5 Tips on Managing Affiliates

While it can be easy to start an affiliate program and recruit affiliates, good management of affiliates is key to an affiliate program’s success. This includes providing affiliates with proper guidance and knowledge about the brand and products.

Here we look at some tips for merchants on managing affiliates:

Evaluate Affiliates

While it may sound good to get more affiliates into your program, it’s very important to check who you are letting into your program. Therefore, determining potential affiliates by analyzing things like their online presence, their followers and the content they create is necessary for a merchant. 

By analyzing, their presence on social media and the content they produce, merchants can then determine whether the affiliate is good to associate with their brand.

Guide Affiliates 

Giving affiliates simple advice will go a long way to get more sales. Guiding new affiliates on how to carry out promotions will help them bring in more sales, quickly. Informing affiliates about the products in the store will help affiliates develop appropriate content for promotions, describing their features in detail. 

This also prevents affiliates from advertising products unfairly, where they may exaggerate a product’s features or benefits. 

Provides Insights to Affiliates

A great way of improving an affiliate’s performance is to give them feedback and insight on their activity. By supplying them with data showing indicators such as the device or operating system used by customers to visit the store, the origin from where the customer is gets directed to the store, etc. 

Such type of data can be very useful for affiliates, who can then use it to improve their performance by modifying their promotions and content to better suit customers. 

Inform Affiliates of the Target Audience

This is an extension of the aforementioned point, where the merchant needs to inform the affiliate about the target audience. It helps affiliates to create promotional content, which is better suited to the target market. 

By providing affiliates with the information about the audience that the merchant wants to reach, the affiliate’s energy and resources are more properly utilized.





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