program’s settings can significantly affect its performance and results.

GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to try out and use in their programs. These options are developed to make the job of managing the affiliate program easier for merchants.

Here we take a look at some of the new options in the GoAffPro app for the merchants to try out:

Setup Custom Domain

Merchant can now set the affiliate portal with a custom domain name. The affiliate portal now can have its own domain name, separate from the store domain. It allows for greater flexibility for merchants in setting up a custom name for their affiliate portal.

For setting up the custom domain name, merchants can go to the Look and Feel > Store Profile > Affiliate Portal section. Here, they can click on Change and select the Custom Domain type. Next, they can set the custom domain name, and finally, they can create a new A record in their domain provider’s dashboard with the provided values.

Media Assets for Groups

Affiliate groups option is an excellent way for merchants to create independent commission structures for different types of affiliates in their program. A newly added option for affiliate groups is the available media assets option.

It allows merchants to select the category of creative media assets that they want to provide an affiliate group. Merchants can create new media asset categories from the creatives tab. Media files can accordingly be added to these categories and selected for affiliate groups.

Cookie Duration for Affiliates

Merchants can now set custom cookie duration for each affiliate in their program. When a customer visits the store using an affiliate’s referral link, a tracking cookie gets saved in the browser of the customer. It allows our app to track the visit of the customer and record the sale.

While there is an option to set up a cookie duration that gets applied to all the affiliates of the program, now merchants can set up custom cookie duration for certain affiliates in the program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options for improving their affiliate programs. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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