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4 Useful Multi-Level Features in the GoAffPro App

Merchants are increasingly opting for a multi-level network system for their affiliate programs. In a multi-level affiliate network, existing affiliates recruit newer affiliates and earn commissions on the sales referred by these recruited affiliates.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level affiliate network for their program. GoAffPro’s multi-level network feature provides a plethora of options for configuring and customizing the affiliate network.

Here we take a look at some of the multi-level options provided in the GoAffPro app:

Commission Calculation Method

Merchants can choose between two commission calculation methods: simple and dynamic. This allows merchants to set up their multi-level network in a variety of ways.

The commission is measured as a percentage of the order value in the simple method. In the dynamic method, the commission is measured as a percentage of the sale commission.

MLM Availability

The MLM availability option can be used to either enable or disable the MLM network functionality for the affiliates in the program. This will apply to all the affiliates in the program.

Merchants can disable MLM functionality for affiliates in the program, and then manually activate it for select affiliates of their choosing.

Downline Customers

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option, to set the downline affiliates as customers of their parent affiliates. This way, parent/upline affiliates will earn a sales commission on the personal purchases made by their downline affiliates.

This option creates a customer-affiliate connection between the upline and the downline affiliate. This also acts as an encouragement for existing affiliates, to recruit more affiliates under them.

Recruitment Bonus

Merchants also get the option to set up a recruitment bonus for their affiliates. This bonus is given out to affiliates when they recruit another affiliate under them.

This option works best with the membership fees option, where affiliates pay a fee to register as affiliates in the merchant’s program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level network for their affiliate program. In addition to the above-mentioned features such as MLM availability, recruitment bonus, merchants can also set up different level commissions for affiliates and set the parent of affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Key Features of GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups Option

Managing affiliates in a program can be quite a task for merchants. To make this job easier, merchants usually like to separate affiliates into different groups. This makes it easier for setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates in the program. It also makes affiliate management simpler.

Through the Affiliate Groups option, GoAffPro provides merchants with a powerful tool. It enables merchants to organize their affiliates into different groups, set different types of commission rates for these groups, and associate membership plans or signup pages with specific groups. This simplifies the process of setting up and managing various types of affiliates within a merchant’s program.

Here we take a look at some of the affiliate group options that GoAffPro provides:

Setting up group commissions

The affiliate groups option provides merchants with various options for setting up commission rates. These include default commission, product commission, collection commission, and multi-level commission.

Merchants can set up different commissions for products and collections with a group. With the multi-level commission option, merchants can set up a multi-level network specific to the group, this includes the option to set up special multi-level commission rates for particular products.

There is also an option to create commission modifiers to modify the commission rates when a special event gets triggered. This can include events such as, when a specific coupon is applied or when a particular product is purchased.

Linking affiliate group with other options

The affiliate groups option is very versatile and can be linked with various other options in the GoAffPro app. These include linking the groups with signup pages, membership plans, and even the post-checkout popup.

Merchants can create multiple signup pages, and link them with different affiliate groups. This way, when an affiliate registers using a signup page, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Similarly, when it comes to membership plans. The merchant can create different membership plans and link them with affiliate groups. When an affiliate registers and selects a payment plan, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Finally, this option also extends to the post-checkout popup, which appears on the thank you page to the customer after they make the purchase. The popup can be connected to a specific affiliate group, allowing affiliates who register through the popup to automatically get added to the linked group.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to manage affiliates in their program. Merchants can create affiliate groups with different commission rates and link them with other options such as signup pages and membership plans. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Affiliate Portal Customization Options in GoAffPro

A significant aspect of the affiliate program is the affiliate portal. It is where people register and access their account dashboard for the merchant’s program. It is, therefore, essential for merchants to give special attention to the look and feel of their affiliate portal.

GoAffPro offers various customization options for the affiliate portal to merchants. From customizing the landing page and the signup page of the affiliate portal to adding widgets or creating new tabs within the affiliate’s dashboard, GoAffPro offers it all.

Here we take a look at some of the customization options that merchant should take a look into while setting up their affiliate portal for their program:

Landing Page

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to completely customize the landing page of their affiliate portal. This includes adding a banner, editing texts, customizing the footer section, and also providing the option to add custom HTML elements. The landing page section is divided into different parts, this allows merchants to adjust the position of these sections and add/remove them from the page.

Signup Page

Merchants get the option to choose from three signup page styles, where they can set up the signup page to display information (in classic page style) or add an image (in modern page style). There is also the option to add additional signup fields and with the choice of creating new ones. There is also an option to add social media logins like Google or Facebook to the signup page as well.

Affiliate Dashboard

Merchants can choose what sections they want to display in the affiliate dashboard pages. There is also the option to add dashboard pages or create completely new ones, which can be used by merchants to build guides or FAQs for their affiliates. Furthermore, there is also an option to add widgets, such as order details, commissions table, leaderboard to the affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Profile

Additional profile fields for the profile picture or social media handles can be added to the dashboard of the affiliate. It allows merchants to gather more information about the affiliates they are employing. In addition to merchants can also allow affiliates to add their Facebook Pixel Id to track their referrals.

GoAffPro provides merchants with advanced customization options for their affiliate portal. With various options to customize the landing page, signup page, and affiliate dashboard, merchants can set up the affiliate portal as per their choice. Check out the app: GoAffPro


4 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Merchants

Managing an affiliate program can sometimes look like a tough job. Since it involves setting up commissions, managing and paying affiliates, it can often look like a lot. However, there are ways that merchants can use to make it easier for them to run and manage their affiliate programs.

Here we take a look at some affiliate marketing tips for merchants:

Actively seeking out affiliates

Getting affiliates to join your program can be a challenging job. Merchants should actively search out affiliates and send invites to influencers to join their affiliate network. For traders who have recently launched their affiliate program, they may reach out to their current customers to get them to join their program.

Merchants can also ask their existing affiliates to recruit newer affiliates by giving them a commission on sales referred by the affiliates they recruit.

Encourage affiliates to perform better

Having a higher number of affiliates in your program, but still not getting enough sales isn’t great. To encourage affiliates in the program to perform, merchants need to provide competitive commission rates. They should also look into giving out bonuses and commission boosts to affiliates when they achieve sale targets.

Criteria and information on these incentives must be clearly explained to the affiliates so that they can work harder to achieve the targets.

Communicate with affiliates

Keeping your program affiliates informed is essential. Merchants need to interact with their affiliates regularly. For this purpose, merchants can use email marketing to send out weekly newsletters to affiliates. These could provide information on upcoming promotions or tips to affiliates. Merchants may also use sites such as Discord or Facebook to build communities and reach out more easily.

They can also send messages to affiliates that are lacking in their performance by giving them tips and motivating them to improve.

Using discounts smartly

Discounts are the most powerful way a merchant can influence the affiliate program. Merchants can assign coupons to affiliates for them to share. In the age of social media, with videos seemingly being the preferred way of content consumption, coupons provide a great option for marketing. Merchants can also give out discounts to their affiliates, this will also bring in sales.

Merchants can create special codes for influencers to suit their brand and image, this will make it easier for sharing and promotions by them.

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GoAffPro’s Advanced Commission Options

GoAffPro provides merchants a range of customization options. These provide several commission calculation options that allow the merchant to measure the referral commissions according to their preference.

These options help in the commission calculation by taking into account, the discount applied, the shipping fees, and even taxes. These also include the option to add limits on commissions for affiliates on self-referrals or for bringing in new customers.

Here we take a look at these options, and they can help merchants:

Commission calculation options

Merchants can choose from various options to set how the commission on a referral sale gets calculated. Merchants can start by choosing to include discounts from coupon codes (or store discounts) in the commission calculation process, where the total discount gets deducted from the order.

Further options are offered to adjust this option by adjusting the commission, either with the discount percentage, the discount amount or by a custom percentage. Similar options are given, for shipping and taxes where, after deducting those values from the total order, the commission will be calculated.

Disabling or adding limitations on commissions

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option to disable the commission on self-referrals. This disables the commission on sales that an affiliate makes using their own referral link or coupon code. An additional option is also offered, which disables the commission when the customer is another affiliate in the merchant’s program. By disabling the commission, the order, in this case, will not get recorded within the app.

Furthermore, merchants can also choose to give commissions to affiliates only on the orders made by new customers. It is meant to encourage affiliates to bring in more new customers to your store. For this option, exceptions can be made for particular affiliates in the program.

Automatically approval and rejection of sales

The “Verify Automatically” option is a powerful tool that merchants can use to automate the order approval and rejection process. With this option enabled, GoAffPro will automatically approve or reject sales based upon the current status of the order from the store. It will approve sales that have been processed or paid and will reject sales that have been refunded or canceled.

In the case, where the order gets rejected after the commission has been paid to the affiliate, GoAffPro will automatically credit a negative balance (equal to the commission paid) to the affiliate’s account.

GoAffPro provides advanced options to merchants to choose how commissions will get calculated in their program. These include options to include the discount, shipping or taxes while calculating the commission. There are also options to disable commission on self referrals and automatic approval or rejection of referral orders. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing Explained

Multi-level affiliate marketing is a smart way of expanding the affiliate network that is used by merchants. It not only brings more affiliates into the affiliate system by providing a multi-level affiliate network, but it also improves the overall quality of the program as the new affiliates are hired by established affiliates.

Here we look at what a multi-level affiliate network is and the advantages of it:

In a multi-level affiliate marketing program, existing affiliates (parent affiliates) can recruit affiliates (sub-affiliates) under them. Additionally, any sale made by the sub-affiliate, both the sub-affiliate and the parent affiliate will earn a commission on the sale. This encourages existing affiliates to recruit affiliates under them.

Multi-level affiliate programs are a perfect way for the merchant to attract more affiliates, and much faster. This helps in expanding the affiliate program by bringing in more affiliates and also improves the quality of the affiliates, as the affiliates being brought in would be referred by existing affiliates. Newer affiliates also get the advantage of starting at a well-oiled network that has a large community of active affiliates.

Merchants have the option of setting the number of levels of affiliates that can be recruited and the commission rate for each level. This means that sub-affiliates recruited by parent affiliates can further go on to recruit affiliates under them and this can go on with the number of levels that have been set up for the network by the affiliate.

Typically, when you move down the affiliate level hierarchy the commission rate decreases, this essentially means that affiliates carry out promotions at a lower cost to the merchant. This model of an affiliate network with multiple levels of affiliates can help to increase sales and extend the brand’s reach to newer customers.

With the rise of affiliate marketing, many affiliate program applications have also started providing the option of setting up a multi-level affiliate network. You must choose the program carefully, keeping in mind that the program should offer a simple way of setting up the multi-level network and an easy way of managing it. It should also offer customization options so that you can tailor the network as per your requirement.

GoAffPro offers you the option of setting up a multi-level affiliate program with up to 20 levels, with the option of adjusting the commission rate for each level. With the Playground feature, you can also test your multi-level network, which will help you learn more about the network you have set up. You also get numerous other options for customizing your multi-level affiliate network.

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing that is based on a revenue-sharing model. In affiliate marketing, affiliates who work under merchants promote products and earn commissions for every sale they bring. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as banner marketing or using internet ads, affiliate marketing is cheaper and yields better results. Affiliate marketing also levels the playing field of marketing and promotions in some capacity, since it enables small and medium companies, and startups to promote products more effectively without spending a lot of money.

Affiliates earn a commission on each sale they bring in for a merchant.

Here we look at how affiliate marketing programs work

Different ways an affiliate uses to promote products

Affiliates can use different referral tools such as referral links, referral codes or coupon codes to promote products. Referral links are widely used by affiliates in blog posts or are provided in video descriptions so that customers can directly click on them to buy the product. When a customer clicks on the referral link, the customer’s visit is tracked and if a purchase is made. The sale gets assigned to the affiliate and the affiliate earns a commission on it. ‌

Coupon codes have become a popular way of promotions since this provides a financial incentive to a new customer who wants to try out a product but not pay too much for it. Coupons codes have particularly become a popular way of promoting products on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. In the case of coupon code, they not only provide a discount to a customer who uses it but since each affiliate is assigned a unique coupon code when a customer use this code, the sale gets assigned to the affiliate and the affiliate earns a commission on it. ‌

While affiliate marketing is quite a straight forward concept, it has different types of it as well. Affiliate marketing payments can vary differently, concerning the criteria upon which an affiliate is paid. Many programs offer payment per view or click but for the majority of businesses, the pay per sale is the best alternative, since in this structure, only when an affiliate sale is made, does the affiliate get paid for it. This also helps is protection against fraudulent activities that can take place in the case of views or click. ‌

Merchants and affiliates form the basis of affiliate marketing

The merchant side business in affiliate marketing is has become easier over the years, with affiliate marketing programs such as GoAffPro, it has made it easier for merchants to set up an affiliate program and get started. It is however important for merchants to maintain a healthy relationship with affiliates, this includes making payments on time and keeping affiliates informed on changes. Also, providing targets and bonuses to affiliates can encourage them to work harder. This helps is creating a long, loyal and healthy relationship between the affiliate and the merchant. ‌

Affiliate marketing is heavily dependent on the promotions that are done by affiliates. While promotions using blogs still hold value, audiences have moved to more content-focused stuff such as videos, etc. This means that affiliates need to evolve and create content that is suited to the time. Also using social media has become very important for affiliates, many social media platforms provide a great space for people to create content. It has also given rise to influencer culture, where influencers use social media platforms to create content and promote products along with them. This has made the concept of affiliate marketing much more mainstream.‌

Affiliate marketing offers great advantages to businesses

In conclusion, it is quite evident that affiliate marketing is a great way for businesses to promote products. Companies such as Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs as well, where they pay affiliates for sales. With affiliate programs such as GoAffPro, setting up an affiliate program and managing have become much better. This has also helped affiliates or influencers who have become a great medium for brands to promote their products. Affiliate marketing has helped businesses to get more customers and increase sales without spending huge amounts of money on traditional marketing.