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  • Learn About the New Features to Try in GoAffPro

    Affiliate marketing is ever-evolving. There are new concepts and trends that are always coming up in this space. It is, therefore, important for an affiliate marketing app to constantly develop and bring in new features. GoAffPro regularly brings new features for merchants to use. Many of these are feature requests made by merchants. It helps […]

  • Motivating Affiliates in your Program

    While starting an affiliate program has become simpler for store merchants in recent times. Many merchants still struggle with getting the affiliates in their program to perform well or refer sales. Merchants don’t see expected results, even after correctly setting up their affiliate program. Keeping affiliates motivated is a crucial task for the store merchant. […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try

    GoAffPro offers various options to merchants for building their affiliate programs. It regularly brings in new features that merchants can use to improve and update their programs. Recently, GoAffPro introduced features such as Party Plans, Email Marketing Campaign, and Quick Links for affiliates. Here, we take a look at how merchants can use these new […]

  • Try Out these 3 New GoAffPro Features

    To improve the performance of their affiliate program, merchants should consistently be trying out new ideas and options. GoAffPro regularly provides merchants with new features and options to implement in their programs. Merchants can checkout out new options such as recurring bonuses, affiliate portal aliases, and more for their affiliate program. Here we take a […]

  • Top 4 Tips for New Affiliates

    Starting out as an affiliate may seem like a difficult task. Many think that the affiliate or influencer marketing has become a saturated place, which is not true, in fact, it is probably the best time to become an affiliate or influencer. There are a lot of things that need to be done right, to […]

  • Tips for New Affiliates

    Starting as an affiliate can be a challenging job. With so much competition in the affiliate/influencer space, things may look like they’ve been saturated. However, that’s not the case, instead, being an affiliate has become simpler than ever. Affiliate marketing needs no investment to get going, you can promote products that you are interested in, […]

  • Affiliate Marketing: The New Normal

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major influence on the marketing industry, including affiliate marketing. The Affiliate Marketing Industry has seen an overall decrease in referral revenues and even instances of Affiliate Services reducing the Affiliate Commission Rates. Merchants in dire situations have also been forced to close their affiliate program. All of this has […]