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  • Motivating Affiliates in your Program

    While starting an affiliate program has become simpler for store merchants in recent times. Many merchants still struggle with getting the affiliates in their program to perform well or refer sales. Merchants don’t see expected results, even after correctly setting up their affiliate program. Keeping affiliates motivated is a crucial task for the store merchant. […]

  • Top 4 Tools for Affiliates

    An affiliate has various tasks that they need to perform regularly. These involve creating quality content, like writing blog posts, producing videos, making social media posts, etc. Additionally, they need to make promotions through this content to earn commissions on the sales they refer. GoAffPro offers various options to store merchants, making promotions much easier […]

  • Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Merchants can have different requirements while setting up commissions in their affiliate programs. It is, therefore, necessary for merchants to have the option to modify the commission based on various conditions or requirements. GoAffPro offers merchants the commission modifier option. It allows them to modify the existing commission of affiliates with different rules, such as […]

  • Affiliate Dashboard Customization with GoAffPro

    The affiliate dashboard is a vital part of an affiliate program. It is the dashboard that affiliates log into to access their account in the affiliate portal. Merchants can customize and set up the affiliate dashboard to provide more features to their affiliates. The affiliate dashboard displays all of the essential information to affiliates. Affiliates […]

  • Checkout these 3 New GoAffPro Affiliate Program Features

    Merchants should regularly try out new ways or options to improve the performance of their affiliate program. Tying out and implementing new techniques or options can help in refining the functioning of their program. GoAffPro provides merchants with new options to improve and refine their affiliate programs. These include bulk updating discount codes, generating shortened […]

  • Top 3 Ways of Getting Affiliates

    While starting an affiliate program is simple, finding affiliates for the program can be difficult. It is especially harder for newer merchants who don’t have an option of reaching out to an existing customer base. There are numerous ways for merchants to identify and recruit affiliates into their program, ranging from social media promotion to […]

  • GoAffPro Tools for Affiliate Recruitment

    Recruiting affiliates to the affiliate program can often be a challenging job. It is particularly true for newly launched stores that might not have a lot of customers or audience outreach. There are plenty of things that merchants can do at a bare minimum. Such as adding the affiliate portal link to the footer or […]

  • 4 Easy Tips to Create an Influencer-Affiliate Marketing Program

    Influencer marketing has become quite a common method of marketing that brands are now opting for. Brands or companies pay these influencers for sponsored posts or the production of sponsored material. One can merge affiliate marketing with Influencer marketing and create a perfect combination of both. In the affiliate marketing model, influencers are paid more […]

  • Making Recruiting Affiliates Easy

    While operating an affiliate program, many merchants face the problem of adding affiliates to their network. Recruitment of affiliates is an integral aspect of operating an affiliate program. Nonetheless, it can also be a daunting job to get more affiliates into the program. Most merchants are left in a situation where their programs become unproductive. […]

  • Tips for Making Affiliate Registrations Easier

    If anyone wishes to become an affiliate in a merchant’s program, the registration process should be simple and smooth. The process of becoming an affiliate should be straight forward. It should be accessible to store customers and easy to fill. Here we take a look at some of the steps that merchants can take to […]