GoAffPro: A Powerful Alternative to LeadDyno

Do you want to use affiliate marketing for your online store? Both GoAffPro and LeadDyno offer robust affiliate marketing solutions to stores. They provide many features for setting up and customizing the affiliate program.

GoAffPro vs LeadDyno

Here we will take a look at how GoAffPro and LeadDyno stack up against each other in this comparison:

Pricing Plans

GoAffPro is affordable and does offer a free tier. The free plan works well for merchants who are just starting their businesses. The premium plan starts at $24/month and offers all the premium features. In both the free and the premium plans, GoAffPro provides unlimited affiliates. Also, there are no restrictions on sales or conversions.

LeadDyno offers a bunch of pricing plans starting at $29/month and going as high as $149/month. While all their pricing plans offer unlimited affiliates, there are restrictions on the number of unique visitors per month. Additionally, the LeadDyno watermark gets removed only from the $149/month, which means that affiliate portal white-labeling is expensive.

Also, on both Shopify and Wix app stores, GoAffPro has over double the number of reviews compared to LeadDyno and is rated significantly higher.

Supported Platforms

Both GoAffPro and LeadDyno are available for use on multiple ecommerce platforms.

GoAffPro supports platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, PrestaShop, Ecwid, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, CommerceHQ, and ShopWired. Whereas, LeadDyno only supports platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, and Ecwid.

It becomes clear that GoAffPro supports a lot more ecommerce platforms than LeadDyno. It gives merchants the flexibility to choose the ecommerce platform of their choice. Additionally, GoAffPro offers merchants the option for custom integration with other platforms.

Affiliate Marketing Features

Both apps offer a robust set of affiliate marketing features to merchants. They provide options for setting up different types of commissions in the program, such as product commissions, recurring commissions, multi-level commissions, etc.

Additionally, they both offer the option to give rewards to affiliates. In LeadDyno, you can only set bonuses on the number of sales referred by the affiliate. In GoAffPro, you can set up reward bonuses with different parameters like revenue, sales commission, network commission (MLM), and more. It also offers additional rewarding options such as commission boosters and recurring bonuses.

Additionally, GoAffPro offers commission modifiers that allow merchants to adjust the affiliate commission based on set rules. These features and customizations are notably missing from LeadDyno and give an edge to GoAffPro.

Program Customization

GoAffPro and LeadDyno offer various options for program customization. However, there are subtle differences that do favor GoAffPro.

Both apps offer the option to upload creatives for affiliates. However, with GoAffPro, you can add dynamic variables such as QR codes to these creatives. Also, both apps offer options for customizing the affiliate portal and dashboard. GoAffPro most notably does provide features such as creating new dashboard pages, adding widgets in the dashboard, etc. These options are not available in LeadDyno.

Additionally, while LeadDyno only offers its redirection service for shortening affiliate referral links, GoAffPro offers not only its own but also Shopify and Bitly (with integration) shortening options. These features make GoAffPro more feature-rich and customizable when compared to LeadDyno.

Affiliate Management

For easier management of affiliates, both apps offer the affiliate groups option. Both LeadDyno and GoAffPro provide features for setting up different commission structures for affiliate groups.

However, GoAffPro provides additional customization options such as setting up different MLM networks for groups, creating new signup pages or membership plans, and linking them with groups. These make the affiliate groups option in GoAffPro, a powerful tool for managing different types of affiliates.

Furthermore, both offer PayPal integration for commission payments to affiliates from within the app. The main difference, GoAffPro offers integration with Tipalti for commission payments from within the app, whereas LeadDyno offers the Coinbase integration for making payments with cryptocurrencies to affiliates.

To summarise, GoAffPro provides merchants with a greater degree of customization when it comes to setting up their affiliate programs. Furthermore, GoAffPro is a better deal than LeadDyno because it is also more affordable.


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  1. Johnny Rassco Avatar

    Is there possibility of white label version for an agency?
    Thank you

    1. Rohan Paul Avatar
      Rohan Paul

      Hello Johnny,

      You can connect with us at [email protected]

      We do offer white labelling of the affiliate portal for merchants.

      Thank You

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