GoAffPro vs Social Snowball: Which Platform Is Right for You?

Considering launching an affiliate program for your store? GoAffPro and Social Snowball both offer affiliate marketing solutions to stores. Here, we will look at the pricing plans and features that both apps offer for setting up an affiliate program. 

GoAffPro vs Social Snowball

To determine which offers the best value for your business, we will be comparing GoAffPro and Social Snowball :

Pricing Plans

GoAffPro offers two pricing plans, a free plan, and a premium plan. The free plan works great for merchants with new or small businesses. The premium plan is priced at $24/month and comes with all of the premium features offered by the app. 

Social Snowball also offers two plans. Their Snow Day plan starts at $99/month, and the Blizzard plan is $499/month. Additionally, in their Snow Day plan, they charge 3% of the revenue generated by their app. They do not offer a free tier. 

Both apps offer unlimited affiliates and have no restrictions on the number of sales/conversions. Looking at the pricing plans offered by both apps, it is clear that Social Snowball is considerably more expensive than GoAffPro. 

Additionally, GoAffPro is rated much higher than Social Snowball on the Shopify app store, with over 1600+ reviews. 

Supported Platforms

For using an affiliate marketing solution like GoAffPro or Social Snowball, they need to support the ecommerce platform you are using for your store. 

GoAffPro supports multiple ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, PrestaShop, Ecwid, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, Square, CommerceHQ, ShopWired, and ShopLazza. However, Social Snowball only supports Shopify. 

It gives a clear edge to GoAffPro, as it supports more ecommerce platforms than Social Snowball. It gives merchants the flexibility to pick the ecommerce platform of their choice while building their store. 

Affiliate Marketing Features

Both GoAffPro and Social Snowball provide basic affiliate marketing features to merchants. However, there are significant differences in the feature set offered by both apps. 

GoAffPro provides the option to set different types of commissions in the affiliate program, such as product commissions, affiliate commissions, recurring commissions, etc. However, Social Snowball only lets you set a default commission for the whole program. 

Additionally, GoAffPro supports referral link and coupon code tracking for referral sales. While Social Snowball also supports both, merchants can choose either coupon code tracking or referral link tracking, but not both. Both apps also support discount links for affiliates. 

Social Snowball does offer the option to set up affiliate program tiers and automatic coupons for affiliates. On the other hand, GoAffPro offers features like setting up a multi-level network, commission boosters (for tiered commissions), target bonuses, automatic coupons, etc. 

Many of these options are notably missing from the Social Snowball app. These make GoAffPro a more feature-rich and better offering for merchants than Social Snowball.

Program Customization 

Both the GoAffPro and Social Snowball apps provide various customization options to the merchant for setting up their affiliate program. 

Social Snowball allows merchants to register their customers as affiliates automatically. They offer a post checkout popup and a signup form for enrolling affiliates in the program. Additionally, they provide the option to visually customise the signup form embedded in the merchant’s store. 

GoAffPro also provides a post-checkout popup feature (which can automatically register customers as affiliates). It goes even further and allows merchants to customise the signup page of the affiliate portal by adding additional signup fields to collect more information from affiliates.

It also offers customization options for the landing page and the affiliate dashboard. Merchants can add widgets and advanced analytics to the dashboard. GoAffPro also provides features like shortening affiliate links using Bitly, uploading creative media files for affiliates, etc. 

These features make GoAffPro much more customizable than Social Snowball. These options allow merchants to set their program as per their requirements. 

Affiliate Management

Both apps offer various features to make affiliate management easier for store merchants. 

They both offer options for commission payment to affiliates from within the app. GoAffPro provides the feature to pay affiliates from within the app using PayPal Payouts and Tipalti. Social Snowball also does that using their Tremendous and Veem integrations. 

Both apps offer email notifications. GoAffPro offers email notifications (that merchants can edit) and an email marketing feature to create bulk or drip email campaigns for affiliates. Social Snowball does provide drip email notifications for affiliates (but merchants cannot edit them). 

Both also support third-party integrations, like Klaviyo, etc. They also offer options to segment affiliates. Social Snowball does this using its program builder feature. GoAffPro provides the affiliate groups feature, allowing merchants to create groups with different commission structures. 

Additionally, GoAffPro offers an affiliate marketplace (even for free plan users), whereas Social Snowball does not have any such option. These features make GoAffPro a much more powerful tool. 

To conclude, GoAffPro and Social Snowball are both excellent affiliate marketing solutions that can help you build an affiliate program for your store. However, GoAffPro allows for more customization and flexibility when setting up an affiliate program. It is also more affordable than Social Snowball, making GoAffPro a better choice. 

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