Commission Payments with GoAffPro

Commission payments are a significant part of an affiliate program. Timely and regular payments to affiliates help in improving the merchant-affiliate partnership. While making payments to affiliates on time is good practice, how merchants carry out these payments should also be highlighted.

GoAffPro provides merchants with simple ways of making and recording commission payments to affiliates. It makes it easier to set up the program to obtain relevant details from affiliates, to send them money.

Here we take a look at how GoAffPro helps merchants with commission payments to affiliates:

Paying outside the app

In GoAffPro, merchants can select the payments methods that they want to support. There is also an option to create custom payment methods. After this, affiliates can choose their preferred payment mode and set up their payment details from their account dashboard.

When the payment is due, the merchant will make the payment to the affiliate outside the app. After making the payment, the merchant will mark this payment as paid within the GoAffPro app.

Merchants can also download a pending payouts file that can be formatted and uploaded to various platforms for carrying out bulk payments. There’s also the option to bulk process payments as paid through the app.

Payments within the app

For making payments within the GoAffPro app, merchants can set up PayPal Payouts. After integrating PayPal Payouts with GoAffPro, merchants can make payments from within the app. PayPal Payouts provides a simple way for making bulk payments to affiliates.

Payments get automatically marked as paid within the app as they are made through PayPal Payouts. Merchants will need to set up PayPal as a supported payment method. After this, affiliates who have provided their PayPal email address can get paid.

Paying with store credits

Store credits are another method of paying affiliates their commissions. Affiliates can use these credits to make purchases in the store. In GoAffPro, merchants can use gift cards or store discount codes for payment as store credits.

For gift cards, merchants will need to issue the gift cards outside the app and then mark them as paid within the app. In the case of store discount codes, affiliates can be given the discount codes from within the app itself. It also gives affiliates the option of self-redeeming discount codes from within their dashboard.

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options for making commission payments to affiliates. It also provides the option of using store credits as a payment method. Check out the app: GoAffPro






4 responses to “Commission Payments with GoAffPro”

  1. Brooke Avatar

    Hi there. 🙂

    Are you guys looking into a way where you can work with Shopify and generate gift cards for our affiliates? It would be awesome if one an affiliate is ready they can generate their own gift card to use immediately. 🙂

    1. Rohan Paul Avatar
      Rohan Paul


      Our team can set this up for you, please connect with them at [email protected]

      Thank You

  2. Ryan Forrest Avatar
    Ryan Forrest

    Can you integrate in such a way that customers could redeem 3rd party gift cards via the program or website? Like a Visa?

    1. Rohan Paul Avatar
      Rohan Paul

      Hello Ryan

      This would depend upon the store platform that you are using, as the checkouts (for purchasing) happen directly on them. Such an integration would have to be done on the store’s (ecommerce platform) end, so that it can support 3rd party gift card redemption.

      Your best bet would be to clarify this directly with the e-commerce platform’s support (if they support such an integration or not)

      Hope that helps.

      Thank You

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