Learn About the New Features to Try in GoAffPro

Affiliate marketing is ever-evolving. There are new concepts and trends that are always coming up in this space. It is, therefore, important for an affiliate marketing app to constantly develop and bring in new features.

GoAffPro regularly brings new features for merchants to use. Many of these are feature requests made by merchants. It helps merchants set up and refine their programs as per their requirements.

Also, by using new features, merchants can get more out of their affiliate program by improving its performance.

Here, we take a look at some of the new features offered by GoAffPro:

There have been significant updates made for affiliate coupon codes. These will help the merchant make more changes to affiliate coupons from within the app itself.

Custom coupons

GoAffPro now offers the option to create custom coupons from within the app. It allows the merchant to create custom coupon codes with different discount values and assign them to affiliates. 

Earlier the merchant had to manually create the coupon code in the Shopify discounts section and then assign the code to the affiliate within our app. However, merchants can still use that process. 

Guide: Create custom coupons

Default coupon code

Our app already offers the option for the coupon code to be applied automatically at the checkout, when the customer visits the store using the affiliate’s referral link. 

With the default coupon code option, the merchant can set a default coupon that will get applied automatically for the referral link of affiliates that don’t have a coupon assigned to them. 

Guide: Set default coupon code

Personal coupon code limits

Personal coupons are assigned to affiliates for their personal usage. Additionally, these coupons do not generate any commissions for affiliates. 

New options allow the merchant to set usage limits for these personal coupon codes. They can set usage limits like one use per affiliate or the total number of times the code can get used. 

Also, merchants can now set a minimum order value for the personal coupons to get used. Merchants can also limit these coupons to work on specific products or collections of the store. 

Guide: Set usage limit for personal coupons

Affiliate payment settings

Our app already offers the option for merchants to set the minimum payout amount and commission hold time for affiliates. These settings apply to all affiliates. 

Now, merchants also have the option to set different minimum payout amounts and commission hold times for each affiliate in their program. 

Guide: Set affiliate’s minimum payout amount & commission hold time

GoAffPro offers merchants various options for setting up their affiliate programs. It consistently brings out new features that help merchants improve the performance of their affiliate programs. Merchants can create custom coupons, default coupon codes, usage limits for personal coupons, and payment settings for individual affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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