Make Your Program Influencer-Friendly

Influencers can have a substantial impact on the performance of an affiliate program. Influencers typically have a big number of followers, allowing promotions to reach a larger audience. To make working and collaborating with influencers easier, necessary changes must be made to an affiliate program.

These changes include custom links or codes for the influencer. It also includes other customizations to suit the brand of the influencer. GoAffPro provides merchants with easy options to make their affiliate program influencer-ready.

Here we take a look at some of the options that the GoAffPro app provides merchants for bringing in influencers into their program:

Invite Influencers

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to invite influencers into their program. For doing affiliate, merchants can create an affiliate account and send an invitation email to the influencer for accessing this account. Merchants do have the option to customize the template of the invitation email.

Referral Links

Merchants can customize the referral links of influencers to match their brand name. As an example, the referral link: can be set by setting the referral code (the unique code at the end of the referral link) as the affiliate’s name.

GoAffPro also offers merchants the option to shorten the referral links like: or even using third-party shorteners like Bitly. Such changes enable the influencer to quickly set up referral links with their business name for promotional purposes.

Discount Codes

Discounts codes play a crucial role in influencer marketing. Most influencers promote products or stores using their discount codes. Merchants can customize these codes to display them as the influencer’s name or brand. Merchants can set up a coupon code style as well.

GoAffPro also allows merchants to create custom coupons in their store’s discounts section and then assign such codes to affiliates within the app. This can be used to assign codes to affiliates with different discount values, usage limits, etc.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their affiliate program for influencers. It provides options such as inviting influencers to the program and customizing their referral link and code to match their brand name. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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