Affiliate Dashboard Customization with GoAffPro

The affiliate dashboard is a vital part of an affiliate program. It is the dashboard that affiliates log into to access their account in the affiliate portal. Merchants can customize and set up the affiliate dashboard to provide more features to their affiliates.

The affiliate dashboard displays all of the essential information to affiliates. Affiliates can view their referral details like their referral link or code. They can also see statistics, such as the number of orders referred by the affiliate, the commission earned, etc.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various customization options for the affiliate dashboard. These include setting up widgets, adding additional dashboard tabs, and displaying advanced analytics to affiliates.

Here, we take a look at some of the customization options for the affiliate dashboard provided in the GoAffPro app:

Dashboard Tabs

The affiliate dashboard has many dashboard tabs, such as the home tab, payments tab, marketing tools tab, and the settings tab. The home tab displays the referral link and code of the affiliate, and it also shows their referral statistics like the number of referrals, orders, and the commission earned.

The marketing tools tab has the product link generator tool and media assets. The payments tab shows the pending payment and payment history. Finally, the settings tab allows the affiliate to set up their profile information and set their payment details.

Merchants can add additional dashboard tabs, such as the advanced analytics tab, which shows advanced stats to the affiliate, or the transactions tab, which shows the transactions in the affiliate’s account. There is also the option to create new dashboard tabs to display custom information or instructions.

Widgets and Analytics

The summary table present in the home tab of the affiliate dashboard is a widget that shows different statistics such as the number of visits, number of orders referred, conversion percentage, commissions earned, and value of sales referred.

Merchants have the option to add a variety of widgets to the affiliate dashboard. These include adding an order details table that shows additional information about the orders referred by the affiliate. Affiliates can view the customer, product, shipping, and delivery information of sales.

Merchants also get the option to add the product sold widget, traffic source widget, leader board widget, and production commissions table to the dashboard. Widgets make the dashboard more helpful to affiliates.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to customize the affiliate dashboard. Merchants get the option to add or create new dashboard tabs and add widgets to the affiliate dashboard. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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