Tips on Building a Healthy Merchant-Affiliate Relationship

A good relationship between the merchant and the affiliate is essential for an affiliate program to succeed. Merchants need to maintain a healthy and functioning relationship with the affiliates in their program. Merchants being on good terms with affiliates also increases their loyalty and trust.

There are various steps merchants can take to build a healthy relationship with their affiliates. Here we take a look at some of the steps merchants can take to do this:

Timely & regular payments

Payments play a significant role in how affiliates feel about a program. It is, therefore, crucial that merchants pay affiliates regularly and on time. The biggest issue that affiliates highlight regarding programs is the payments.

Merchants should establish a plan for regular and timely payments to affiliates. This alone boosts the confidence that affiliates have regarding a program.

Clear and open communication

Merchants must keep an open line of communication with the affiliate of their program. Affiliates should be able to approach the merchant in case of any issues or help.

Merchants, from their end, can use this to send information to affiliates informing them regarding changes to the store or upcoming events. Affiliates can use this to clarify any issues with the promotions or inquire regarding a product.

Provide instructions & resources

Informing affiliates regarding their job and what the merchant expects them to do is necessary. Affiliates should have a clear understanding of what and how they need to promote. It is, therefore, important to provide instructions to the affiliate.

Furthermore, merchants can provide resources, such as promotional images, banners, or even sample products to affiliates, so that they can produce high-quality content according to it.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options on managing affiliates effectively and building a stronger merchant-affiliate relationship. Merchants have the option to set up payment terms for regular payments. There is also an option to send emails to affiliates, broadcast a message to either all or individual affiliates and to upload creative media files for affiliates to use. Check out the app: GoAffPro


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