7 Ways To Increase AOV of Your Shopify Store – Tips & Hacks


The holiday season is here and so is the holiday marketing scenario, getting geared up for the big sales events this year. Every holiday marketing on Shopify is centered around one main goal and that is to increase the AOV of online stores. 

This BFCM is a promising onset for increased conversion rates, increased AOV, and more sales for online store owners like you. 

Now, with every other business in the competition, how will you figure out how to increase the average order value on Shopify? 

That is what we are going to break down today. We give you the best of Shopify eCommerce marketing strategies. 

7 easy tips and hacks to increase the AOV of your Shopify store.

But, first things first, what exactly is AOV? 

What Is Average Order Value (AOV)

Average Order Value a.k.a. AOV is the average dollars spent when each customer places an order in your store. You can calculate it by dividing your store’s total revenue by the number of orders taken during a particular time.

7 Hacks To Increase Average Order Value of Your Shopify Store

Increasing your average order value is to expand your marketing strategies. Amp up your marketing campaigns by introducing what is relevant to the shoppers that want to buy their favorite products, available for the best deals. 

These are the 7 tried and proven marketing hacks for increased AOV:
  1. Free Shipping and Express Delivery 

Free shipping is what customers vote for. Spending a lot on their favorite items, they expect free shipping as a means of adding value to their purchase. 

Most Shopify merchants offer free shipping to increase the average order value in their stores. 

A Free Shipping Threshold Bar lets the shoppers see an announcement bar that displays how much they have to spend to qualify for free shipping. 

The bar keeps changing as the shoppers add items to their cart, thereby allowing them to purchase more to get the free shipping offer. 

Express delivery is another way to reward your customers with their purchases. Most shoppers have a last-minute shopping list during the holiday season. So they would appreciate a quick delivery of their orders. 

Executing this with a third-party app gives you high conversions as most holiday shoppers would want to utilize this kind of offer.

The In Store Pickup Local Delivery app is a 5-star rated app that enables you to schedule your local delivery and pickup date and time. You can create time slots from 1 hr to 15 minutes for days on which you want to allow pickup and delivery.

It has different slots and preparation times for pickup and local delivery. And it enables blacking out time slots on a particular day. Their picker can be customized for mobile screens as well. Moreover, it allows Shopify POS integration. 

  1. Threshold Discounts

Threshold discounts are excellent to increase your average order value. You create a coupon that can only be applied to a minimum purchase amount. Then, you create a popup to alert customers about that threshold. There are two ways to do it: 

Welcome pop-up:

Create a welcome pop-up showing a welcome message that flashes as soon as a customer hits the site. Allow shoppers to know how much they need to spend more to get a discount on their order. 

Almost There Popup:

If you want to push the shopper to finish the purchase, you can activate it to display when the cart value is greater than, for instance, $30.

Customers can use these codes to increase their AOV by buying a few more products to get a discount. 

  1. Upselling, Cross selling, Downselling


Upselling is the number one strategy to increase the AOV of Shopify stores. It aims at influencing a customer to buy a better and more expensive version of the main product.

Placing the right upsell products at the right time before the customer can double your revenues.

Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy is a top-rated app on Shopify that displays high conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. It maximizes conversion by showing both pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell and cross sell offers

This app allows your customers to include related products, display frequently bought together bundles, etc. which increases your average order value (AOV). With this app, your customer acquisition cost remains the same, and your profitability increases. 

Cross selling

Cross-sells are simple yet powerful as relevant messages that influence customers to buy more from your store.  

In this case, if you have products that are frequently bought together, a cross-sell campaign can increase your AOV. It targets those customers who have not added certain items to their cart yet. 

The most important factor is not to display irrelevant products that are completely out of range from the main products. 


Downselling is the opposite of upselling. It works great in eliminating customers’ skepticism about buying a product. This happens when a customer finds a product more expensive than they expected it to be.  

When a customer decides to leave your store, a popup displaying a similar product, with lesser features and a lower price should show up. It is more likely that the customer will buy it, which means you have a purchase right away.  

All these techniques can improve your AOV drastically. 

  1. Frequently Bought Together Bundle Alerts

Bundling products is an easy way to increase AOV. It makes customers buy more than what they had planned. Offering discounts on individual products may not be a great option. But bundling products and selling them at an overall discount works best to increase AOV. You offer the same discount but still, the customer spends more. 

  1. BOGO Announcements

BOGO or Buy One, Get One is a common practice in retail to help move more products. 

You can create similar campaigns on your Shopify store and influence online shoppers to buy more from their product catalog. 

For instance, you push a certain bundle of products, and as they order it, they are prompted with the next bundle with a 50% discount. These additional incentives are huge in increasing your AOV especially during the holiday sale events like Black Friday Cyber Monday 🎁

  1. Customer Loyalty Program 

Loyalty programs can help increase your revenues extensively, while also boosting customer retention.

It is not advisable to run a loyalty program on auto-pilot. But prioritize customer experience and the types of rewards that can attract your existing customers.  

This forms a community, by establishing an emotional connection among customers. Offer them discounts, gifts, complementary products, and early offers that will establish a loyal relationship with your business. 

  1. Live Chat Support

Customers want to have real connections, real people answering their queries. In that way, live chats are a great way to engage with customers and also a great way to increase AOV. It helps drive sales and increase revenue as well. 

Another benefit of using live chat is that it allows you to suggest better options of products and thereby upsell and increase your AOV. Live chat apps can be integrated into your Shopify store to allow your customers to interact with you in real time. You can use an in-app chat API to add a live chat function in your application.

Wrapping Up

This holiday season, 2022 will be surprisingly competitive.

Doing everything the right way can drive more customers to your store. Create the right campaigns in place and execute them consistently to witness an increase in sales and your average order value.  


What is a Good AOV? 

All businesses are different, however, you can use a benchmark to track your improvements. 

Improving your AOV is a consistent process. Focus on making your AOV better than it used to be.  

Additionally, focus on other KPIs while formulating your marketing strategies for an increased AOV. Your enhanced AOV will not greatly impact if your conversion rate is low. Your goal is to increase your store’s revenue so have a holistic focus on every individual aspect of your store’s holiday marketing needs.  

How to Increase the Average Order Value on Shopify?

You can easily increase average order value by influencing your customers to purchase more items for every order they place. Use third-party apps on Shopify with settings like a free shipping bar, frequently bought together bundle, cross-selling, running promotional offers, and campaigns. Selleasy can be a great way to start!


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