4 Easy Tips to Create an Influencer-Affiliate Marketing Program

Influencer marketing has become quite a common method of marketing that brands are now opting for. Brands or companies pay these influencers for sponsored posts or the production of sponsored material.

One can merge affiliate marketing with Influencer marketing and create a perfect combination of both. In the affiliate marketing model, influencers are paid more and longer-term than in the case of sponsored content. This higher financial incentive also means that more quality content is produced with more effort.

Here we take a look at some tips of building a successful affiliate-influencer marketing model:

Incentivizing Influencers

Offering influencers with good commission can be a big factor in them joining an affiliate program. This can also include other incentives such as a bonus for signing up for the program or for meeting a sales target.

Merchants can also look at providing promotional products, this is especially great for smaller influencers who can be compensated just by giving them a free product in return for their promotion.

Providing Customization Options

Influencers can also be offered with their landing pages on the store, this will allow them to curate the products that they want to promote and write about them. Personalization options can be extended for influencers, which include customizable referral links and coupon codes.

Small or micro-influencers are a great way to reach niche audiences, they usually have a more organic engagement with their audience and can do well, especially for promoting products in niche categories.

Giving Discounts Codes

Discount codes or Coupon codes are a great way to get a new customer to make purchases in the store. The discount provides a financial incentive to the customer, who might be on the fence, on deciding whether to make the purchase or not.

Providing discount codes to influencers is a great way to reach out to new customers. Discount codes are quite popular, especially in content-driven platforms. This will create more opportunities for promotions, for influencers by merging the promotions with the content they produce.

Supplying Content

A better way to have greater control over the promotions that influencers carry out is by supplying them with tools such as product user guides, promotional images, or posters that can be shared on various social media sites.

This also allows for the features that the merchant wants to highlight, to get highlighted. However, this needs to be done in partnership with the influencers to provide them with their room to build their content around the promotion.






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