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4 Useful Multi-Level Features in the GoAffPro App

Merchants are increasingly opting for a multi-level network system for their affiliate programs. In a multi-level affiliate network, existing affiliates recruit newer affiliates and earn commissions on the sales referred by these recruited affiliates.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level affiliate network for their program. GoAffPro’s multi-level network feature provides a plethora of options for configuring and customizing the affiliate network.

Here we take a look at some of the multi-level options provided in the GoAffPro app:

Commission Calculation Method

Merchants can choose between two commission calculation methods: simple and dynamic. This allows merchants to set up their multi-level network in a variety of ways.

The commission is measured as a percentage of the order value in the simple method. In the dynamic method, the commission is measured as a percentage of the sale commission.

MLM Availability

The MLM availability option can be used to either enable or disable the MLM network functionality for the affiliates in the program. This will apply to all the affiliates in the program.

Merchants can disable MLM functionality for affiliates in the program, and then manually activate it for select affiliates of their choosing.

Downline Customers

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option, to set the downline affiliates as customers of their parent affiliates. This way, parent/upline affiliates will earn a sales commission on the personal purchases made by their downline affiliates.

This option creates a customer-affiliate connection between the upline and the downline affiliate. This also acts as an encouragement for existing affiliates, to recruit more affiliates under them.

Recruitment Bonus

Merchants also get the option to set up a recruitment bonus for their affiliates. This bonus is given out to affiliates when they recruit another affiliate under them.

This option works best with the membership fees option, where affiliates pay a fee to register as affiliates in the merchant’s program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set up their own multi-level network for their affiliate program. In addition to the above-mentioned features such as MLM availability, recruitment bonus, merchants can also set up different level commissions for affiliates and set the parent of affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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The GoAffPro Affiliate Dashboard: A Quick Guide

GoAffPro provides affiliates with various tools to help them in their promotions. Every affiliate gets their own account dashboard when they register for a store’s affiliate program.

Affiliates can view various statistics regarding their referrals, access their referral link or coupon code, and set up their payment method, all from within the account dashboard.

Here are some tips for affiliates who are part of programs powered by GoAffPro:

Referral Details

Affiliates can view their referral details straight from the Home tab of the dashboard. The referral details include both the referral link and the referral coupon code (if provided by the merchant).

There are also options for direct sharing of the referral link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in the Marketing Tools tab to generate trackable product links to share in their promotions.

Referral Information

In addition to the referral details, affiliates can also view the summary table. The summary table displays statistics such as number of referrals, number of orders, conversion percentage, sales, and earnings.

Affiliates can also view order details and various other widgets like the leaderboard widget or the traffic source widget. Merchants can enable these widgets from their end.

Profile Setup

Affiliates also get the option to enter their profile details from the Settings tab. It is also the tab where affiliates will be selecting their preferred mode of payment and setting up their payment details.

Affiliates can view their payment summary from the Payments tab. There, they can view the amount that has been paid, that is yet to be paid, and further details regarding previous payments.

Customization Options

If the merchant has enabled it, affiliates can also customize their referral link and referral coupon code. The referral code, which is the unique code present at the end of the referral link, can be edited from the referral code section in the Settings tab. The referral coupon code can be set from the Home tab.

Other than this, affiliates can also view media files such as promotional kits, banners or product images for promotions, etc. from the media assets section in the Marketing Tools tab. The merchant can upload these files from their end.

GoAffPro provides merchants with their own affiliate portal for their program. The portal also provides the option for affiliates to signup and log in to their accounts. Affiliates are provided with an easy-to-use dashboard, which is highly customizable, with widgets and new tabs. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Key Features of GoAffPro’s Affiliate Groups Option

Managing affiliates in a program can be quite a task for merchants. To make this job easier, merchants usually like to separate affiliates into different groups. This makes it easier for setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates in the program. It also makes affiliate management simpler.

Through the Affiliate Groups option, GoAffPro provides merchants with a powerful tool. It enables merchants to organize their affiliates into different groups, set different types of commission rates for these groups, and associate membership plans or signup pages with specific groups. This simplifies the process of setting up and managing various types of affiliates within a merchant’s program.

Here we take a look at some of the affiliate group options that GoAffPro provides:

Setting up group commissions

The affiliate groups option provides merchants with various options for setting up commission rates. These include default commission, product commission, collection commission, and multi-level commission.

Merchants can set up different commissions for products and collections with a group. With the multi-level commission option, merchants can set up a multi-level network specific to the group, this includes the option to set up special multi-level commission rates for particular products.

There is also an option to create commission modifiers to modify the commission rates when a special event gets triggered. This can include events such as, when a specific coupon is applied or when a particular product is purchased.

Linking affiliate group with other options

The affiliate groups option is very versatile and can be linked with various other options in the GoAffPro app. These include linking the groups with signup pages, membership plans, and even the post-checkout popup.

Merchants can create multiple signup pages, and link them with different affiliate groups. This way, when an affiliate registers using a signup page, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Similarly, when it comes to membership plans. The merchant can create different membership plans and link them with affiliate groups. When an affiliate registers and selects a payment plan, they will automatically get added to the linked group.

Finally, this option also extends to the post-checkout popup, which appears on the thank you page to the customer after they make the purchase. The popup can be connected to a specific affiliate group, allowing affiliates who register through the popup to automatically get added to the linked group.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to manage affiliates in their program. Merchants can create affiliate groups with different commission rates and link them with other options such as signup pages and membership plans. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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GoAffPro Tools for Affiliate Recruitment

Recruiting affiliates to the affiliate program can often be a challenging job. It is particularly true for newly launched stores that might not have a lot of customers or audience outreach.

There are plenty of things that merchants can do at a bare minimum. Such as adding the affiliate portal link to the footer or menu section of the store. Also, reaching out to existing customers by sharing the affiliate portal link on social media channels.

However, sometimes even these can fall short or might not be enough to gather enough steam. To tackle this issue, GoAffPro provides merchants with useful tools that can help them in recruiting affiliates.

Here we take a look at some of the tools that GoAffPro offers to merchants to help in the recruitment of affiliates:

Affiliate Portal Customization

GoAffPro offers merchants their own affiliate portal, that they can use to recruit and manage affiliates. It also offers a variety of customization options for the affiliate portal. Merchants can edit the texts on the landing page and change the banner. They can also customize the signup page of the affiliate portal, by adding fields. GoAffPro also offers multiple signup page layouts, in which affiliates can add images or put up program details.

There are further customization options also available to merchants, that they can use to customize the affiliate dashboard. They can add new affiliate tabs to the dashboard and add widgets like a leaderboard that provides affiliates with more information.

Post Checkout Popup

Merchants can set up a post-checkout popup to appear in the order status/thank you page of the store. This popup appears for customers after they have completed their purchase. It gives customers a convenient way of joining your affiliate program. Since the customer already knows about your store and products (since they have made a purchase), they are most likely to join in and promote them.

GoAffPro offers various popup styles, with different level of customizations. While some popups just direct the customer to your affiliate portal, others can automatically signup the customer and send them a welcome email with their referral link and coupon code. It also offers options like setting up a signup bonus for people who join up through popups or allowing the popup to only appear for certain products.


The marketplace is a directory of merchants who use GoAffPro. If enabled, the marketplace lists your store in the directory for affiliates who join the GoAffPro network to discover. This gives a convenient way to merchants to get more affiliates into their program. The marketplace option is provided for free to both merchants and affiliates.

Merchants can set up their store’s logo and description to be shown in the marketplace. Affiliates can then accordingly view the details of the program and register for it. This is especially beneficial for newer merchants who are struggling to get affiliates for their program.

GoAffPro provides merchants with advanced customization options for their affiliate portal. It also gives merchants the option to set up a post-checkout pop in their store, that will help them recruit customers as affiliates. It also offers the marketplace option, which merchants can use to find affiliates for their program. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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3 Influencer Marketing Tips for Merchants

In recent times, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing have become harder to distinguish. Since social media has become available to more people, affiliate/influencer marketing has become one of the leading ways for people to earn an income by promoting a brand’s products.

Influencer marketing has evolved steadily in the past few years. Using social media, influencers have been able to reach out to a larger audience, far more organically than traditional advertising. This offered a perfect opportunity for brands to reach out to more people using influencers.

Here we take a look at some tips for merchants who are considering using influencers for marketing:

Choosing influencers

It is essential to know the people whom you want to cater to with your products. Accordingly, you will be approaching influencers who create content that suits your product’s marketing. Looking out for influencers does take time, and getting the right one can make a huge difference in how your product reaches the audience.

Merchants do need to be diligent in seeking out influencers that would suit their products and can be used to market their products.

Video content is key

Social media trend is nowadays clearly in favor of video content, and especially shorter-form of videos. In recent times, we have seen platforms like TikTok come up solely as a platform for short-form video content. Similarly, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also brought in features that cater to this form of video content.

It is therefore necessary for merchants to actively look for influencers who create such video content to reach out to a wider audience.

Partner/collaborate with influencers

In the past, brands would partner with celebrities and athletes to produce a special range of products. In particular, these unique ranges of products would sell well with the followers of that celebrity. This trend has also extended to social media influencers, where brands are tapping into them to create products that appeal to their fans.

Therefore, partnering or collaborating with an influencer to create a special range of products, can yield great returns.

In conclusion, it can easily be said that influencer marketing is only going to grow. It provides a cost-effective and fairly organic way of reaching out to audiences. This is especially true for brands that create products in more niche categories. Merchants should seriously be looking at and considering influencer marketing.

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GoAffPro’s Advanced Commission Options

GoAffPro provides merchants a range of customization options. These provide several commission calculation options that allow the merchant to measure the referral commissions according to their preference.

These options help in the commission calculation by taking into account, the discount applied, the shipping fees, and even taxes. These also include the option to add limits on commissions for affiliates on self-referrals or for bringing in new customers.

Here we take a look at these options, and they can help merchants:

Commission calculation options

Merchants can choose from various options to set how the commission on a referral sale gets calculated. Merchants can start by choosing to include discounts from coupon codes (or store discounts) in the commission calculation process, where the total discount gets deducted from the order.

Further options are offered to adjust this option by adjusting the commission, either with the discount percentage, the discount amount or by a custom percentage. Similar options are given, for shipping and taxes where, after deducting those values from the total order, the commission will be calculated.

Disabling or adding limitations on commissions

GoAffPro also provides merchants with the option to disable the commission on self-referrals. This disables the commission on sales that an affiliate makes using their own referral link or coupon code. An additional option is also offered, which disables the commission when the customer is another affiliate in the merchant’s program. By disabling the commission, the order, in this case, will not get recorded within the app.

Furthermore, merchants can also choose to give commissions to affiliates only on the orders made by new customers. It is meant to encourage affiliates to bring in more new customers to your store. For this option, exceptions can be made for particular affiliates in the program.

Automatically approval and rejection of sales

The “Verify Automatically” option is a powerful tool that merchants can use to automate the order approval and rejection process. With this option enabled, GoAffPro will automatically approve or reject sales based upon the current status of the order from the store. It will approve sales that have been processed or paid and will reject sales that have been refunded or canceled.

In the case, where the order gets rejected after the commission has been paid to the affiliate, GoAffPro will automatically credit a negative balance (equal to the commission paid) to the affiliate’s account.

GoAffPro provides advanced options to merchants to choose how commissions will get calculated in their program. These include options to include the discount, shipping or taxes while calculating the commission. There are also options to disable commission on self referrals and automatic approval or rejection of referral orders. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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4 GoAffPro Features to Make the Affiliate Program Better

GoAffPro provides merchants with a range of features to set up their affiliate programs. With customizations such as setting up various types of commission rates, granting coupons to affiliates, or customizing the affiliate portal, merchants can easily customize their affiliate program to their requirements.

There are a lot of ways that merchants can use to develop their programs and increase their sales.

Here we take a look at four features that merchants can look at, which can take their affiliate program to the next level:

Targets and Bonuses

Merchants have the option of setting targets for their affiliates. When the affiliates meet the target parameters, they will earn a bonus. Targets can be set up with parameters such as sales commissions, revenue, or the number of orders that affiliates have to fulfill in a specified time period to meet that target.

There is also an option called Commission Booster, where merchants can set up tiers with parameters similar to targets. Here, when affiliates fulfill the parameters that are set, they get a commission boost. Both the Targets and the Commission Booster options are perfect for extracting more performance from the affiliates.

Customer-Affiliate Connect

This can be used to connect affiliates to customers. It allows the affiliates to earn a commission on any purchases made by the connected customer. It can be used with third-party subscription services such as ReCharge or Bold Subscriptions to offer recurring commissions to affiliates for subscription payments made by connected customers.

There is also an option called “Automatically Connect affiliate to the customers they refer” that will automatically create customer-affiliate connections, making it easier for merchants to set up the recurring commission for affiliates.

Affiliate Page Builder

It allows affiliates to build and host pages in the merchant’s store. Affiliates can use this option to create custom pages for themselves and then share it in promotions. Affiliates or Influencers may use this to create personalized web pages in a merchant’s shop.

This makes it easier for affiliates to personalize over what they want their audience to see and purchase. It also opens up more opportunities for collaboration with influencers, as this landing page will allow them to design and display the products in their own personal style.

Multiple Signup Pages

Merchants can use the multiple signup pages option to create multiple signup pages for their affiliate program. It allows them to have different signup pages for different types of affiliates. These signup pages can also have their own commission rate and signup bonus set for them.

The commission rate and signup bonus set for the signup page will apply for affiliates who join the program using these signup pages. This gives merchants a simple solution for setting up the commission rate of affiliates automatically on the signup if their program has affiliates with different commission rates.

The GoAffPro app provides merchants the ability to set targets and commission boosters for affiliates in their program. It allows a customer-affiliate connection for recurring commissions and offers affiliates the option of developing a landing page that is hosted in the store. It also offers the option to build different sign-up pages for the program, making it easier to hire various types of affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Top 5 Multi-Level Marketing features of the GoAffPro App

Multi Level Affiliate Network is a great feature to have for merchants in their affiliate programs. This allows affiliates to expand their affiliate programs quickly without putting in a lot of effort, in a multi-level affiliate network, affiliates get the ability to recruit affiliates under them and earn commission on the sales that are done by those affiliates. GoAffPro provides merchants with the ability to set up their multi-level affiliate network and customize it accordingly.

Here we take a look at some of the multi-level marketing features that the GoAffPro app offers:

Set the number of levels for the affiliate network 

Merchants have the option of setting the number of affiliate levels they want in their multi-level network. This enables them to have a network ranging from a single level of affiliate hierarchy to 20 levels. This also offers merchants the ease of up-sizing or scaling down their networks at any time. 

By providing merchants with the option of selecting the number of levels they want in their multi-level network, they can easily expand their network of affiliates.

Choose the commission rate for each affiliate level

Merchants can set the commission rate for each level of an affiliate, which means that if the commission rate of a level 2 affiliate is set to 10% then the level 1 affiliate (who recruited the level 2 affiliate) will earn a 10% commission on the sale made by the level 2 affiliates. 

This option allows merchants to create a perfect affiliate hierarchy for their network with the commission rate increases gradually as you move up the affiliate hierarchy. 

Choice of the commission calculation method

It is also possible to choose the method of commission calculation for a multi-level network. Merchants may choose between Simple or Dynamic commission calculation method.

In the Simple commission calculation method, the commission of the affiliate is calculated as the percentage of the order value, for example:

Partner A (Parent Affiliate) will earn a $10 commission on the order value of $100. This means that the parent affiliate will earn a 10% commission on the order value. Partner B (Sub-Affiliate) will earn the default commission that has been set for affiliates on the sale.

In the case of the Dynamic commission calculation method the commission is calculated as the percentage of the sale commission, for example:

Partner A (Parent Affiliate) will earn a $1 commission on the commission for sale of $10. This means that the parent affiliate will earn a 10% on the sales commission earned by the sub-affiliate. Partner B (Sub-Affiliate) will earn the default commission that has been set for affiliates on the sale, which in this case is given by “commission for sale” that is $10. 

Use Playground to test and learn about the multi-level network

GoAffPro offers a great way for merchants to learn more about their affiliate network and test it using the Playground feature. In the playground, the merchant can set the number of levels that he wants in his affiliate network, choose the affiliate whose referral was used in the sale, choose the commission calculation method, set the order value and the commission earned by the affiliate (who referred the sale).

While the merchant is customizing and setting up the parameters of the network, an affiliate chart on the right shows changes in real-time. This allows merchants to make tweaks and changes to their network while at the same time seeing how the network works. The playground is a great way for merchants to view how the multi-level network works. 

Multi-Level network availability for affiliates

Merchants also have the option of enabling or disabling multi-level network availability for network affiliates, which means that the merchant can choose which affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates. This allows the merchant to have greater control of the network. 

Multi-level network features, such as the ability to recruit affiliates and other multi-level network features, can be switched on or off manually for an affiliate as the merchant chooses. 

To set up your own multi-level affiliate network, check out the GoAffPro app.

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4 Features to Look for When Selecting an Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of getting more customers and increasing your sales. It is based on a profit-sharing model where affiliates who bring in sales will get a cut of profits from the sale. This means that merchants only pay affiliates for actual sales that take place.

However, with so many affiliate marketing tools available, it can be difficult for merchants to choose one. While most of these affiliate marketing services offer a common list of features, there are some features that merchants should be looking for in these services.

Here we list out some features that merchants should be looking for when selecting an affiliate marketing service:

Table of Contents

  • Setup Targets for Affiliates
  • Give Coupons to Affiliates
  • Setup Multi-Level Affiliate Network
  • Give Royalties (Fixed Commissions) to Affiliates

1. Give Royalties (Fixed Commissions) to Affiliates

Affiliates earn commissions when they bring in customers. They do this by marketing the product on different social media platforms such as by creating videos on YouTube, publishing blogs or reviewing products on their websites and promoting products on Facebook or Instagram.

Affiliates who promote products on social media platforms usually have a sizable number of followers or are building one. Therefore many of them can bring in quite a lot of customers. These affiliates or influencers can be given fixed commissions, which are the type of commissions that regardless of who refers to the sale, the set affiliate will always receive a commission on it. ‌

This is great for bringing in and retaining big-name influencers. It is also a great feature to have if you are collaborating with influencers to create a special edition of products. Fixed Commission is similar to royalties, where affiliates will always earn a commission on a product regardless of the affiliate referral use to purchase it.‌

2. Give Coupons to Affiliates

Coupons have become a great way for affiliates to reach out to customers. Many customers when trying out a new product would rather purchase it at a discounted price than pay a full price on it. Here coupons play a big part in bringing in new customers. It is quite common to see influencers promoting products and giving out coupons or discount codes to their followers on social media.

According to Invespcro, in 2019 over 31 billion internet coupons were redeemed worldwide and there were 1.05 billion mobile coupon users globally in 2019.‌

Merchants can assign coupons codes to affiliates, that affiliates can then use in their promotions. Customizing coupons also is a good feature to have, which particularly helps when influencers want to have their customized codes. Merchants should also look for features where registered affiliates are assigned coupons automatically. ‌

3. Setup Targets for Affiliates

After setting up an affiliate program and enrolling in affiliates, it becomes an important task to have affiliates to actively promote your products. This is particularly relevant today in the social media age, where people are enrolled as affiliates in multiple programs.

It has become a competition even for merchants to get space into an affiliate’s promotion. This is quite common for social media influencers that also promote products. ‌

Setting up targets for affiliates is a great feature to have. It helps in improving the performance of affiliates in your program. By setting up targets for affiliates, affiliates will have a financial incentive to deliver more sales and bring in more customers. When affiliates do achieve the targets that have been set for them they receive a bonus. ‌

4. Setup Multi-Level Affiliate Network

While setting up an affiliate marketing program is easy, getting affiliates to join your program can become difficult. Many merchants struggle with getting affiliates on board, this is more common for merchants that sell a niche category of products. Few affiliate marketing services also provide affiliate index, which makes it easier to get affiliates, but that too is a rare feature.‌

A multi-level affiliate network is a useful feature to have when you want to recruit more affiliates. Here affiliates can recruit sub-affiliates into the program, thereby increasing the number of affiliates. A multi-level affiliate network also incentivizes affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates, since they also receive a portion of commission when a sale is made using the sub-affiliate’s referral. By using a multi-level affiliate network, a merchant can essentially delegate affiliates to bring in more affiliates into the program.