Best Shopify Checkout Apps on Shopify App Store 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce, a seamless and efficient checkout process is paramount for online retailers seeking success. As we step into 2024, the Shopify App Store continues to be a hub of innovation, offering a plethora of solutions to enhance the checkout experience using Shopify checkout apps.

Best Shopify Checkout Apps on Shopify App Store 2024

The year 2023 witnessed a surge in online shopping, with global e-commerce sales surpassing $5.7 trillion, underscoring the importance of a robust and user-friendly checkout system. The significance of a well-designed checkout process extends beyond mere convenience—it directly impacts conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Why to use Shopify Checkout Apps?

Utilizing Shopify Checkout Apps proves indispensable for online retailers seeking to elevate their e-commerce game and streamline the checkout process. The standout advantage lies in the ability to tailor the user experience through the Checkout Editor feature, which eliminates the need for coding expertise.

Shopify Checkout Apps
  • Seamless Customization: Shopify Checkout Apps extend the capabilities of the Checkout Editor, allowing for a seamless and extensive customization process. 
  • Security Reinforcement: With an emphasis on security, these apps introduce advanced measures that go beyond the basics. 
  • Enhanced Functionality: Shopify Checkout Apps go beyond aesthetics and security, introducing features that enhance the overall functionality of the Shopify checkout process. 
1. Payfy: Payment Rules
Payfy: Payment Rules

Payfy revolutionizes the Shopify checkout experience with its Payment Rules app, providing unmatched customization and security features. With the Checkout Editor, merchants can easily hide, reorder, and rename payment methods based on customer tags, countries, products, and more. 

This app is designed to empower merchants with the ability to apply multiple conditions, such as hiding Cash on Delivery for international orders or renaming payment options by country and language. 

  • Hide Payment Methods Conditionally: Payfy app allow hiding payment options by product, cart total, address, country & more conditions. Show the payments seamlessly using Payfy app.
  • Rename Payment Methods: Change the name of payment methods at Shopify checkout page. Like Rename payment options for better clarity (e.g., “Credit Card” to “Visa/Mastercard”).
  • Reorder Payment Methods: Payfy gives you complete control over the order and appearance of payment options at checkout.


  • $3.99/month or $39.99/year (save 16%)
  • Free development plan.
2. Shipfy: Shipping Rules
Shipfy: Shipping Rules

Shipfy transforms shipping management with its Shipping Rules app, allowing merchants to reorder, rename, and hide shipping rates based on various conditions. From blocking PO Box addresses to displaying special shipping rates for specific customer tags, Shipfy offers a comprehensive solution. 

  • Customization of Shipping Rates: Merchants can reorder, rename, and hide shipping rates at the Shopify checkout page based on various conditions such as customer tags, preventing incorrect orders and enhancing control over shipping rates.
  • Promotion of Premium Shipping: Reordering and promoting premium shipping rates allows merchants to highlight and encourage the selection of premium shipping options, offering an added level of service.
  • Conditional Hiding of Shipping Options: The app enables merchants to hide shipping options for certain products or based on specific customer tags, providing a tailored and streamlined Shopify checkout experience.


  • $3.99/month or $39.99/year (save 16%) 
  • Free development plan.
4. Checkout Blocks — All pages
Checkout Blocks

Checkout Blocks redefines the checkout and thank-you pages on Shopify with its comprehensive customization features. Designed specifically for Shopify Plus, this app introduces upsells, custom fields, content blocks, and address blockers. 

  • Upsells and AI Recommendations: The app introduces upsells and AI product recommendations, enabling merchants to increase revenue and average order value by strategically offering additional products to customers.
  • Free Shipping Upsells: Merchants can use dynamic content and upsells to promote free shipping, fostering trust and boosting conversion rates by offering compelling incentives.
  • Custom Fields at Checkout: Checkout Blocks allows merchants to add custom fields to the Shopify checkout page, facilitating the collection of additional information such as gift messages or delivery notes.


  • SANDBOX: Free to install
  • STARTER: $99/month
  • GENERATE REVENUE: $200/month
  • UNLIMITED: $499/month

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5. Fast Checkout Cart Upsell+Gift
Shopify Checkout Apps

Fast Checkout Cart Upsell+Gift is a powerhouse for boosting sales and average order value. Packed with AI-powered features, this app offers upsell cart sliders, countdown deals, sticky add-to-cart buttons, and real-time user activity tracking.

  • AI-Powered Upsell Cart: The app offers AI-powered features such as progress bars, countdowns, recommendations, and free gift incentives to entice buyers and increase average order value.
  • Sticky Add to Cart and Buy-Now Buttons: The inclusion of sticky add-to-cart buttons and buy-now buttons reduces cart abandonment by providing convenient and persistent access to essential actions.
  • Real-Time User Activity Tracking: Merchants can track user behavior in real-time, gaining valuable insights into shopper preferences and patterns to inform strategic decisions.


  • STARTER BASIC: $4.99/month
  • STARTER PRO: $7.99/month
  • GROWTH: $9.99/month (plus $0.05 per order until 2000 orders, then free)
6. Instant Checkout – Buy button
Shopify Checkout Apps

Instant Checkout introduces the Buy Now button on product pages, streamlining the checkout process for a faster and more efficient shopping experience. The animated “Buy Now” button bypasses the cart, directing users straight to the Shopify checkout page. 

  • Streamlined Buying Process: Add an animated “Buy Now” button to product, collection, and home pages for a simplified Shopify checkout journey.
  • Brand Customization: Edit the appearance of the “Buy Now” button to match the store’s branding, ensuring a cohesive visual experience.
  • Sticky Buy Now Button: Maintain visibility with a sticky Buy Now button for easy access and increased conversion rates.


  • BASIC PLAN: $4/month.
7. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell
ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell is a powerful tool for maximizing revenue through Shopify checkout upsells, one-click upsells, and post-purchase offers. The app empowers merchants to create a conversion-focused post-purchase funnel and customize the thank-you page for increased engagement. 

  • Checkout and Post Purchase Upsell Funnels: Deploy upsell funnels to encourage shoppers to spend more money after completing their purchase.
  • AOV Boosting Elements: Use post-checkout blocks, upcart with one-click upsell offers, and discounted upsells to increase average order value.
  • Customized Thank You Page: Recharge the thank-you page by running surveys, collecting birthdays, and offering product upsells for continued engagement.


  • UPSELL BASIC: $4.99/month
  • UPSELL PREMIUM: $7.99/month
  • UPSELL PREMIUM PRO: $14.99/month.
8. Checkout Comments
Shopify Checkout Apps Checkout Comments facilitates direct feedback from buyers at the checkout stage, displaying these insights on product pages for enhanced conversion rates. This app empowers customers to leave comments during checkout, providing valuable information about their purchase decisions. 

  • Interactive Checkout Feedback: Enable a field for customers to leave comments during the checkout process, capturing insights into their purchase decisions.
  • Customizable Questions: Tailor checkout comment questions to gather specific information relevant to your business and products.
  • Manual Comment Curation: Disable auto-publish and manually curate checkout comments, ensuring the quality and relevance of displayed content.

Pricing: Free

Boosting Shopify Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a game-changer for your Shopify store, supercharging your sales in a way that’s both effective and scalable. Here’s a simple breakdown of how affiliate marketing works and how it can elevate your business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is like having an army of partners who promote your products. These partners, known as affiliates, earn a commission for every sale made through their unique referral link.

How it Boosts Sales
  • Tap into a Larger Audience: Affiliates bring in new customers from their own networks, exposing your products to a broader audience that you might not reach otherwise.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: You only pay affiliates when they bring in a sale, making it a cost-effective way to market your products. It’s a performance-based model that aligns with results.

Setting up Your Affiliate Program

  • Choose the Right Platform: Selecting the ideal platform is crucial for a seamless affiliate marketing experience on Shopify. Our top recommendation is GOAFFPRO – Affiliate Marketing
  • Attractive Commissions: Motivate affiliates by offering competitive commissions. A fair reward encourages them to put in more effort to drive sales.

In conclusion, thе Bеst Shopify Chеckout Apps on thе Shopify App Storе in 2024 represent a pinnacle of innovation and functionality, еnhancing thе е-commеrcе еxpеriеncе for both mеrchants and customеrs. 

Thеsе apps, highlighted by thеir uniquе fеaturеs, sеamlеss intеgrations, and provеn track rеcords, are designed to еlеvatе conversion ratеs and streamline thе chеckout procеss. Whеthеr its customizations, shipping rules, upsеlls, or enhanced security, еach app brings a distinct advantage to thе tablе. 

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