Affiliate Marketing: Using Social Media

Social Media plays a big role in marketing these days. For a business to reach out to more people, social media platforms serve as the perfect place. In affiliate marketing, social media can be a very useful tool. It can be used to get more people to enroll in your affiliate program.

Social Media

Even affiliates make use of these platforms to make promotions. It has become quite common to see influencers recommending or promoting a product. Therefore, social media has not only made it easier for merchants to grow their business and get more people to signup for their affiliate program but also for affiliates or influencers who use social media to make promotions.‌

There are plenty of social media platforms that can be used for promotions and reaching out. These include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.‌

Here we look at some social media tips for merchants

Have a plan for your promotions

To have a successful social media promotional campaign, it is important to have a plan. By setting up an objective that is practical and timely, a strategy can be formalized. Before setting up a plan it is also important to research the market.‌

Questions such as which creative media to use or timing your posts so several people can see it can be answered by looking analytics and doing your research. You can also take inspiration from other successful promotional campaigns and base your strategy accordingly. ‌

Using the correct platform to promote

It is important to know which social media platform suits your business better, as there are plenty of social media platforms that can be used for promotions.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook rely on visual content, so using pictures or short videos can be great for promotions on these platforms. YouTube, which is a video hosting platform, can also be great for educating audiences about products and your store. Other platforms such as LinkedIn can be used to connect with professionals. ‌

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Communicate with your audience

One of the most important things about promotions on social media platforms is that it provides a great medium for customers and businesses to connect. Connecting with customers is important since it helps people understand your products and business better. This also builds customer loyalty towards your brand.

These platforms also provide you with a great way of addressing customer support requests and problems. Customers can reach out to you using these social media platforms. It is good practice to embed social media icons on your website, so customers can easily connect with you.‌

Using proper creative media for every platform

Since there are a lot of platforms that can be used for promotions, it is also important to know that if a promotion works well on one platform, it isn’t a guarantee that it will work on other platforms. The reason for this is that all of these platforms are quite distinct from each other. ‌

A platform like Twitter relies on the short texts and hashtags, whereas Instagram relies on visual media such as a picture or a short video. It is therefore important to plan out a promotional strategy that will work out best for each platform.

For example, many platforms have their own standard for picture dimensions. So if you are using a picture say for promotion on Instagram, that picture might not be suitable for posting on Facebook or Twitter since it would not sit well with the UI of the platform. In the case of YouTube, it is important to upload clear and timely paced videos. Also by embedding the video on your website can be a great help for customers.‌

Merchants can make this process easier for the affiliates in their program by providing them with creative media. It makes it easier for affiliates, who can use this media to directly get working on their promotional activities.‌


Being focused and consistent is the key to success for social media promotions. It takes time and effort to build your brand following. Social media is a great cost effective-way of promotions. It can also help in affiliate marketing by building up your affiliate program by bringing in more people to signup.

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    Hi Dear Rohan Paul, Nice Post. Do you try social Marketing? It uses approaches to effect positive change for the greater good. So, rather than selling a lifestyle or just the affiliate product, you’ll concentrate on modifying or removing negative behaviour or promoting good conduct.

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