4 Easy Ways to Recruit Affiliates

Setting up an affiliate program for your store has become very easy with apps such as GoAffPro. The main objective of an affiliate program is the promotion of your products and store by your affiliates.

However, as many merchants may know, it isnt an easy task to get people to enroll into your affiliate program. To help you out, here we provide you with 4 methods you can use to recruit more affiliates.‌

4 Easy Ways You Can Use to Recruit Affiliates

Table of Contents

  1. Use Social Media Platforms
  2. Provide Footer or Header links in your store
  3. Use Post Checkout Popups
  4. Use Existing Affiliates to Recruit New Affiliates

1. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great place to promote your affiliate program, you can make use of your business’s Facebook page or Twitter handle to spread the word about your affiliate program. You can also use your own individual profile to promote your affiliate program with your friends and family.

By using social media, you can reach a large number of people.

You can use these platforms to put out posts, that promote your affiliate program and ask people to join in. Using different platforms helps you reaching a wider audience.‌

You can provide a link to your affiliate registration page in your store’s header or footer section. The best place to show that you have an affiliate program is your own store. People who are exploring your store can then be given a direct message about your program.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay provide affiliate registration links in their footer section.

Affiliate marketing has been seen as one of the factors for increasing the sales of online businesses, around 30% of the sale is brought in, by using affiliate marketing.‌

3. Use Post Checkout Popups

Use post checkout popups to inform your customers about your affiliate program. Unlike other ways of reaching out to people, showing a popup to your customers after they have checked out, is a great way to get their attention towards your affiliate program.

You can use the GoAffPro app’s Post Checkout Popup feature, to automatically show your customers a popup when they checkout. GoAffPro also provides you with the option to customize the popup with different popup styles. Visit https://goaffpro.com for more information.

4. Use Existing Affiliates to Recruit New Affiliates

A great way of finding new affiliates is by using your existing affiliates to promote your affiliate program and recruit newer affiliates. You can do this by providing incentives to your existing affiliates, where they can earn rewards for bringing in new affiliates to the program.

You can also make use of multi-level network where you can set up different levels of affiliates, with a different rate of commission for each level. The existing affiliates can then recruit sub-affiliates under them. The multi-level network incentives the parent affiliate by giving a percentage of commission from any sale that the sub-affiliate makes. ‌

The GoAffPro app provides its customers with the feature to set up a multi level network of affiliates.


Even though recruiting affiliates may look like a daunting task, it really is quite easy. If you use the tools we listed above, you can easily spread the word about your affiliate program and generate interest in your program.





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