How to Develop Your Content Amplification Strategy for the Year Ahead

With the new year approaching, you’re probably full of fresh, fun ideas about your content marketing for the months ahead. But what about your old content?

There’s a tendency for brands to think of content as ‘dead’ once its campaign has passed. But that’s simply not the case. If it’s out there on the web (or even just languishing in your archives), your old content is still representing your brand. It’s still searchable and, with the right trigger, an old post could once again have a day in the sun.

‘Content amplification’ – the process of restoring, revamping, and re-optimizing old content to make it work harder and bring in new audiences – can work wonders for your brand at a fraction of the cost of creating brand-new content.

A good content amplification strategy for the year ahead could be a very cost-effective way of building your audience and boosting your brand.

Content Amplification Strategy

Content amplification involves boosting and intensively targeting your content, from small Google shopping ad copy to long whitepapers, to reach a larger and more specialized audience.

Techniques used for content amplification often overlap with techniques used in most other marketing tactics. For example, a good understanding of your audience and a strong creative drive are a must for any marketing and content amplification campaign. 

What makes a content amplification strategy different is that it largely focuses on getting existing content in front of a larger, more targeted audience. Creating new content can sometimes enhance a content amplification campaign, but in general content amplification will work to boost what you’ve already got through tactics like SEO rewrites, link building, and re-formatting for new platforms.

What are the benefits of content amplification? Well, it can be a huge help for everything from generating leads to full enterprise transformation. A good content amplification strategy can bring huge benefits, including:

  • Growing your audience
  • Bringing in higher-quality leads
  • Boosting customer relationships
  • Extending the lifespan and utility of your content
  • Building brand recognition
  • Improving your search engine rankings and positioning through SEO
  • Positioning your brand as a thought leader

How To Build a Great Content Amplification Strategy for 2024

So, how do you amplify your existing social media content, blog content, and any other kind of content?

Here are some techniques that will work to amplify pretty much any type of content. All you have to do is adjust your content for the relevant platforms and audiences. 

Run a content audit

A content audit will tell you a lot about where you currently stand in terms of content, and what you’re working with for content amplification. 

Content Amplification

Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a content inventory, including your web content, published and unpublished blogs and ad copy, graphics, video files, and more. If you have a lot of content resources, focus your inventory on the most relevant content for your upcoming campaigns.
  • Sort your content inventory into categories that are relevant to your goals. For example, if you want to boost your SEO, you might sort your content by subject, keywords, and quality scores.
  • Analyze your content. Look at what’s working well for you, what isn’t, what content has high SEO value, what platforms your content is optimized for, what you need more of, what’s outdated, and so on.
  • Create an action plan based on your findings. For example, you might plan to update your content, boost its SEO value, retarget your social media posts, and so on.

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Ask Your Customers About Their Content Preferences

Content amplification is all about reaching a larger, more targeted audience. To do this, you need to understand how to make your content more relevant, engaging, and shareable for your audience.

One of the best ways to understand what your audience wants is simply to ask them. So, collect feedback from your customers regarding their content preferences.

How you gather this feedback will depend a lot on your customer base, your business model, and the tech options available to you.

For example, with a good virtual PBX system, you can reach out to customers by SMS. A well-crafted text message, perhaps leading to a survey or with a range of quick-reply options, can be a great way to get customer feedback fast without being too intrusive. Alternatively, you could offer incentives like discounts for filling out social media polls, etc.

Unsure what content resonates with your audience?  Ditch the guesswork!  Craft a quick survey with a Qualtrics alternative to reveal their preferred formats, topics, and even how they consume information. This valuable feedback ensures you’re creating content they love, boosting engagement and loyalty.

Focus on Boosting the Creative Quality of Your Content

Well-crafted content is higher quality content. And higher quality content always gets more engagement. While you must keep within your brand scope (for example, using flowery, poetic prose for a concrete business website may not bring the desired result), upping the creative quality of your copy, graphics, vids, etc, is usually a content amplification winner.

Content Amplification Strategy

So, go through your existing content and work out how you can improve its creative quality. Maybe you can revamp some tired old web copy with a fresh new tone. Maybe you could switch out old graphics with new ones. Perhaps you could re-edit the audio on old videos, or work out a better framing device for blog posts.

If you find that the creative quality of your content is generally low, your team may have a problem with creativity at work. If this is the case, look at ways to support team members’ creative efforts. You could also consider working with affiliates who could help you to optimize your content for their audiences.

Use Content Amplification To Make Your Existing Content Work Harder Next Year

Your existing content is a huge asset. Its potential shouldn’t be ignored. 

With a good content amplification strategy, you can build a fantastic new content campaign without the need to create any new content. Instead, you simply optimize your old and existing content to make it work harder for you.

Things like improving your web copy, upping your SEO game, retargeting old social media posts, sending your old content to new influencers, and rewriting old blogs can bring in a surprising number of new followers, especially if you work hard on your creative quality control and your audience research.

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