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  • Setup Membership Plans for Affiliate Programs

    GoAffPro offers merchants the option to charge a membership fee from their affiliates. It provides various options for setting up and customizing the payment plans. Merchants can set up recurring or one-time payment plans, set up trial periods, and even link them with affiliate groups. Here we take a look at the membership plans option […]

  • Managing Commission Payments with GoAffPro

    Affiliate payouts are an integral part of a store’s affiliate program. Affiliates earn commissions on the sales that they refer to the store. Merchants then payout these commissions to affiliates. Merchants should ensure that they make regular and on-time payments to their affiliates. There are various options involved in setting up the commission payments for […]

  • Commission Payments with GoAffPro

    Commission payments are a significant part of an affiliate program. Timely and regular payments to affiliates help in improving the merchant-affiliate partnership. While making payments to affiliates on time is good practice, how merchants carry out these payments should also be highlighted. GoAffPro provides merchants with simple ways of making and recording commission payments to […]

  • Commission Payments with PayPal

    Commission payments to affiliates can be a tedious task. It is especially true for programs that have a large number of affiliates. Many merchants use PayPal to make payments to their affiliates. PayPal allows payments to be sent globally to affiliates that can be living in different countries. GoAffPro provides a convenient way for merchants […]

  • Commission Payments in Affiliate Programs

    Commissions are an essential part of affiliate marketing. Affiliates make promotions and bring in referral sales to earn commission on them. The process of paying the commission to affiliates is also a crucial part of an affiliate program. Managing payments can considerably affect an affiliate program’s performance. It is, therefore, necessary to give special emphasis […]

  • Payouts in Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate payments are an essential part of the whole affiliate marketing process. Affiliates earn commissions on the referral sales that they bring to a store. Affiliates promote the store or its products using referral links and coupons codes. When a customer visits the store using a referral link and makes a purchase or uses the […]