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Top 4 GoAffPro Tools to Communicate with Affiliates

Communicating with affiliates is essential for running a successful affiliate program. Merchants should be open to questions or queries regarding the affiliate program by existing or prospective affiliates. Merchants themselves need to keep actively communicating with affiliates in their program. It improves the merchant-affiliate relationship and builds trust.

Communication between the merchant and the affiliate can include a variety of subjects, such as guidance to affiliates on how to boost their performance or update affiliates on any future sales or commission rate changes or policies of the affiliate program.

GoAffPro offers merchants with various options to communicate and inform their affiliates:

Bulk Mails

GoAffPro gives merchants the ability to send emails from within the app to their affiliates. This includes the option of sending an email to all affiliates of the program in one go. There is also the option to include variables in the email, offering more customization and ease of use. This can be used to send newsletters, information about upcoming sales, etc.

Personal Message

Merchants also have the option of sending personal messages to their affiliates. When the merchant sends these personal messages to the affiliate, they are displayed in the affiliate dashboard. This option allows merchants to link directly to particular affiliates via their account dashboard.

Extra Instructions

Merchants can use the Extra Instructions option to send a message to all affiliates in their program. It is a useful tool that can be used to send a message or alert to all the affiliates. The extra instructions that the merchant adds will be reflected in the affiliate account dashboard. This can also be used to inform affiliates regarding the targets or commission booster that have been set up for them.

Notification Emails

GoAffPro provides merchants with various options on sending notification emails to the affiliates in their program. These notifications include mails for when the affiliate account gets approved, or when a new referral sale is made, or when the affiliate’s payment is processed. There are notifications options for all of these, that the merchant can enable. These emails will get sent out automatically. There is also an option to customize the templates of these emails.

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to send bulk emails, personal messages as well as broadcast information to all affiliates. There are also various options for email notifications that merchants can set up for their affiliates. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Top 4 Ways to Customize Referral Links

Referral links are an essential part of affiliate marketing. Affiliates share their referrals link with their followers, either directly or through content like videos or blog posts. The affiliate earns a commission on any purchase that is made using their referral.

Referral link sharing is one of the fundamental ways affiliates use to share their referrals in affiliate marketing. While referral links are simply URLs that direct people to a merchant’s store, referral links also offer high customization options.

Here we take a look at some of the ways referral links can be customized:

Referral code customization

Referral code is the code that is present at end of a referral link. For example, in the referral link, the referral code here is “code.” It is unique to each affiliate in a program and helps in tracking referral sales.

Referral code customization allows affiliates to have codes that match their brand, like setting the referral code as the affiliate’s name, etc. Such customizations are highly sought after by influencers as well.

Referral link identifiers

Referral link identifier is present just before the referral code in a referral link. For example, in, the identifier is “ref.”

The referral link identifier, similar to the referral code, can be customized extensively. It can be set to represent the merchant’s brand, and options can be provided to use multiple identifiers with the links.

Shortened referral links

Merchants can also provide affiliates with shortened referral links. For example, a referral link like can be shortened to using Bitly.

With social media platforms becoming a dominant place to share referrals, affiliates tend to look for shorter links for sharing. Popular link shorteners, like Bitly, also provide extensive options to affiliates and merchants to track the performance of these links.

Referral product links

While not exactly a customization option, generating product links for referrals is a great feature to have. For example, the link directs people to the product page. Since it has the referral code of the affiliate, it is also trackable.

Many affiliates or influencers tend to focus on promoting particular products in a merchant’s store. For such a requirement, the product link creator, can be used by merchants or affiliates to generate product links for sharing.

GoAffPro provides various customization options for referral links, including referral code, referral link identifier customization, as well as the option for shortening the referral links of the affiliate. It also allows merchants and affiliates to generate product links for referrals. Check out the app: GoAffPro

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Top 5 Tips on Managing Affiliates

When operating an affiliate program, one of the key challenges can be handling the affiliates in the system. Effective management of affiliates may result in better performance of the system.

Affiliates are a big part of the overall affiliate marketing cycle, and it is very important to direct and handle them properly to get the most out of your system.

Here we take a look at some tips for effectively managing affiliates in your program:

Recruiting good quality affiliates

Having high-quality affiliates in your network is key to the success of your affiliate program. The goal here should be to concentrate on the quality of the affiliates rather than the quantity.

Furthermore, the recruitment of affiliates who create content for promotions is also going to be beneficial for sales. The content that affiliates create can range from writing blog reviews to making and posting videos on social media platforms. It is especially true for influencers who create content to appeal to their audiences.

Use different ways of getting affiliates

You can also get existing affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates under them by offering them with incentives such as a small commission on every sale that their sub-affiliates bring.

Sometimes, instead of investing money into partner networks to employ affiliates, it’s always easier to hire them on your own. Although the recruiting of affiliates may be difficult at first, it is often a wiser option.

Making signing up easier on the portal

While recruiting affiliates you also need to make sure that the affiliate portal has an easy to navigate interface, should include information such as what needs to be done by an affiliate, how the program works and how much commission will an affiliate earn on referral sales.

The signup or the create-account page should also be kept very simple, and should only have fields that are necessary to fill up. It is to make the signup process as quick as possible. All the other profile fields can be included in the affiliate account’s dashboard for them to fill up later on.

Sending sample products

Merchants can provide these affiliate/influencers with a sample or promotional product, which will allow them to create content to promote it. This promotion can be either in the form of a review or a tutorial on its application.

For example, a store selling beauty products can send a sample product to its affiliates or influencers, so that they can review it, either through a video review or a blog post.

Educating affiliates regarding the products

It is important to educate the affiliates that register for your program. It is crucial to provide them with the required resources to better understand the product they are promoting.

Keeping the affiliate informed about the product would enable them to develop successful promotions. It involves presenting the necessary product details and specifications and highlighting the features that you want customers to know about.

Use data to help improve performance

Analytical data from the system may be used to assess the performance of the affiliate. Affiliates may be provided with guidance so that they can improve their promotional activities.

Affiliates can also be provided with insights into their performance by providing the data they need to analyze themselves in their account dashboard. It is also important to have an open line of communication with affiliates so that they can easily approach you in case of questions or queries.

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Top 4 Tips for New Affiliates

Starting out as an affiliate may seem like a difficult task. Many think that the affiliate or influencer marketing has become a saturated place, which is not true, in fact, it is probably the best time to become an affiliate or influencer.

There are a lot of things that need to be done right, to be successful in an affiliate marketing space. It also requires skill in becoming good at it, this can be accomplished through reading, research, or simply through experience.

Here we take a look at some tips that affiliates can make use of while starting out in the marketing:

Building your brand

It’s very important to build your brand to become a successful affiliate or influencer. This includes the emphasis on social media platforms. An affiliate needs to be present across all major social media platforms. Not only does this give you more audience, but it also gives you more space for promotions.

Social media needs to be used carefully, and more emphasis should be placed on creating good quality content for promotions. It should also be used to engage people. Today, advertisers and companies are looking for affiliates and influencers who have a strong presence across social media.

Creating good quality content

Affiliates or influencers use a variety of content for promotions these days, including creating and uploading videos, creating posts, or writing blogs to promote a product or service. The content should resonate with the audience and ideally provide a solution to the problem.

These days, advertisers are looking at the type of content and the niche that the affiliate is creating. The content should be of high quality and help build trust and a relationship with the audience.

Choosing the right affiliate program

To earn money for the promotion of products, affiliates are required to join an affiliate program. Various factors, such as commission rates, payment terms, etc., should be considered carefully before joining an affiliate program. This also provides a space for affiliates to diversify, and diversification is very important.

Many affiliates make the mistake of just joining a single affiliate program, but this is not a good move. Diversifying, by joining different programs, helps you to keep your options open as well as to have multiple revenue streams, which is always good, in the event, a store suspends its program or reduces the commission rate, creating a difficult situation for an affiliate.

Concentrate on growth

Growth is an important measure that should be the primary focus of an affiliate that is starting out. Good growth depends on a variety of things, such as the quality of the content, the audience being catered to, etc. This is an essential factor for advertisers who want their affiliates or influencers to promote their products.

Brands focus especially on micro-influencers, as they have more space to grow, more economical, and have more organic outreach to their audiences. Among all this, concentrating on the basics, such as building a good relationship with the audience and creating a sense of trust also goes a long way.

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Tips on Managing Different Types of Affiliates

When you run an affiliate program, the common thing to notice is the different types of affiliates that are present in your program. To improve the efficiency and performance of your affiliate program, you need to look at the types of affiliates you have and information about them. 

Here we look at some tips on managing different types of affiliates that are present in an affiliate program:

Identify different types of affiliates

When affiliates register with your affiliate program, you should check upon the information, they have provided on their profiles. It’s necessary to analyze which platform the affiliate uses for promotions. For example, some affiliates may be promoting your products on their blogs, while others may be using social media. 

Information such as location, the medium used for promotions and the type of content they produce is an essential part of the identification of different types of affiliates. Then you can use these details to set different commission rates and make the appropriate changes to how the affiliate program works. Also, for influencers, the social media platform they use for promotions, the content they produce and the number of followers they have are some of the metrics that are important to note. 

Have different commission rates for them

Once you have reviewed the information that your affiliates have provided, you can set the commission rate for them accordingly. Depending on the type of affiliate, the platform used by the affiliate  and the reach of the affiliate, the commission may be determined accordingly. 

For affiliates with a higher reach, i.e. more followers, the commission rate can be set higher to encourage the affiliate to potentially attract more customers. Whereas, in the case of affiliates, who are beginners or are just starting can have a lower rate of a commission set for them. However, it is important to note that, as an affiliate grows, you should be flexible enough to revise commission rates. 

Customize the affiliate program 

A great way to save time in setting up different commission rates for different types of affiliates can be by creating multiple signup pages for your affiliate portal. These sign-up pages can also be set in such a way that a specific commission rate is set for the affiliate that registers through a specific sign-up page. Multiple sign-up pages can be created to be shared on different platforms, which would help to a large extent to filter out affiliates, based on the platforms they use for promotions. 

Other than this, a great way to get more affiliates into your program is to set up a multi-level affiliate network in which existing affiliates can recruit newer affiliates. The existing affiliate shall be paid a percentage commission on any sale made by the affiliate under them. This not only gives them a financial incentive to recruit more affiliates but also encourages them to manage their affiliates by encouraging them to make more sales. 

GoAffPro provides merchants with easy access to affiliate information. You can set different commission rates for each affiliate and customize the affiliate portal by setting up multiple signup pages. You also have the option to have a multi-level affiliate network of up to 20 levels. 

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Top 5 Multi-Level Marketing features of the GoAffPro App

Multi Level Affiliate Network is a great feature to have for merchants in their affiliate programs. This allows affiliates to expand their affiliate programs quickly without putting in a lot of effort, in a multi-level affiliate network, affiliates get the ability to recruit affiliates under them and earn commission on the sales that are done by those affiliates. GoAffPro provides merchants with the ability to set up their multi-level affiliate network and customize it accordingly.

Here we take a look at some of the multi-level marketing features that the GoAffPro app offers:

Set the number of levels for the affiliate network 

Merchants have the option of setting the number of affiliate levels they want in their multi-level network. This enables them to have a network ranging from a single level of affiliate hierarchy to 20 levels. This also offers merchants the ease of up-sizing or scaling down their networks at any time. 

By providing merchants with the option of selecting the number of levels they want in their multi-level network, they can easily expand their network of affiliates.

Choose the commission rate for each affiliate level

Merchants can set the commission rate for each level of an affiliate, which means that if the commission rate of a level 2 affiliate is set to 10% then the level 1 affiliate (who recruited the level 2 affiliate) will earn a 10% commission on the sale made by the level 2 affiliates. 

This option allows merchants to create a perfect affiliate hierarchy for their network with the commission rate increases gradually as you move up the affiliate hierarchy. 

Choice of the commission calculation method

It is also possible to choose the method of commission calculation for a multi-level network. Merchants may choose between Simple or Dynamic commission calculation method.

In the Simple commission calculation method, the commission of the affiliate is calculated as the percentage of the order value, for example:

Partner A (Parent Affiliate) will earn a $10 commission on the order value of $100. This means that the parent affiliate will earn a 10% commission on the order value. Partner B (Sub-Affiliate) will earn the default commission that has been set for affiliates on the sale.

In the case of the Dynamic commission calculation method the commission is calculated as the percentage of the sale commission, for example:

Partner A (Parent Affiliate) will earn a $1 commission on the commission for sale of $10. This means that the parent affiliate will earn a 10% on the sales commission earned by the sub-affiliate. Partner B (Sub-Affiliate) will earn the default commission that has been set for affiliates on the sale, which in this case is given by “commission for sale” that is $10. 

Use Playground to test and learn about the multi-level network

GoAffPro offers a great way for merchants to learn more about their affiliate network and test it using the Playground feature. In the playground, the merchant can set the number of levels that he wants in his affiliate network, choose the affiliate whose referral was used in the sale, choose the commission calculation method, set the order value and the commission earned by the affiliate (who referred the sale).

While the merchant is customizing and setting up the parameters of the network, an affiliate chart on the right shows changes in real-time. This allows merchants to make tweaks and changes to their network while at the same time seeing how the network works. The playground is a great way for merchants to view how the multi-level network works. 

Multi-Level network availability for affiliates

Merchants also have the option of enabling or disabling multi-level network availability for network affiliates, which means that the merchant can choose which affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates. This allows the merchant to have greater control of the network. 

Multi-level network features, such as the ability to recruit affiliates and other multi-level network features, can be switched on or off manually for an affiliate as the merchant chooses. 

To set up your own multi-level affiliate network, check out the GoAffPro app.

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Top 5 Tips to Improve your Affiliate Program

Running an affiliate program can at times be hard, this is especially true for merchants who are just starting. Getting more affiliates into their programs and getting existing affiliates to work effectively are some of the things that merchants have to deal with. While there are apps that make it easier for merchants to run their programs, some things should be kept in the mind of merchants who want to grow their brand and affiliate program quickly.

Here we look at the top 5 tips for merchants to improve their affiliate programs

Maintain a healthy relationship with affiliates

Since managing affiliates is a big part of running an affiliate program, merchants can start by building a better relationship with their affiliates. This can be done by sending them weekly newsletters informing them of new products that you are launching, upcoming sales and updates regarding your program. This ensures a healthy line of communication between the affiliate and the merchant. ‌

Another essential part of having a good relationship with affiliates is by making timely payments. Timely payments are regularly seen as one of the main issues that affiliates face. Therefore, making payments on time helps in building loyalty and keeps affiliates happy. This also translates into better performance by affiliates.‌

Set targets and give bonuses to affiliates

Merchants can greatly improve the performance of their affiliate programs by setting up targets and bonuses for affiliates. Setting up targets for affiliates based on the number of sales, the number of orders or revenue from referral sales can be great targets for affiliates. When affiliates do meet these targets, they can be rewarded with bonuses. ‌

This type of financial incentive not only encourages affiliates to work more aggressively but also makes them much more competitive. Another way of providing affiliates with a financial incentive is by setting up a signup bonus for them. Whenever a new affiliate registers to the program, they get rewarded a signup bonus, this when combined with setting up the minimum payout to be slightly higher than ‌

Use Multi-Level affiliate marketing

Many merchants face issues in recruiting affiliates into their program, although signup bonuses can help, it will still be only limited to people who are already familiar with your brand. An effective way of getting more affiliates into your program is by making it a multi-level program. In a multi-level affiliate program, affiliates can recruit other affiliates and any sales that are made by sub-affiliate referrals, the affiliates (who recruited them) will earn a percentage of commission on it. This provides an incentive to existing affiliates to recruit affiliates under them, to increase their income by the sale brought in by sub-affiliates. ‌

Multi-level affiliate programs offer an easy path to getting more affiliates, merchants can also customize the multi-level program by setting up the number of level in the program and the commission rate of each level. There are apps such as GoAffPro that let you set up and manage a multi-level affiliate program with ease.‌

Use data to make affiliate program more effective

Making use of data has become an important part of running a successful affiliate program. Data can be used in multiple ways to make an affiliate program’s reach more effective. It also helps in making the process of running the program more efficient, which helps in the proper utilization of resources. Obtaining data and making use of it is not hard. Data can be obtained from all mediums, social media platforms can provide detailed data on brand pages and accounts, hosting companies also provide data, combine this with data from the affiliate program, merchants can easily draw out strategies for promotions. ‌

It is also essential to know how to study the data and knowing what the data is indicating. After studying the data, relevant action can be taken to improve metrics and important indicators highlighted in the data. A good example of this is the data on the time when customers are online, this can be used to target promotions during specific time periods or data like the location of customers which can be used to create content catering to the local interest of customers. ‌

Reach out through Social Media

One of the best ways to reach out to customers is by making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instead of spending resources to advertise using banner ads or building chat features within your store, social media platforms already provide these functions. Merchants can create their social media presence for virtually no money and they can also advertise on these platforms. Since these platforms already have a large base of users, advertising on these platforms is an effective medium of reaching out to a broader audience. ‌

Merchants can also make use of the chat feature that many of these platforms provide to address customer questions and queries. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are great for brands to communicate with their customers. In the case of an affiliate program, merchants can reach out to people quite easily on these platforms to recruit more affiliates, affiliates themselves make use of these platforms to reach out to customers from their end. Social media is a great place to start for merchants who a rebuilding their brand and starting with their affiliate programs.

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Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Tips

With the rapid rise of affiliate marketing, it has become essential for affiliates to create content and promotions that are relevant to customers. It has also become important for affiliates to make use of social media platforms to reach out to customers. Customer feedback has also become a key factor for the growth in sales. Affiliates need to be ready to constantly evolve their content and make use of current social media trends to make relevant content for their audiences.

Here we look at the top 4 tips that affiliates should be focusing at:

Focusing on your niche

With more people entering the affiliate marketing space, it has become more important than ever before for affiliates to produce content that caters to a niche. This helps in building a more authentic and organic audience, however, it is quite important to choose a niche that suits you. After you have chosen a niche, it becomes easier to promote products, when you know the target audience and the problems they face. Brands have started using affiliates or influencers to reach out to customers since it is cheaper and offers a much better value than traditional marketing. ‌

Content quality is important

To be successful in affiliate marketing, producing quality content has become very important. With the rise of various social media platforms, the content has become a key part of promotions. This has given rise to influencer marketing, where influencers produce content for social media platforms and also use it to promote brands and products. Making content that is relevant and provides answers to people’s questions is the best type of content that an affiliate can use in promotions. This can range from making short videos or writing reviews or publishing blogs that are relevant to your audience.‌

Use feedback to optimize content

Feedback plays an important part in affiliate marketing. It helps in improving the content that you produce and also improves your knowledge regarding products and services that you promote. This helps in building a relationship of trust and loyalty between you and your audience. This helps in bringing in more organic traffic and converting it into potential customers more effectively. Using feedback can also help in optimizing your content, where you can address particular topics and tackle specific questions that your audience has regarding the products that you are promoting. ‌

Reaching out to your audience

Reaching out has become essential for affiliates, making use of social media and email marketing has become essential nowadays. Email marketing in the form of weekly newsletters can be very effective to remind your audience regarding the new content that you have published. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, are great for reaching out to audiences. You can create content that is particularly suited for these platforms to reach out to your audience more effectively. You can also do occasional giveaways and provide discount/coupon codes to your audience in your promotions.

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Top 3 Ways to Automate Affiliate Marketing

Running an affiliate program can be a big task, this includes recruiting new affiliates, setting up commissions and making payouts. All of this can get very complicated, to make the process of running an affiliate program easier, you can make use of various tools that not only save your time but also make your affiliate program more effective and efficient.

Here are the top 3 way that you can use to automate your affiliate program

Table of Contents

  • Email Automation Tools
  • Social Media Automation Tools
  • Affiliate Marketing Apps

Email Automation

Reaching out to customers is an important part of affiliate marketing. By emailing previous and present customers about your affiliate program, you can get more people to join in your program. Weekly newsletters and follow-up emails to customers can be used to spread the word about the affiliate program that you are running.‌

To make this process easy you can make use of various email automation tools such as Mailchimp, they give you the option to completely automate the process of sending weekly newsletters and other types of mail and provide you with customization options.‌

Social Media Automation

Social media plays a huge role in reaching out to customers and getting new ones. However posting on social media can become hard with there being multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. All of these social media platforms are distinct, so it can become cumbersome to deal with making posts and produce content for them. ‌

Even though nowadays platforms tools such as Facebook do provide basic automation tools such scheduling posts but for more advanced services you will need to look at services such as Hootsuite, are great for automating social media posting and doing marketing. ‌

Affiliate Marketing Apps

Affiliate marketing apps are an easy way of setting up an affiliate program for stores, they provide a complete and simple solution for running and managing an affiliate program.‌

Affiliate Marketing app such as GoAffPro is a great way of running and managing your affiliate program. GoAffPro makes it very easy to recruit new affiliates, set up commissions, check up on the performance of affiliates and manage payouts. GoAffPro provides an all-in-one solution for setting up an affiliate program for your web store. ‌

The best thing here is that GoAffPro is completely free. You can pay for a premium subscription that will unlock advanced features such as setting up a multi-level affiliate network, sending bulk emails to affiliates and various customization options for your affiliate portal.

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Top 5 Predictions for the Affiliate Industry

Affiliate marketing is rapidly growing worldwide. Since affiliate marketing is based on a revenue-sharing model where affiliates get paid according to their performance, it is quickly being adopted by both small and big sized companies. Affiliate marketing has particularly been a great success for smaller sized companies or startups, as it requires very low investment and it is much cheaper compared to other forms of marketing.

With growing regulation and scrutiny of digital advertising and e-commerce sector, companies are facing hostile environments to operate in. However, the affiliate marketing sector is set to capitalize on these problems.

Here we look at the top 5 predictions for the affiliate marketing industry, according to the 2019 Awin report.

Table of Contents

  1. Change in how online tracking will work
  2. Monopolization of the industry
  3. Trade disagreements can hinder e-commerce growth
  4. Emphasis of customer value over customer acquisition
  5. Automation will enhance level of service

1. Change in how online tracking will work

It is the technology companies that are leading the current revolution in online tracking. A great example is Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention initiative, which led to tech providers in the industry desperately seeking to ensure that their tracking is compliant. ‌

This action demonstrated the benefits and dangers that the actions of these gatekeepers can have on the industry. With a growing number of browsers announcing tracking protection, this indicates that the view on online tracking by people has turned increasingly hostile. Therefore, advertisers, affiliates and networks will have to respond accordingly to these growing changes in the industry.‌

2. Monopolization of the industry

In the past couple of years, there have been headline grabbing acquisitions in the affiliate marketing industry. This indicates that more number of established players have started to consolidate their positions. ‌

With examples such as purchasing MyVoucherCodes at the end of 2017 or Groupon purchasing Vouchercloud’s parent Cloud Savings Company in May. This trend will lead to consolidation of power which in turn will result in lack of competition and can also lead to price hikes. ‌

Streamlining affiliate partnerships for advertisers and providing them access to a wide variety of tools can be helpful in a growing monopolization in the affiliate industry.‌

3. Trade disagreements can hinder e-commerce growth

According to a study by Accenture and AliResearch, suggests that over 45% of consumers will be shopping internationally on the web that is buying from overseas retailers by the year 2020. This growing trend, however, can get halted because of the ongoing global trade disputes. ‌

With the ongoing US-China trade war, Brexit and slowdown of economies all over the globe, can impact the e-commerce growth. This will also affect affiliate partnerships that involve cross-border activity. Affiliate marketing has played a key role in popularization of cross-border activity, since it allows businesses to tap into international markets.‌

4. Emphasis of customer value over customer acquisition

With growing competition, where retailers provided consumers with eye-catchy discounts, it has diluted the market. Due to the increasing availability of such discounts, consumers have learnt to exploit such conditions to their advantage. This has also led to feeling of general weariness or indifference for consumers. ‌

However, affiliate marketing programs have helped retailers move from the short-term tactic of customer acquisition to loyal-high value customers with more focus of lifetime values and higher basket values. This also showcases the advantage of affiliate marketing, which is flexible enough to adapt and experiment based on the specific goals of a company. ‌

This can be done by tinkering with tiered commission groups for inciting more valuable purchases, establishing basket value thresholds for affiliates to hit specific targets or by using post-transaction data to identify partners delivering the right kind of customer‌

5. Automation will enhance the level of service

Even though affiliate marketing has seen double digit growth for years, companies are steadily finding affiliate campaigns to be less commercially viable. This brings focus on alternatives to improve efficiency. ‌

Automation has been seen less attractively in the field of affiliate marketing because of the wealth of manual tasks involved and also because it is an industry built on cultivating relationships. However on the topic of internal efficiencies, automation through data aggregation and algorithmic learning should be embraced by the industry to do its heavy lifting. ‌

This can help in removing labor intensive tasks for account managers, which can then be directed at campaign optimization and relationship building. By providing the correct tool-set to account managers, can help in better decision making and will ultimately enhance the level of service.