How Does a Multi-Level Affiliate Network Work?

Merchants frequently face difficulties in recruiting more affiliates into their programs. They also have to deal with the issue of getting existing affiliates to perform well enough. Merchants can combat this by establishing a multi-level network for their affiliate program.

The multi-level affiliate network option offers various advantages to merchants in running their affiliate programs. It provides an easier way of recruiting additional affiliates into the program, and it also allows for easier management of affiliates. In a multi-level network, parent affiliates tend to manage their downlines.

Recruiting Affiliates

In a multi-level affiliate program, existing affiliates get assigned network links. Network links are also called Signup links. They share these links to recruit newer affiliates under them. These newly recruited affiliates are called downlines. The affiliates whose network links get used will become their parent affiliate or upline in this case.

Network Commissions

The multi-level network is not limited to affiliates recruiting additional affiliates under them. It also allows them to earn commissions on the sales that are referred by their downlines. This commission earned by the parent or upline affiliates is known as network or level commission.

This network commission incentivizes parent affiliates to recruit more affiliates to their network. It also makes them motivate their downline affiliates to perform well and refer more sales to the store. Merchants can set up multiple levels to widen the commission distribution in the affiliate network.

Network Customization

Merchants can make use of various options to customize their multi-level affiliate network. It includes setting up a recruitment bonus that would give a bonus amount to the affiliates who recruit downlines.

There are also options for setting how the level commissions get calculated for parent affiliates. The commission can be calculated as the percentage of the order value or as the percentage of the sales commission (of the affiliate who referred the sale).

In conclusion, the multi-level affiliate network offers various advantages. It provides merchants the option to recruit more affiliates into their program. Furthermore, it also makes it easier for managing affiliates since parent affiliates would manage the downlines that they recruit.

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