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  • GoAffPro vs Refersion: A Detailed Comparison

    Are you looking for an affiliate marketing solution for your store? Both GoAffPro and Refersion provide affiliate marketing solutions for stores. They offer various features and options to merchants for setting up and customizing their affiliate programs. Here we take a look at how GoAffPro and Refersion compare to each other: Pricing Plans GoAffPro is […]

  • Top 4 Tools for Affiliates

    An affiliate has various tasks that they need to perform regularly. These involve creating quality content, like writing blog posts, producing videos, making social media posts, etc. Additionally, they need to make promotions through this content to earn commissions on the sales they refer. GoAffPro offers various options to store merchants, making promotions much easier […]

  • 3 New GoAffPro Features to Try

    GoAffPro offers various options to merchants for building their affiliate programs. It regularly brings in new features that merchants can use to improve and update their programs. Recently, GoAffPro introduced features such as Party Plans, Email Marketing Campaign, and Quick Links for affiliates. Here, we take a look at how merchants can use these new […]

  • Top 4 GoAffPro features for your Program

    GoAffPro provides merchants with various features to enhance their affiliate program. These features and options can improve the performance of the affiliate program. Additionally, it also allows merchants to recruit quality affiliates into their programs. These options include the membership plans option, targets and bonuses option, affiliate store option, and multi-level network option. Such options […]

  • Top 3 Ways of Getting Affiliates

    While starting an affiliate program is simple, finding affiliates for the program can be difficult. It is especially harder for newer merchants who don’t have an option of reaching out to an existing customer base. There are numerous ways for merchants to identify and recruit affiliates into their program, ranging from social media promotion to […]

  • Top 4 GoAffPro Tools to Communicate with Affiliates

    Communicating with affiliates is essential for running a successful affiliate program. Merchants should be open to questions or queries regarding the affiliate program by existing or prospective affiliates. Merchants themselves need to keep actively communicating with affiliates in their program. It improves the merchant-affiliate relationship and builds trust. Communication between the merchant and the affiliate […]

  • Top 4 Ways to Customize Referral Links

    Referral links are an essential part of affiliate marketing. Affiliates share their referrals link with their followers, either directly or through content like videos or blog posts. The affiliate earns a commission on any purchase that is made using their referral. Referral link sharing is one of the fundamental ways affiliates use to share their […]

  • Top 5 Tips on Managing Affiliates

    When operating an affiliate program, one of the key challenges can be handling the affiliates in the system. Effective management of affiliates may result in better performance of the system. Affiliates are a big part of the overall affiliate marketing cycle, and it is very important to direct and handle them properly to get the […]

  • Top 4 Tips for New Affiliates

    Starting out as an affiliate may seem like a difficult task. Many think that the affiliate or influencer marketing has become a saturated place, which is not true, in fact, it is probably the best time to become an affiliate or influencer. There are a lot of things that need to be done right, to […]

  • Tips on Managing Different Types of Affiliates

    When you run an affiliate program, the common thing to notice is the different types of affiliates that are present in your program. To improve the efficiency and performance of your affiliate program, you need to look at the types of affiliates you have and information about them.  Here we look at some tips on managing different […]