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  • Top 4 GoAffPro features for your Program

    Top 4 GoAffPro features for your Program

    GoAffPro provides merchants with various features to enhance their affiliate program. These features and options can improve the performance of the affiliate program. Additionally, it also allows merchants to recruit quality affiliates into their programs. These options include the membership plans option, targets and bonuses option, affiliate store option, and multi-level network option. Such options…

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  • GoAffPro’s Membership Plans Feature for Affiliate Programs

    GoAffPro’s Membership Plans Feature for Affiliate Programs

    Membership fee is a great option to have for merchants for their affiliate program. Merchants can charge people for registering as affiliates in their store’s program. Charging fees from affiliates to join a program does have benefits. Affiliates that pay a membership fee are more likely to stay active in promotions and marketing. It means…

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  • Paying Affiliates in GoAffPro

    Paying Affiliates in GoAffPro

    Affiliate payments are an important part of the affiliate program. Affiliates get credited with a commission for the referral sales that they bring to the store. The merchant then pays this commission to the affiliates. Many merchants, while starting with their affiliate program, often face the issue of setting up their payment method and process.…

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  • Membership in Affiliates Programs

    Membership in Affiliates Programs

    When an affiliate program is relatively new, a big hurdle for merchants is to recruit affiliates into the program. However, when there are enough affiliates in the program, and the program is running well, then merchants can think about moving to a paid membership system for their program. Successful affiliate programs that have a strong…

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