Try These 3 New GoAffPro Features

Merchants should consistently be looking at ways to improve the performance of their affiliate programs. GoAffPro constantly brings in new features for merchants to use their programs. These also allow merchants to set up and try out new strategies for their affiliate programs.

These new features include advanced customization options for creating new affiliate dashboard pages, new referral forms for affiliates, and affiliate group customization options.

Here, we take a look at these new features offered by the GoAffPro app in detail:

Dashboard Page Customization

GoAffPro offers an option that allows merchants to create new dashboard pages in the affiliate dashboard. Earlier, this option only allowed them to add information or media to these pages. It allowed merchants to display instructions or updates to affiliates within their dashboard.

Now, merchants can choose to add different sections to the new dashboard page, such as embedding a YouTube video or playlist, adding a creative media folder, lead capture form, product link generator, my files section, network explorer, and more.

Create Referral Form

While earlier GoAffPro allowed merchants to capture leads from an existing form on their website. Now, merchants can create new forms and embed them on their website or the affiliate dashboard. They get set with different data fields for capturing the required data.

After this, merchants can use the previously mentioned dashboard page option to add the form to the affiliate dashboard. It will allow them to capture leads through the referral form and display the data to the merchant.

Affiliate Group Customization

The affiliate group options offer merchants an easy way of managing different affiliates in their program. It also provides the features to set up an independent commission structure for groups.

GoAffPro recently added the option to set up the affiliate public store option, creating party plans and quick links for affiliate groups. The public store option will offer group affiliates a one-page store, which they can share with customers.

The party plans option allows group affiliates to set up party links. Finally, quick links can also be set up for groups now. These allow merchants to set up different party plans and quick links for groups.

GoAffPro provides merchants with options, such as advanced customization options for affiliate dashboard pages, creating referral forms, and embedding them in the dashboard. It also allows merchants to set up the affiliate public store, party plans, and quick links for affiliate groups. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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