Publisher Spotlight: Modalova

In this post, we discuss with Gabriel Kaam, who is the CEO and founder of Modalova, a website that specializes in online fashion search. We will be talking about their company and how it works. Furthermore, we will be looking into how GoAffPro has helped them in their journey as an affiliate publisher.

Publisher Spotlight: Modolova
Tell us more about yourself. 

My name is Gabriel Kaam. I am a French entrepreneur, I work with fashion brands and e-commerce stores.

What is your company’s name and what does it do? 

Our company is called Modalova, and we specialize in online fashion search.

At Modalova, we offer a comprehensive platform that features an extensive catalog of over 2 million fashion items for men and women, sourced from more than 10,000 diverse brands.

We focus particularly on the French market, showcasing a range of products from well-known European retailers to emerging French designers. Our aim is to simplify and enhance the online shopping experience by providing a user-friendly interface equipped with advanced filtering capabilities. This allows our customers to easily find and compare products according to their specific preferences, such as color, size, and material. 

Modalova is dedicated to making fashion discovery enjoyable, efficient, and accessible to everyone.

What demographic or audience do you cater to? How do you look on expanding it?

As a France based company, our main audience is in France. 70% of our customers are women; aged 25 to 45.

In 2023 we started to open new markets in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, UK).

In 2024 we are planning to develop new features on the website, and to integrate new brands in our catalog.

What kind of stores do you work with? Are there any specific guidelines you have for choosing them?

We currently work with Fashion brands, running an e-commerce website.

How has GoAffPro helped you as a publisher?

GoAffPro simplifies the process of connecting with a wide array of advertisers, making it easier for us to establish valuable partnerships. This efficiency allows us to concentrate on our primary business objectives and to keep enhancing our platform.

Please share the names/websites of some merchants or advertisers that you work for with GoAffPro.

We’re new on the platform so the list is short, looking to partner with a lot more.

ATM we have: Jael, and a few.

Learn more:

Modalova is an online fashion search platform based in France. They offer a user-friendly interface with advanced filtering capabilities and feature over 2 million fashion items from more than 10,000 brands. 

Their main audience is women aged 25 to 45 in France, and they work with fashion brands that run e-commerce websites. They plan to expand to other European markets and establish partnerships through GoAffPro.

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