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  • Top 4 Tools for Affiliates

    Top 4 Tools for Affiliates

    An affiliate has various tasks that they need to perform regularly. These involve creating quality content, like writing blog posts, producing videos, making social media posts, etc. Additionally, they need to make promotions through this content to earn commissions on the sales they refer. GoAffPro offers various options to store merchants, making promotions much easier…

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  • Affiliate Rewards with GoAffPro

    Affiliate Rewards with GoAffPro

    Merchants seeking to increase the performance of their affiliates can look into setting up bonuses and rewards for them. GoAffPro offers dedicated options for setting these up in the affiliate program. GoAffPro provides options such as target bonuses, commission boosters, recurring bonuses, signup bonuses, and more for affiliates. It allows the merchant to set up…

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  • Finding Affiliates for your Program

    Finding Affiliates for your Program

    To set up an affiliate program for their store, merchants can easily use an affiliate marketing service. After setting up their affiliate program, merchants can struggle with getting affiliates. It is especially true for newer stores, as they won’t have many existing customers to reach out to regarding their affiliate program. Merchants can take various…

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  • Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Merchants can have different requirements while setting up commissions in their affiliate programs. It is, therefore, necessary for merchants to have the option to modify the commission based on various conditions or requirements. GoAffPro offers merchants the commission modifier option. It allows them to modify the existing commission of affiliates with different rules, such as…

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  • Try Out these 3 New GoAffPro Features

    Try Out these 3 New GoAffPro Features

    To improve the performance of their affiliate program, merchants should consistently be trying out new ideas and options. GoAffPro regularly provides merchants with new features and options to implement in their programs. Merchants can checkout out new options such as recurring bonuses, affiliate portal aliases, and more for their affiliate program. Here we take a…

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  • Make Your Program Influencer-Friendly

    Make Your Program Influencer-Friendly

    Influencers can have a substantial impact on the performance of an affiliate program. Influencers typically have a big number of followers, allowing promotions to reach a larger audience. To make working and collaborating with influencers easier, necessary changes must be made to an affiliate program. These changes include custom links or codes for the influencer.…

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  • Tips for Preparing your Affiliate Program

    Tips for Preparing your Affiliate Program

    Starting an affiliate program nowadays is simple. Merchants can use affiliate marketing apps such as GoAffPro to set up an affiliate program for their store. While launching an affiliate program is a straightforward task, setting it up properly takes careful consideration. When it comes to establishing an affiliate program, there are several factors to consider.…

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  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try Out

    3 New GoAffPro Features to Try Out

    An affiliate program’s performance highly depends upon the settings and options set for it by the merchant. It is essential for merchants to look into new and different options for refining their programs. Tweaking an affiliate program’s settings can significantly affect its performance and results. GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to try…

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  • Top 4 GoAffPro features for your Program

    Top 4 GoAffPro features for your Program

    GoAffPro provides merchants with various features to enhance their affiliate program. These features and options can improve the performance of the affiliate program. Additionally, it also allows merchants to recruit quality affiliates into their programs. These options include the membership plans option, targets and bonuses option, affiliate store option, and multi-level network option. Such options…

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  • Using Commission Modifiers for your Affiliate Program

    Using Commission Modifiers for your Affiliate Program

    Commissions are a crucial part of an affiliate program. While setting up a commission rate for products or affiliates is simple, modifying the commission rate for specific scenarios, such as an order value or old/new customers can become harder to set. GoAffPro provides merchants with the commission modifier option for modifying the commission rate based…

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