Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing that is based on a revenue-sharing model. In affiliate marketing, affiliates who work under merchants promote products and earn commissions for every sale they bring. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as banner marketing or using internet ads, affiliate marketing is cheaper and yields better results. Affiliate marketing also levels the playing field of marketing and promotions in some capacity, since it enables small and medium companies, and startups to promote products more effectively without spending a lot of money.

Affiliates earn a commission on each sale they bring in for a merchant.

Here we look at how affiliate marketing programs work

Different ways an affiliate uses to promote products

Affiliates can use different referral tools such as referral links, referral codes or coupon codes to promote products. Referral links are widely used by affiliates in blog posts or are provided in video descriptions so that customers can directly click on them to buy the product. When a customer clicks on the referral link, the customer’s visit is tracked and if a purchase is made. The sale gets assigned to the affiliate and the affiliate earns a commission on it. ‌

Coupon codes have become a popular way of promotions since this provides a financial incentive to a new customer who wants to try out a product but not pay too much for it. Coupons codes have particularly become a popular way of promoting products on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. In the case of coupon code, they not only provide a discount to a customer who uses it but since each affiliate is assigned a unique coupon code when a customer use this code, the sale gets assigned to the affiliate and the affiliate earns a commission on it. ‌

While affiliate marketing is quite a straight forward concept, it has different types of it as well. Affiliate marketing payments can vary differently, concerning the criteria upon which an affiliate is paid. Many programs offer payment per view or click but for the majority of businesses, the pay per sale is the best alternative, since in this structure, only when an affiliate sale is made, does the affiliate get paid for it. This also helps is protection against fraudulent activities that can take place in the case of views or click. ‌

Merchants and affiliates form the basis of affiliate marketing

The merchant side business in affiliate marketing is has become easier over the years, with affiliate marketing programs such as GoAffPro, it has made it easier for merchants to set up an affiliate program and get started. It is however important for merchants to maintain a healthy relationship with affiliates, this includes making payments on time and keeping affiliates informed on changes. Also, providing targets and bonuses to affiliates can encourage them to work harder. This helps is creating a long, loyal and healthy relationship between the affiliate and the merchant. ‌

Affiliate marketing is heavily dependent on the promotions that are done by affiliates. While promotions using blogs still hold value, audiences have moved to more content-focused stuff such as videos, etc. This means that affiliates need to evolve and create content that is suited to the time. Also using social media has become very important for affiliates, many social media platforms provide a great space for people to create content. It has also given rise to influencer culture, where influencers use social media platforms to create content and promote products along with them. This has made the concept of affiliate marketing much more mainstream.‌

Affiliate marketing offers great advantages to businesses

In conclusion, it is quite evident that affiliate marketing is a great way for businesses to promote products. Companies such as Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs as well, where they pay affiliates for sales. With affiliate programs such as GoAffPro, setting up an affiliate program and managing have become much better. This has also helped affiliates or influencers who have become a great medium for brands to promote their products. Affiliate marketing has helped businesses to get more customers and increase sales without spending huge amounts of money on traditional marketing.





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