Affiliate Marketing: The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major influence on the marketing industry, including affiliate marketing. The Affiliate Marketing Industry has seen an overall decrease in referral revenues and even instances of Affiliate Services reducing the Affiliate Commission Rates.

Merchants in dire situations have also been forced to close their affiliate program. All of this has given rise to questions in the minds of affiliates about how to deal with this.

Here we look at some of the observations that will help merchants and affiliates to cope with this situation:

For Merchants: 

Companies are looking to cut down on marketing costs

Owing to the decline in revenue, merchants have been looking for ways to cut costs. Marketing spending is one of the first things to be reduced in cases like this. Therefore, a decrease in the commission rates of affiliates in their program or even a partial suspension of their affiliate program is quite reasonable in these tough times.

Merchants that rely heavily on affiliate marketing for their sales may also aim to reduce the number of newer affiliate registrations. They can also look at evaluating the performance of affiliates in their programs and cut back on non-performing affiliates. It is in the best interests of merchants to analyze the performance of affiliates in their program.

Making payments to affiliates easier

Merchants should also look at streamlining payments in their affiliate program by making payments to affiliates simpler. This may include setting up payment terms for affiliates, and it may also include setting a minimum amount of payment that may help to minimize transaction fees paid to payment services

Additionally, they should look into switching to payment methods that require a lower processing fee, which can dramatically reduce costs, particularly if the affiliate system has a large number of affiliates Merchants can also look at automation services that will automate tasks and make running the affiliate system simpler and more efficient.

For Affiliates: 

Affiliates need to look at diversifying 

Many affiliates complained when affiliate programs of companies such as Amazon cut down on commission rates, but it is not wise to rely largely on a single program for your income. It is therefore important for affiliates to look at diversification, working with different programs instead of relying on just one.

Marketing relevant products 

Affiliates would need to adapt to the present society. Affiliates who have been involved in travel or tourism have now been struggling due to a full stop on traveling as a result of the pandemic. This can also extend to affiliates involved in the marketing of leisure goods because, in times like these, consumers are cutting back on their spending and focusing only on necessities.

Nevertheless, this also offers an incentive for members to look at types of goods that have seen a spike in revenue during this pandemic. This includes sanitation products, nutritional supplements, or immunity-boosting supplements, which have also seen an increase in sales. 





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