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  • Finding Affiliates for your Program

    To set up an affiliate program for their store, merchants can easily use an affiliate marketing service. After setting up their affiliate program, merchants can struggle with getting affiliates. It is especially true for newer stores, as they won’t have many existing customers to reach out to regarding their affiliate program. Merchants can take various […]

  • 4 Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate

    Affiliate marketing has become a popular way for people to earn a passive income. It is simple and requires little to no cost for getting started. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate earns a commission for successfully referring sales to a store. While conceptually, affiliate marketing might look easy, it does require work to become good […]

  • GoAffPro Tools for Affiliate Recruitment

    Recruiting affiliates to the affiliate program can often be a challenging job. It is particularly true for newly launched stores that might not have a lot of customers or audience outreach. There are plenty of things that merchants can do at a bare minimum. Such as adding the affiliate portal link to the footer or […]

  • Use Data to Improve an Affiliate Program’s Performance

    Making use of analytics to boost the efficiency of the affiliate program has become well known these days. Nearly all affiliate marketing programs offer data to merchants that can be used to evaluate how the affiliate program operates.   This data can come in handy, particularly when merchants face a slump in their sales, by using […]

  • 5 Ways to Use Data to Improve your Affiliate Program

    Data plays a significant role in running a successful affiliate program. Using data properly can make a big difference for an affiliate campaign, it can result in more sales and better overall performance for the affiliate. These days both social media platforms and affiliate marketing services can provide merchants with a decent set of data […]

  • 4 Important Affiliate Program Data Points

    Data plays an important part in running a successful business. Gathering and analyzing data gives businesses a better perspective on their performance. Many businesses use data to make financial and marketing decisions. This is especially true for heavily data-driven internet companies. In affiliate marketing, data plays an important part. After a merchant sets up their […]