5 Ways GoAffPro Makes Affiliate Marketing Easy

GoAffPro can make it very easy for merchants and businesses to set up and manage their affiliate programs. It provides merchants with a lot of flexibility and customization options so that they can tune the affiliate program according to their choice.

Here are 5 Ways GoAffPro makes it easy for businesses to run and manage their affiliate programs.‌

Table of Contents

  1. Set Different Types Of Commissions
  2. Use Coupon Based Commissions
  3. Set Targets for Affiliates
  4. Customize the Affiliate Portal
  5. Use Multi-Level Affiliate Network

1. Set Different Types of Commissions

Commissions are an important part of affiliate marketing when a customer makes a purchase using an affiliate’s referral, the affiliate earns a commission on the sale. In the affiliate marketing model, you incentivize the affiliate in the form of commissions, in return for promotions of your product and store.


GoAffPro offers merchants with the option to set up 4 different types of commissions:

Default Commission

These are the commission rates that apply to all the products and affiliates. This is the commission rate that will be applied by default to all the products except for those products that have other commission types applied to them.‌

Product Commission

Here you can set custom commission rates for particular products or affiliates. This allows you to set different commission rates for different categories of products. You can use the product commission feature to set a different commission rate for products that are priced differently as well. This also allows you to set commission rates depending upon the affiliate. ‌

Collection Commission

This commission type can be used to apply commissions on an entire collection or category of products in one go. This is a handy feature that can be used to apply different commission rates for products that are new arrivals. You can use this feature to create a collection, where you can add products to the collection and then set a single commission rate for the whole collection.‌

Fixed Commission

The Fixed Commission is the commission where an affiliate can be assigned to the sale of a product. Whenever a sale of that product takes place, the set affiliate will get the commission regardless of who refers to the sale. This is useful in assigning fixed commissions to affiliates, who may be designers or creators of products, that are using your store as a platform to sell their products. ‌

2. Use Coupon-based Commissions

Coupons have become an important part of affiliate marketing. It is a very common sight to see social media influencers promoting products or brands and giving out discount code or coupons with them. When these coupons are used by customers to make a purchase, the affiliates to whom the coupon was assigned to will earn a commission on the sale.

Coupon-based Commissions

GoAffPro provides merchants to assign coupons to their affiliates. The merchant can either assign coupons individually to each affiliate or use the Automatic Coupons option where coupons get generated automatically for every affiliate that is registered with the program. Merchants also have the option to set change the codes of the coupons and the discount value that coupons will offer.

3. Set Targets for Affiliates

Setting up targets for affiliates is a great way to increase affiliate sales. Targets are useful for encouraging affiliates to improve their performance as well. Whenever an affiliate achieves a set target, they can be rewarded with a bonus in the form of extra commission. This additional financial incentive helps in encouraging affiliates to perform better.

Targets for Affiliates

GoAffPro provides merchants with the option to set targets for their affiliates. The merchant can set targets for different parameters such as revenue, sales commission or the number of orders. ‌

These targets can be set for a particular time period and the amount of commission boost that the affiliate will get can also be set. If an affiliate, achieves the targets under the conditions that have been set, then they will receive the commission boost. ‌

The target feature also lets merchants set up a signup bonus for affiliates, which can be used to give a bonus to affiliates when register for the affiliate program. ‌

4. Customize the Affiliate Portal

Affiliate portal is an important part of the affiliate marketing program. The affiliate portal is used for getting people to register to the affiliate program that a merchant is running. Once registered, it provides the affiliates with a dashboard that they can use to run and manage their activity and look at their statistics.

Affiliate Portal Customization

GoAffPro takes customization of the affiliate portal to the next level. Here both the landing and signup page of the affiliate portal can be customized by the merchant according to their choice. Merchants can choose between different layouts which offer them different levels of customization. ‌

The app also provides merchants with the option to change the URL of the affiliate portal to a subdomain of the store. Also, there are options such as setting up color schemes, uploading the brand logo, changing the affiliate portal language or editing the legal documentation.‌

There is also an option to make changes to the affiliate dashboard, such as changing the dashboard color scheme, adding or removing dashboard tabs and adding widgets to the affiliate dashboard. There is also an option to add toolbars for affiliates and customers.‌

5. Use Multi-Level Affiliate Network

A Multi-level affiliate network is a great way of expanding an affiliate program. The benefit of using a multi-level affiliate program is that existing affiliates are responsible for recruiting sub-affiliates. When a sale takes place using the referral of a sub-affiliate, both the sub-affiliate and the parent affiliate will receive a commission on the sale.

Multi-Level Network of Affiliates

GoAffPro provides an easy-to-use multi-level affiliate network. This can be used by merchants to allow the existing affiliates in their program to recruit sub-affiliates. Merchants also have the option to set the number of levels in the affiliate network and the commission rate for each level. ‌

The app also provides a playground for the multi-level network, which can be used by merchants to test out their multi-level network. This helps in informing the merchant, on how the multi-level affiliate network with different commission rates for each level work. ‌

There is also an option to choose between different types of calculation methods for commissions and see the geneology or the full network of affiliates and sub-affiliates in the program. This makes it easy for the merchant to manage the affiliate network.‌


GoAffPro offers many of the industry-best features for free. Merchants have the option to customize their affiliate program from the ground up. They can set commissions, coupons according to their choice and make changes to the affiliate portal. There is also an option to employ a multi-level affiliate network. The GoAffPro app provides all of these tools in an easy to use admin panel, which makes it very simple for merchants to run and manage their affiliate programs.






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