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  • GoAffPro vs Affiliatly: How do they stack up?

    Considering launching an affiliate program for your store? Both GoAffPro and Affiliatly offer effective affiliate marketing solutions for stores. They offer various options to store merchants for setting up and customising their affiliate programs. In this comparison, we examine how GoAffPro and Affiliatly stack up: Pricing Plans GoAffPro is more affordable than Affiliatly. It also […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try

    GoAffPro offers various options to merchants for building their affiliate programs. It regularly brings in new features that merchants can use to improve and update their programs. Recently, GoAffPro introduced features such as Party Plans, Email Marketing Campaign, and Quick Links for affiliates. Here, we take a look at how merchants can use these new […]

  • Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Merchants can have different requirements while setting up commissions in their affiliate programs. It is, therefore, necessary for merchants to have the option to modify the commission based on various conditions or requirements. GoAffPro offers merchants the commission modifier option. It allows them to modify the existing commission of affiliates with different rules, such as […]

  • Checkout these 3 New GoAffPro Affiliate Program Features

    Merchants should regularly try out new ways or options to improve the performance of their affiliate program. Tying out and implementing new techniques or options can help in refining the functioning of their program. GoAffPro provides merchants with new options to improve and refine their affiliate programs. These include bulk updating discount codes, generating shortened […]

  • Top 3 Options for Customizing your Multi-level Affiliate Network

    Merchants often face the issue of expanding their affiliate program. It essentially refers to getting more affiliates to register for their program. In such a case, merchants can use the multi-level affiliate network, which allows existing affiliates to recruit newer affiliates into the program. GoAffPro provides merchants with an easy way of setting up a […]

  • Motivating Affiliates in Your Program

    The performance of affiliates is a significant aspect of an affiliate program. Better performance leads to a higher number of visitors and sales for the store. Merchants can take several measures to improve the performance of affiliates. These can include motivating them by giving them incentives or bonuses. GoAffPro provides merchants with various options to […]

  • Tips on Managing an Affiliate Program

    To run an affiliate program successfully, merchants must focus on the fundamentals of the program. These primarily include managing affiliates and their payments in the program. Managing affiliates and their commission payments plays a crucial role in the growth of an affiliate program. It helps in building loyalty and also attracts newer affiliates into the […]

  • GoAffPro’s Groups Option for Affiliate Management

    Managing affiliates in a program can become a complicated task. It is especially true for programs that have a lot of affiliates or have different types of affiliates. In such cases, merchants can use the affiliate groups function to manage the affiliates in their program. GoAffPro offers merchants the option to create affiliate groups, to […]

  • Affiliate Program Tools for Subscription-Based Stores

    Merchants have been moving more towards subscriptions based products and services in recent years. Building an affiliate program for a subscription-based store can be very challenging. Special tools are required to customize the affiliate program so that it caters to subscription-based products. GoAffPro offers merchants a unique set of tools, allowing them to customize their […]

  • GoAffPro’s Multi Level Affiliate Marketing: Explained

    GoAffPro offers merchants the option to set up a multi-level network for their affiliate program. In a multi-level affiliate network, existing affiliates can recruit newer affiliates under them. The parent affiliate will earn a network commission on the referrals made by the recruited affiliates. The network commission becomes an incentive for existing affiliates to expand […]