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  • Affiliate Portal Customization with GoAffPro

    While creating an affiliate program, a big concern for merchants is branding. Branding and customizations are an essential part of an affiliate program. Merchants need to customize the affiliate program so that it suits their store’s branding. GoAffPro provides merchants with extensive branding and customization options. With options for customizing the affiliate portal, affiliate dashboard, […]

  • Affiliate Portal Customization Options in GoAffPro

    A significant aspect of the affiliate program is the affiliate portal. It is where people register and access their account dashboard for the merchant’s program. It is, therefore, essential for merchants to give special attention to the look and feel of their affiliate portal. GoAffPro offers various customization options for the affiliate portal to merchants. […]

  • GoAffPro Tools for Affiliate Recruitment

    Recruiting affiliates to the affiliate program can often be a challenging job. It is particularly true for newly launched stores that might not have a lot of customers or audience outreach. There are plenty of things that merchants can do at a bare minimum. Such as adding the affiliate portal link to the footer or […]