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4 Useful Multi-Level Features in the GoAffPro App

Merchants are increasingly opting for a multi-level network system for their affiliate programs. In a multi-level affiliate network, existing affiliates recruit newer affiliates and earn commissions on the sales referred by these recruited affiliates.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level affiliate network for their program. GoAffPro’s multi-level network feature provides a plethora of options for configuring and customizing the affiliate network.

Here we take a look at some of the multi-level options provided in the GoAffPro app:

Commission Calculation Method

Merchants can choose between two commission calculation methods: simple and dynamic. This allows merchants to set up their multi-level network in a variety of ways.

The commission is measured as a percentage of the order value in the simple method. In the dynamic method, the commission is measured as a percentage of the sale commission.

MLM Availability

The MLM availability option can be used to either enable or disable the MLM network functionality for the affiliates in the program. This will apply to all the affiliates in the program.

Merchants can disable MLM functionality for affiliates in the program, and then manually activate it for select affiliates of their choosing.

Downline Customers

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option, to set the downline affiliates as customers of their parent affiliates. This way, parent/upline affiliates will earn a sales commission on the personal purchases made by their downline affiliates.

This option creates a customer-affiliate connection between the upline and the downline affiliate. This also acts as an encouragement for existing affiliates, to recruit more affiliates under them.

Recruitment Bonus

Merchants also get the option to set up a recruitment bonus for their affiliates. This bonus is given out to affiliates when they recruit another affiliate under them.

This option works best with the membership fees option, where affiliates pay a fee to register as affiliates in the merchant’s program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level network for their affiliate program. In addition to the above-mentioned features such as MLM availability, recruitment bonus, merchants can also set up different level commissions for affiliates and set the parent of affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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The GoAffPro Affiliate Dashboard: A Quick Guide

GoAffPro provides affiliates with various tools to help them in their promotions. Every affiliate gets their own account dashboard when they register for a store’s affiliate program.

Affiliates can view various statistics regarding their referrals, access their referral link or coupon code, and set up their payment method, all from within the account dashboard.

Here are some tips for affiliates who are part of programs powered by GoAffPro:

Referral Details

Affiliates can view their referral details straight from the Home tab of the dashboard. The referral details include both the referral link and the referral coupon code (if provided by the merchant).

There are also options for direct sharing of the referral link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in the Marketing Tools tab to generate trackable product links to share in their promotions.

Referral Information

In addition to the referral details, affiliates can also view the summary table. The summary table displays statistics such as number of referrals, number of orders, conversion percentage, sales, and earnings.

Affiliates can also view order details and various other widgets like the leaderboard widget or the traffic source widget. Merchants can enable these widgets from their end.

Profile Setup

Affiliates also get the option to enter their profile details from the Settings tab. It is also the tab where affiliates will be selecting their preferred mode of payment and setting up their payment details.

Affiliates can view their payment summary from the Payments tab. There, they can view the amount that has been paid, that is yet to be paid, and further details regarding previous payments.

Customization Options

If the merchant has enabled it, affiliates can also customize their referral link and referral coupon code. The referral code, which is the unique code present at the end of the referral link, can be edited from the referral code section in the Settings tab. The referral coupon code can be set from the Home tab.

Other than this, affiliates can also view media files such as promotional kits, banners or product images for promotions, etc. from the media assets section in the Marketing Tools tab. The merchant can upload these files from their end.

GoAffPro provides merchants with their own affiliate portal for their program. The portal also provides the option for affiliates to signup and log in to their accounts. Affiliates are provided with an easy-to-use dashboard, which is highly customizable, with widgets and new tabs. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Key Features of GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups Option

Managing affiliates in a program can be quite a task for merchants. To make this job easier, merchants usually like to separate affiliates into different groups. This makes it easier for setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates in the program. It also makes affiliate management simpler.

Through the Affiliate Groups option, GoAffPro provides merchants with a powerful tool. It enables merchants to organize their affiliates into different groups, set different types of commission rates for these groups, and associate membership plans or signup pages with specific groups. This simplifies the process of setting up and managing various types of affiliates within a merchant’s program.

Here we take a look at some of the affiliate group options that GoAffPro provides:

Setting up group commissions

The affiliate groups option provides merchants with various options for setting up commission rates. These include default commission, product commission, collection commission, and multi-level commission.

Merchants can set up different commissions for products and collections with a group. With the multi-level commission option, merchants can set up a multi-level network specific to the group, this includes the option to set up special multi-level commission rates for particular products.

There is also an option to create commission modifiers to modify the commission rates when a special event gets triggered. This can include events such as, when a specific coupon is applied or when a particular product is purchased.

Linking affiliate group with other options

The affiliate groups option is very versatile and can be linked with various other options in the GoAffPro app. These include linking the groups with signup pages, membership plans, and even the post-checkout popup.

Merchants can create multiple signup pages, and link them with different affiliate groups. This way, when an affiliate registers using a signup page, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Similarly, when it comes to membership plans. The merchant can create different membership plans and link them with affiliate groups. When an affiliate registers and selects a payment plan, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Finally, this option also extends to the post-checkout popup, which appears on the thank you page to the customer after they make the purchase. The popup can be connected to a specific affiliate group, allowing affiliates who register through the popup to automatically get added to the linked group.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to manage affiliates in their program. Merchants can create affiliate groups with different commission rates and link them with other options such as signup pages and membership plans. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Top 4 GoAffPro Customization Features for the Affiliate Portal

Affiliate Portal is integral to a merchant’s affiliate program. It is where affiliates register for the affiliate program and log in to access their account dashboard. The affiliate portal should be customized and tailored to look as per the merchant’s requirement.

GoAffPro provides merchants with extensive customization options to merchants for customizing their affiliate portals. This involves customization of the portal’s landing page, signup page, and affiliate account dashboard.

Here we take a look at some customization features provided by the GoAffPro app:

Landing Page

The landing page is the home page of the affiliate portal. It consists of all the information regarding the affiliate portal and how it works. Merchants should use this page to inform people about their affiliate program by highlighting information, such as the commission rate or what they want the affiliates to do.

GoAffPro provides extensive customization options for the landing page. Merchants can select their own banner for the page and edit texts on the page. They can also edit the footer section of the portal. There is also an option to add elements using custom HTML.

Signup Page

The signup page is the place where affiliates register for the affiliate program. It is where merchants need to set up the fields to ask for information from their affiliates. The signup page ideally should be kept small to allow for a quick registration.

GoAffPro provides merchants with three distinct styles of signup pages. These include the simple style which only displays the form, the classic style that can be used to add program details, and the modern style that allows the addition of a background image. Additionally, merchants can add or remove signup fields as well as create new ones.

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate account dashboard is where accounts access their referral information, set up their profile, and see their pending payments. The affiliate dashboard needs to have the flexibility to be both simple as well as provide advanced information to affiliates regarding their referrals.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to customize the affiliate dashboards. Merchants can enable tabs such as Advanced Analytics to show statistics to affiliates and even create new dashboard tabs. There is also an option to add widgets to the affiliate dashboard that can display affiliates the order details, customer information, leaderboard, traffic, and more.

Portal Customization

There are plenty of other options for merchants to customize the affiliate portal. These include setting up the brand primary color, brand font choosing the dashboard colors, setting up the portal’s language, editing the legal or other pages present in the footer.

Merchants can also edit any text present in the affiliate dashboard using the Edit Translations option. There is also the option to add custom code to the affiliate portal and set up the Facebook Messenger widget for the affiliate portal to allow for easier communication with affiliates.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to customize the affiliate portal. This includes customizing the landing page, signup page, and affiliate dashboard. With such options, merchants can tailor the affiliate portal as per their needs. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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GoAffPro’s Advanced Commission Options

GoAffPro provides merchants a range of customization options. These provide several commission calculation options that allow the merchant to measure the referral commissions according to their preference.

These options help in the commission calculation by taking into account, the discount applied, the shipping fees, and even taxes. These also include the option to add limits on commissions for affiliates on self-referrals or for bringing in new customers.

Here we take a look at these options, and they can help merchants:

Commission calculation options

Merchants can choose from various options to set how the commission on a referral sale gets calculated. Merchants can start by choosing to include discounts from coupon codes (or store discounts) in the commission calculation process, where the total discount gets deducted from the order.

Further options are offered to adjust this option by adjusting the commission, either with the discount percentage, the discount amount or by a custom percentage. Similar options are given, for shipping and taxes where, after deducting those values from the total order, the commission will be calculated.

Disabling or adding limitations on commissions

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option to disable the commission on self-referrals. This disables the commission on sales that an affiliate makes using their own referral link or coupon code. An additional option is also offered, which disables the commission when the customer is another affiliate in the merchant’s program. By disabling the commission, the order, in this case, will not get recorded within the app.

Furthermore, merchants can also choose to give commissions to affiliates only on the orders made by new customers. It is meant to encourage affiliates to bring in more new customers to your store. For this option, exceptions can be made for particular affiliates in the program.

Automatically approval and rejection of sales

The “Verify Automatically” option is a powerful tool that merchants can use to automate the order approval and rejection process. With this option enabled, GoAffPro will automatically approve or reject sales based upon the current status of the order from the store. It will approve sales that have been processed or paid and will reject sales that have been refunded or canceled.

In the case, where the order gets rejected after the commission has been paid to the affiliate, GoAffPro will automatically credit a negative balance (equal to the commission paid) to the affiliate’s account.

GoAffPro provides advanced options to merchants to choose how commissions will get calculated in their program. These include options to include the discount, shipping or taxes while calculating the commission. There are also options to disable commission on self referrals and automatic approval or rejection of referral orders. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Referral Customization Features in GoAffPro

The affiliate’s referral is an essential part of the affiliate marketing program. Affiliates share their referrals in promotions and get a commission on sales made through them.

There are two types of affiliate referrals:

  • Referral Link
  • Coupon Code
  • Referral Link

    The referral links is the link assigned to affiliates that direct customers to the store. This link can also be customized to direct customers to product pages.

    Affiliates share this referral link in their promotions, and when customers make a purchase using it, that sale gets recorded as a referral sale. Then the commission for that sale is credited to the affiliate.

    Here we take a look at referral link customization options in GoAffPro:

    Shortening Referral Links

    Merchants can make use of shortening tools, which allow the referral links to be shortened. URL shorteners such as can be integrated to generate shortened referral links automatically.

    Merchants can also use or Shopify shorteners to shorten the referral links. These shortened links are used in social media platforms to embed links into promotions.

    Referral Code Customization

    The referral code is the code that is present at the end of the referral link. It is unique for each affiliate and helps in referral link tracking. GoAffPro provides an option to set the referral code style. By default, the referral codes get generated as a random string of numbers and alphabets.

    Merchants can set the referral code style with styles such as random numbers, number sequence, affiliate’s name, or even set up their own custom style. Affiliates can also be given the option to customize their referral codes from their account dashboards.

    Generate Product Links

    Both the merchant and affiliates are provided with the option to generate product links. It allows for the links to direct customers to the product page or the intended page of the store.

    The merchant can also change the default referral link of the affiliate with the product link. The affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in their affiliate dashboard to generate product links and share them.

    Coupon Code

    Coupon codes or referral coupons that get assigned to affiliates when used by customers in the checkout can also be used to track referral sales.

    These codes are also customizable. The coupon code tracking works independently of the referral link, where even if the customer does not visit the store using a referral link and uses just the coupon code, the order will still get recorded.

    Here we take a look at the coupon code customization options in GoAffPro:

    Coupon Code Styles

    GoAffPro offers merchants the option to set up different styles for coupon codes that are created within the app. These styles include affiliate’s name, affiliate’s Instagram handle, random letters, or even set up their own custom style for coupon codes.

    Affiliates can also be given the option to customize their coupon codes from their account dashboards.

    Coupon Usage Limits

    Merchants can also set usage limits for the coupon codes. This can include setting up a minimum order value, where the coupon can get applied only after the minimum cart value is reached.

    Further limitations such as limiting the usage of coupons to one use per customer and the total number of times the coupon code can be used are also useful options to have for merchants. Limit to coupon usage can also be made for specific products or collections of products.

    Assigning Codes

    Multiple coupon codes can be assigned to affiliates with an option also to assign personal coupons for the personal usage of affiliates in the store. Coupons created in GoAffPro will have the same discount amount.

    To assign coupons with a different discount amount, the coupon will have to be created in the discounts section of the store and then get assigned to the affiliate within the app.

    The GoAffPro app provides merchants with the option set up referral link and coupon code tracking for affiliates with customization option such as setting up of different referral code and coupon code styles, shortening of referral link and setting up limits for usage of coupon codes. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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    Referral Link Customization for Affiliates

    Referral links are an essential part of the entire affiliate marketing system. Affiliates share these referral links with their followers/audience and earn commissions on any sales made using these links.

    Referral links are allocated to the affiliate when they register with the affiliate program. They carry out promotions using these links on different platforms. It is useful to provide customization options for these referral links to affiliates. In this way, they will tailor their referral links to match the type of promotions they carry out.

    Here, we take a look at some of the ways that affiliates can customize their referral links:

    Referral link customization

    Referral codes are codes that are present at the end of each referral link, and this code is unique to each affiliate. Referral codes are used by the affiliate marketing program to track the referral sale and credit the commission to the affiliate who’s referral link was used to make the purchase.

    By allowing referral code customization, affiliates can then customize their referral links by customizing their referral codes. They may also be given the option of having multiple referral codes that they can use in their promotions.

    Shortening referral links

    Affiliates tend to use different platforms for their promotions, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to share these long referral links. It is, therefore, beneficial to offer affiliates the opportunity to shorten their referral links to match their style of promotion.

    Referral link shortening can help affiliates use shorter links in their promotions that can make a huge difference, especially in the case of social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

    Product links for affiliates

    The majority of times, affiliates focus on the promotion of a specific product in a merchant’s store. Therefore this makes sense that they are given the option of either creating product links or having their default referral link set to direct customers to the product that they want to promote.

    Merchants can also set the default referral link for affiliates that will, by default, change the referral link for all affiliates in the program to direct customers to a specific store page.

    Referral link statistics

    Many affiliate marketing services have the option of providing affiliate with statistics on their promotions. These statistics can provide useful analytical data that can help affiliates view the performance of their promotions and help them understand where they can improve.

    This data may include the origin of a click, such as the browser, device, or operating system used by the visitor, etc. Merchants can also incorporate referral link parameters that will help them use Google Analytics for analytical data.

    GoAffPro provides merchants with options such as referral code customization, shortening referral links, and even setting up or generating product links for affiliates. It also offers advanced analytics for affiliates to view in their account dashboards.